Twist of fate update Sunday 20 November 2022


Twist of fate 20 November 2022: The lawyer asking Ranbir to rethink again, and says you can’t take a big decision on assumption, that Rhea will ask for alimony.

Ranbir says he feels that she will ask and tells that her lifestyle is lavish and he wants to give her greed so that she has money and property in her name, so that she leave him. She says I am naming 4 factories, 3 properties on her name, 2 start ups and 40 percent shares of my company. He says Rhea, her husband and her kids don’t have to work all life.

He says I am not divorcing her, but giving future to her generations. Aaliya is going from there and stops to hear. Lawyer says I will read what all you are offering. He reads all the things and says you are naming this on Rhea’s name.

Ranbir says he is transferring all this on Rhea’s name, and says I want to make her happy, and don’t want her to be insecure. He says if she asks anything then I will give. Stanley sees Aaliya hearing Ranbir. Ranbir tells lawyer that he wants papers in one hour.

Aaliya asks Stanley to lift the vase. Ranbir says everything shall be written so that Rhea feels good. Lawyer goes. Stanley comes inside and tells Ranbir that Aaliya heard him. He says lets go and follow her. He says something happened which I will tell later. He asks him to come.

Prachi says this can’t happen. Pallavi says now you don’t want to go, and he will send you away from here. Prachi says Ranbir will never do this. Pallavi says finally my bahu and I are getting rid of you and Ranbir is doing this with his own will happily, and sending you to the same rented house which you like much. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s promise to her.

Rhea says I am very happy to see Prachi take this gift from Ranbir and hugs Pallavi saying all her dreams are fulfilling. Prachi goes from there. Rhea says I want to share with you something and says he has brought a ring for me and wants to make a new start with me. She says when he was injured in hospital, he must have realized what would have happen with me, and that’s why he wants to make up for all the pains which he had given me. Pallavi hugs her and says I am very happy for you. Rhea says I will call Dad, so that he can drop Dida to her room. Ranbir and Stanley search for Aaliya. Prachi searches Ranbir.

Ranbir says I feel like buji is talking to Rhea in room. He says we shall go to the room. Prachi sees him going. Aaliya is happy to hear whatever Ranbir is transferring on Rhea’s name. Rhea comes to her and says I have some good news for you. Aaliya says even she has. She says Ranbir is giving you big portion of his property and business.

Rhea says this is all the wealth, why he wants to give it to me. Aaliya says he wants to secure you, and says he must have thought that you need security also. She says life doesn’t work without money, and says this thing I have realized when we had gone to chawl. She says Pragya and Prachi got married for money, but you are lucky to get love and also money. Rhea tells that Ranbir has brought rented house for Prachi to exit her from his life.

Stanley and Ranbir see Aaliya and Rhea happily talking. Stanley says they are happy as if they heard the good news. Ranbir gets Supriya’s call who tells that the landlady Sudha is thinking that she got insulted and didn’t get any attention. She asks him to come out and convince her. Ranbir tells Stanley that party is leaving. Prachi tells Ranbir that she wants to talk to her. Ranbir says 1 min and goes. Rhea comes to Prachi and says I want to see you something.

Ranbir runs behind Sudha’s car and then comes infront of the car. He asks why she was leaving. Sudha says she was insulted in the family. He says you didn’t give us 2 mins. Her son tells that you ignored us. Ranbir says I took Prachi away from you, as I want to surprise Prachi. Sudha asks who gives house as the gift. Stanley says people who love. He tells about Ranbir’s anniversary. Supriya asks her husband, when he will give house to her. Her husband asks Ranbir that he should have hid this from Supriya as well. Ranbir writes the cheque and takes house papers from them.

Rhea takes Prachi to room and asks do you know this room. Prachi says this is my room. Rhea says what did we talk last time. Prachi says you did wrong to bring me here. Rhea smiles and says I used to get angry before, now feels like laughing seeing you. She says this bed was decorated for my wedding night, but seems like my sister haven’t seen any romantic movie, and that’s why came to ruin my wedding night. She says I am not shameless like you and that’s why shifted to guest room. Prachi asks her to come to point. Rhea says you see your advantage in everything and if you think that you will take Ranbir out of my life then you will be foolish. She says we are a couple and Ranbir gives me hints that proves that he loves me. She says the big news is Ranbir is going to propose to me.

Prachi is shocked. Rhea says I shouldn’t have said this suddenly, this might be shocking and painful, and you can get heart attack at any time. She says today at 12 am, he is going to propose me and will tell me that he loves me immensely and wants to spend his life with me. She says it is the same day, when he left me on the mandap, coming in your talks. She says he has realized that his marriage with you was a big mistake and he wants to rectify it on the same day. She says Ranbir is going to propose me at 12 am infront of everyone, and is going to tell that he loves me.

She says he has brought ring for me, and asks her to imagine everything. She says you will get bored and asks her to take their pic. She hugs Prachi and says I am very happy, my sweet sister. She says finally it is going to happen, he is going to propose me. She asks her not to get sad and says I got news for you. She says I will stay here as his wife and you can’t stay here as sautan, so I have a solution. She says daily I have crossed mark and at 12 am, 7th day will start. She says you will be out from here, and I will shift with my husband here. She says husband and wife stay in the same room and asks her to congratulate her. Prachi says I don’t want to tell you, but I have no choice. She says we have problems, which we can resolve.

