Twist of fate update Monday 21 November 2022

Twist of fate 21 November 2022: Rhea telling Aaliya that may be Ranbir wants her to redesign his rented house and says he is giving me liberty that I wipe out all memories of Prachi and him.

Stanley changes his clothes and thinks now Pallavi will not question him. Aaliya asks do you think that this is divorce papers or property papers. Rhea says this must be surely divorce papers, else I am pretty sure that this is a gift for me to make me happy. Aaliya asks who gave you this? Rhea says Mummy gave and says I was about to open, when Mummy asked me not to open, I couldn’t behave impatient.

Aaliya asks her to open and see. Rhea is about to open it and says it is gift for me. Pallavi asks what gift? Aaliya says Rhea is asking me for gift. Stanley peeps in the room and thinks this is divorce papers. Aaliya kicks

the divorce papers to hide it. Rhea says I am asking Buji to come downstairs and she is insisting to rest. She says we all shall go down. They go down, while Stanley comes to the room.

Prachi comes to Dida’s room, saying she is leaving room. She asks what happened to Dida? Shahana says Dida had a hard drink by mistake. She asks if she is leaving as Ranbir forgot anniversary. Prachi tells that Ranbir remembers that it is the same day when he left Rhea and came to me, and to make up for it, he wants to propose her at 12 am and bought our rented apartment, which was my dream home for Rhea. Shahana says I thought he bought it for you.

Prachi says it was my dream house, and he is giving it to Rhea, it seems he wants to wipe out all our memories. She says he is hurting me very much, and hugs Shahana. She says before anyone ask me, I will go by myself. She says today Ranbir is going to propose Rhea with a ring at 12 am. She says she really don’t care whatever he wants to do. She says I don’t want to face anything, I don’t deserve this. She says I came to tell Dida that I am leaving and asks Shahana to come, and pack their bags.

Vikram asks what do you want to tell about life, I know your life is messed up and it will be fine. He asks what do you want to say. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s pregnancy revelation, his promise to her, and buying house for her, seeking divorce from Rhea etc. He tells Vikram that he wants to take divorce from Rhea and tells that a small person came to my life, who made me understand everything. He says Prachi and I have become three from two. He says I am going to be Dad and you….He finds him sleeping and says you are going to be Dada, I need to work for that, I will take divorce from Rhea today.

Stanley gets the divorce papers and is about to leave. He hears Aaliya and Rhea coming there and hides in the room. She gets her phone and is leaving, when she sees Stanley hiding, and asks who are you? Stanley comes out from hideout and says I…Pallavi comes there and says I think we shall call the Police. Aaliya is about to call police. Ranbir comes there and takes the mobile. He says I told that he is Stanley. He says I sent him to your room by mistake. He takes Stanley out, and says if Rhea catches you then she will send you to Police. Stanley tells that Rhea was about to read it when Pallavi came.

He says rest you all know. Ranbir says he has a good idea to take her sign, and says I will bend down on his knees and will apologize asking for divorce. He says I am sure that she will not question me, I am giving her so much. He says if we take her sign in drunkard state, then she might commit suicide the next day, and Prachi will not talk to me being her sister. He says he will say the truth.

Aaliya tells that they are enjoying the party. Rhea thinks this is the only idea which she enjoyed thoroughly. Prachi tells Shahana that she don’t want to stay here. She sees Ranbir and says he is searching Rhea. Ranbir thinks to convince Rhea with love, and thinks he loves his wife and has to convince Rhea for it. He comes to Rhea and says I need to talk to you. Rhea thinks 30 mins are remaining for 12 am, why he wants to propose now. Ranbir asks her to come and holds her hand. He takes her with him. Prachi says I want to know why he took Rhea with him. Pallavi says there is still time for 12 am.

Ranbir takes Rhea to terrace. Rhea asks what are you saying? Prachi says he is checking if he has ring or not, and says he will mislead the opposite person that his heart beats for her. She says she wants to scratch Rhea’s face as she is expecting her husband to propose her. Shahana says you both are hopeful. Ranbir bends down on his knees. Rhea thinks he is proposing to you. Ranbir thinks I will not tell her that I am leaving her for Prachi, and shall look apologetic. Rhea asks him to say.

Ranbir says I want to tell you, that I am a helpless person. Rhea says whatever you say, will not be lie. Prachi says lie seems to be strange on liar’s face. She says I want to scratch both Ranbir and Rhea’s faces. Shahana says don’t scratch my face. Ranbir says sometimes a thing is different from others’ perspective, what is right for you, might be wrong for other. Prachi says he wants to say that our marriage was wrong. Rhea asks what is he saying?

Ranbir says we shouldn’t have got married. Rhea says you wanted to marry later. Ranbir says you have suicidal tendency and that’s why I want to tell you that I want…Rhea says it is easy to say. Ranbir tries to say. Prachi says he is going to propose Rhea. Rhea says you don’t want to say, everyone knows what you wanted to say. She asks him to make her wear the ring and says my answer is yes. She says I know that the ring in your pocket is for me and you have bought flat for me. Ranbir asks who told you this? He gets up. Prachi says I can’t see it anymore and goes. Shahana calls her and goes behind her. Ranbir hears her and goes behind Prachi.