Rhea asks are you crazy? She says your problems will not solve and even Ranbir don’t want your problems to get solved. She asks her to pack her stuff and says when Ranbir kicks you out, I will not stop and will burn all your stuff. She says 12 am and is about to go. Prachi says I am pregnant. Rhea turns and looks on.

Stanley telling Ranbir that the papers in my room was not divorce papers, and I had kept it here. Stanley says it was same and asks him to think in flashback. Ranbir says I had kept it here, don’t know where did it go, help me to search it. Pallavi comes there and asks what is he searching? Ranbir says envelope. Pallavi says I didn’t see and says may be some guest has found and thrown it. She then remembers and tells that she found it, and gave it to Rhea. Ranbir thanks her. Stanley says I had told. Pallavi asks Stanley why is he getting familiar with her family. Stanley says family is lovely.

Rhea asks Prachi what she said? Prachi says she is pregnant, and says I don’t know if I did right or not by telling you the truth. She says Ranbir is going to be my baby’s

father and you are dreaming to marry him. She says nobody will be happy with this. Rhea says she doesn’t care about other’s happiness and says this time is me to be happy. She says I was doubtful on you, but you smartly made Shahana pregnant. She says you might want to play pregnancy card. Prachi says I didn’t tell this to anyone. She says I returned to tell him, but saw him on the mandap with you, and that time my trust and love was broken.

She says I wanted to tell him that I became parents, and he showed me that we are going to be strangers and I realized that my baby can’t call him Papa. Rhea asks why didn’t you tell about your pregnancy, he might break relation with me. Prachi says it was betrayal. She says my pregnancy was Ranbir’s dream and I hid it from him to take revenge, but I myself felt pain.

She says whenever she used to see her with him, she used to feel jealous. She says I was keeping my baby away from his father. She says I am sure that after knowing this, the love which you have for your sister….Rhea asks her not to play sister card with her and says you are not my sister, but sautan. Prachi says blood will be the blood and now my baby has the same blood. Rhea asks her not to come near her. She says I can’t let history repeat itself, and says you used your magic again and will trap him using the baby.

Prachi says we didn’t get our parents love together, and says I want my baby to get both parents’ love. She says don’t tell that you don’t love me, and says just like saving me, save my child’s future. Rhea says I shouldn’t have saved you. Prachi goes behind her. Rhea pushes her and she falls down. It turns out to be Prachi’s imagination. Rhea asks her to congratulate her and says you will be out at 12 am tonight. Prachi goes from there. Rhea throws the papers on the sofa and says tonight Ranbir will be mine, and I am going to get everything.

Prachi thinks of Rhea’s words. Rhea comes behind her and asks her to listen fully. Prachi asks what is left? Rhea says you didn’t hear that Ranbir is going to propose me and throw you out. She says you didn’t hear where you are going to stay after being thrown out. She says if you was not my sister then you would have been on road. She says Ranbir felt pity on her and bought the house, that rented and cheap house which is as per your standard.

She says he would have given you pent house, farmhouse, but he is giving it as per your class. She says he might have thought that you will not make any excuse and will leave. She says she is good not to stop her husband from buying a house for her. She says it was middle class, small house. Prachi says enough and congrats her for the impending news. She says nobody can be more happy than me. She goes and sees Ranbir coming infront of her.

Ranbir says I know you are upset with me, as I went to meet Sudha ji. Prachi says to buy her house. Ranbir says I wanted to buy her house and was going being angry with me, I needed that house and convinced her. Prachi says how can you be so selfish and shameless? Ranbir takes her to room and asks why do you assume things without thoughts. She says I will not tell you, why I am calling you shameless. Ranbir smiles and says if I have a daughter then she will be like you. Prachi gets teary eyes.

He holds her hand and says life is strange and sometimes it seems to be easy and sometimes difficult. He wipes her tears and says no situation is easy with crying. Prachi says you didn’t know what I did. He thinks I don’t want to tell you and asks her to cry on her shoulders. She asks him to stop it and recalls Rhea’s words. She asks what is in your pocket? Ranbir says nothing. Prachi asks if there is a ring inside. Ranbir says whatever it is, it is in my pocket. Prachi asks if she bought the house for her.

Ranbir says she is jealous, she didn’t know that he bought that house for them. She thinks it was my dream house. Ranbir says that house was lucky for me and I bought it for Rhea. Rhea overhears and gets happy, thinking he is madly in love with her. Prachi gets upset and opens the door. She says that house was our dream, in which we stay together. Ranbir says I know that it was your dream.

Rhea comes to the room and thinks to check the envelope. Ranbir is going to his room. Vikram asks him to sit and have a drink with him. Ranbir says he has important work. He asks Vikram why is he sad. He asks him to say and sits on the chair. Vikram says you feel that you are not good son and I feel that I am not a good husband. Ranbir says bad husband tag is mine and tells that he wants to see changes in his life. He asks who wants to be a bad husband? Vikram says all husbands get happy seeing their wives jealous. Ranbir says my wife gets angry too. Vikram says it is the identity of a wife.

Vikram says all men get foolish after marriage, and says if a woman gets angry on a man’s foolishness then think that they are husband and wife. He asks where were you going? Ranbir asks how much you drink? Vikram says limited, so that I stay conscious. Ranbir says I want to tell you, my life’s truth.

Rhea thinks the papers must be divorce papers. Aaliya comes there and asks her. Rhea says it might be divorce papers and says everything is in her favor and tells that Ranbir is buying that apartment for me. He wants to gift it to me, and wants to replace their memories with mine, which will be Ranbir and my memories.

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