Rhea says what the hell just happened, he wanted to propose me and went behind Prachi whom he is leaving. Ranbir asks Prachi what is she doing? She says she is stitching the clothes. She takes off the clothes from her cupboard. He asks her to enjoy the party. Prachi says shall I serve drinks and food in the party. He says no, don’t do it. She says I am leaving the house. Ranbir asks what? Rhea thinks Ranbir might have told her everything.

Prachi telling Ranbir that she is leaving the house. Rhea thinks it seems Ranbir told her everything, what I was thinking. Shahana asks Rhea to come with her and takes her from there. Stanley hears Ranbir and Prachi’s conversation. Ranbir asks Prachi, where she will go at this time.

Prachi says when people can have party at this time, can’t I go out of party. Stanley thinks Ranbir is bahubali, and Prachi is devsena, both are in full form. Ranbir says I will show what I can do, and takes off clothes from her bag. He says I have another bag. Ranbir throws it and says you will not go. Prachi says I will make potli of clothes. Stanley thinks they are fighting cutely. Ranbir lies down on the bed to cover Prachi’s clothes. Prachi asks him to give her a reason, why she shall not go. Stanley thinks he will hear the confession.

Shahana confronts Rhea for hearing Prachi and Ranbir. Rhea says I was keeping eye on Prachi, and trusts my husband. Shahana says people like you, do bad with others to set your life. Rhea says after 12 am, I will not do anything after whatever Ranbir is going to do. She says Ranbir himself told Prachi about the flat and says the shock for Prachi is much bigger.

Prachi says I have the reason to go far and says you want to end the memories related to that rented house. She says you know how attached I was, with that house, it was my dream and you are fulfilling as someone else’s dream. He says I. Prachi says I have seen that you was sitting on your knees infront of Rhea. Ranbir says you said right, this has happened, but the matter is something else.

He says I wanted you both to say yes, but matter was something else. Prachi asks him to go and convince Rhea to say yes. Prachi asks why did you come to me? He asks if you are jealous. Prachi says if I was jealous then I would have called people when you sat on your knees infront of Rhea. She says she is leaving. Ranbir says I will fix everything and asks her to stay for some more time. Prachi tries to take the bag. Ranbir says it is given by Mummy and I will not give. Prachi goes. Stanley comes to the room and asks Ranbir, what is he doing?

Vikram asks Dida why she is holding her head. Dida asks him why is he holding his head? Vikram says I had drink. Dida says may be even I drank mistakenly. He laughs. Pallavi asks Dida if she is fine? Dida says yes. Pallavi asks did you remember what you have done? Dida remembers, but says no.

Pallavi says I will tell and tells everything. She says you scolded me and called me a bad saas. Vikram says you scolded my wife. Dida says I don’t remember. Pallavi says you said much. Dida says my drink might have told. Vikram says I am standing infront of you, as I am drunk, else I wouldn’t have stand. Pallavi gets upset and goes. Dida says everyone gets drunk then Pallavi will leave the house. Vikram says Rhea shall leave.

Stanley tells Ranbir that he can’t make food. Ranbir gets a pill from the kitchen and says this time we will make Rhea drink. Stanley says don’t make me waiter this time. Ranbir says I will make her drink, and if I fail then you make her drink. He says I will call you. He gives a pill to him and adds another in the drink. They come out. Stanley says Prachi is there. Ranbir asks shall I make her drink? Stanley says no. Ranbir searches for Rhea. Dida hugs Prachi and says you are bearing so much in this house. She cries feeling bad for her. Prachi says everything will be fine, when the definition changes, and says everything to be fine means me and my heart peace. Ranbir is searching Rhea.

Prachi asks him to give juice for her. Ranbir says it is not for you and asks her to leave the glass. He goes. Prachi gets upset. He asks Rhea to drink juice. Rhea says I will drink it later, as I had it just now. Ranbir looks at Stanley. Rhea says she will do something for him. He signs Stanley before going. Stanley goes to take the glass which Rhea has kept on the table. Pallavi says my beta and bahu looking nice. Dida says we can go to our room. Prachi says I want to see if Ranbir crosses his limits.

Stanley changes his clothes and wears waiter’s clothes. Shahana notices him and thinks something is going on. Rhea dances with Ranbir. Prachi looks sad. Rhea asks him not to look here and there and don’t get bored. She says you will see Prachi then, and asks him to see just her. Ranbir says I was not looking at Prachi for the reason thought by you. Prachi says I couldn’t see anything now, there is a limit to bear. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and starts dancing with her. Rhea looks at them and continues dancing with someone else. Ranbir and Prachi dance. Song plays….

Everyone claps for them. Ranbir calls Vikram. Vikram brings the dhol. Ranbir and Vikram on the song Shaam shandaar. Stanley and Shahana come there. Ranbir looks at Stanley holding the juice tray. Rhea says that was amazing. Ranbir holds Rhea’s hand and asks her to have some juice. Prachi gets upset and goes. Ranbir calls Stanley, who is indisguise of a waiter comes there. Rhea says she will not drink. Ranbir says you must be tired. Rhea says I will drink if you give me with your hand and love. He gives the glass in her hand and asks her to drink it. Prachi looks on.

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