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Twist of fate 19 November 2022: Rhea tells Pallavi that Ranbir is going to propose her and will make her wear the ring. She says he will divorce Prachi tomorrow, and tells that tomorrow their relation will be over, and my relation will connect with him.

Dida faints hearing this. Pallavi goes to get water. Stanley is hiding in the cupboard. Pallavi goes to get water. Rhea tells unconscious Dida that she is Ranbir’s everything now, and asks her to forget Prachi and accept her as her bahu. Ranbir tells Prachi that the door is locked. Prachi says you troubles me intentionally and that’s why I don’t like you. Ranbir tells himself that she is pregnant and having mood swings. Prachi asks him to shut up and just disappear. He asks how I shall go, the door is locked. He rushes to the bathroom.

Prachi tries to open the door thinking he lied. Ranbir thinks he shall help Prachi to open the door. He asks her. Prachi asks him not to come out. Ranbir tells that he will read the book on how to handle woman’s mood swings. He hears the noise and gets worried. He comes out and sees her fallen down on the door. She gets up and asks him to give his hand to her.

Ranbir says ofcourse. Prachi asks didn’t you see me falling down? He says he heard the sound and that’s why came. She argues with him and says I had told you, always love me, never leave me, not to break my trust, and be one woman man, but…leave it. Ranbir holds her and says I trusted you and did whatever you said. He says I did all that what you said, but you never trusted me. Prachi says I asked you not to leave me.

Ranbir says I never left you. Prachi says I asked you not to break my heart. Ranbir says I never wanted to break your heart, it happened due to circumstances. Prachi says you love Rhea and married her. Ranbir says I don’t want to tell you, but will say. He asks her to come. Prachi says door is closed. Ranbir says we will go through window. They go out through window. Vikram asks did you see Ranbir, his clients are asking. Pallavi says I don’t know, but I know with whom he is? Vikram asks with whom? Pallavi says whom you call as his wife. She says a wife is the one who stays in a man’s room. Vikram says he don’t want to reply to her, and says if someone asks then I will tell that Rhea is Pallavi’s bahu, but Ranbir’s wife is Prachi. Aaliya hears them and thinks to teach him a lesson. Pallavi gets upset and goes. Vikram thinks Ranbir shall take a decision.

Ranbir brings Prachi to terrace and asks if she remembers their first meeting. She says she remembers and tells that he was shirtless in college dressing room, and he was flirting with many girls and also her, but she didn’t pay attention to him. He asks if she remembers what happened on rose day and when I proposed you. prachi says I remember, everything, you just want to time pass. She says I am leaving. Suna hai tere dil pe mera…..plays…….

He asks her to feel the air which is touching him and coming to her. Prachi says yes, but I want to hear from you. He says do you remember our first meeting, when my sight was not going off from you, when you was drenching in rain and I was looking at you. He says that day I saw the girl enjoying every moment, who made me live life, and when I learnt to live, I loved her first. She asks why are you saying this? He says let me talk. He says I want to tell you, what I wanted to say. He says when I had dropped you and coming back, I saw a couple getting married and saw us in them. He says I used to feel you around me, as you are not just part of my life, but my whole life. He says I used to love you a lot, and got bad sight on my love by doubting your character. He says I used to think you as moon and stained it. He says I will fix everything and tells that he is with her, as he wants to live and wants to make a fresh start with her. He takes out ring from his pocket and says I want to make a new start with you, witnessing this star, moon etc.

He says they will say that nobody loved like us, and says we are united by our Kumkum bhagya, now we will never separate. He says I love you very much, if you love me that you want to start new life with me. Rhea says your age comes between, else you have so much punishment that your life will end. She says you have always taken Prachi’s side and sidelined me. She says I will make your life difficult and says she will give her back what she got. Stanley thinks she is a psycho case. Rhea gets up hearing sound coming from the cupboard. She picks the bat to hit. Stanley prays to God to help him.

Rhea opens the cupboard. Stanley hides his face with the blanket. Rhea looks on. Pallavi comes there and asks why you are holding bat? Rhea says she felt as someone is inside. Pallavi says I will make mummy ji have water first. Rhea says she is drunk and tells that she tried to wake her up, but. Stanley thinks he has to get out from there. He crawls and leaves. Rhea and Pallavi look back to see.

Prachi asks Ranbir, why does he do this with her always, and asks if he don’t have any pity on her. She says why you want to claim the relation, which you don’t want to fulfill. She says whenever you say me I love you, you go back to Rhea. She says I always come in your talks, but I will not come now. He says I know that you have hurt me a lot. Prachi says you can’t know. He says even I was hurt, but never expressed it. He says I had drowned myself in work. He says if you have stopped that night or if I had stopped you, then the story would have been different.

He assures to love her every day till his last day. He says I am still your baklu, who loves her a lot and says first my sight used to stuck on you and now my life. He asks her to give him a chance to start afresh. He says that night, I came running to you when you was going, collided with something and fell down on the road. He says I repent a lot that night and says that’s why I am not angry on you for hiding a big truth from me. He says I know everything that we are pregnant and you are going to be my baby’s mother. Prachi gets emotional. Ranbir says you have hidden this from me, to punish me. He asks if I don’t deserve to get this happiness. He bends down on his knees and says sorry. Sadak song plays…Prachi sits with him holding his hand.


Ranbir saying sorry to Prachi. Prachi sits down with him and gets emotional. Song plays….They have a hug. He says I never thought that I will give you good news that I am becoming Bau ji. Prachi gets up and says Ranbir, you are becoming Bau ji. Ranbir hugs her. He makes her wear ring. Song plays….Prachi hugs him. He lifts her and swirls. He asks can I touch my baby. She nods yes. He touches her tummy to feel the baby. Prachi is smiling. He says our baby, our family. He says I will take care of our child always, and will love you always, and our family will increase. Prachi asks when did you come to know that I am pregnant? He says in the hospital. Prachi asks why you was silent then? She says I understood why Rhea was angry, you are divorcing Rhea and we were getting back

together. Ranbir says I have actually not told Rhea about divorce, but will tell her. Stanley is still hiding. Rhea says someone is here. Pallavi says I will call guard. Rhea says I will handle. Stanley panics. Rhea says don’t steal anything, it is all my stuff. She says if you come out then I will not say anything. Pallavi calls guards. Stanley thinks what he shall do? He gets an idea and comes out, while Rhea and Pallavi are standing near the cupboard. He collides with the side table and stands up. Rhea and Pallavi sees him and asks what is he doing? He says he heard about the thief here and came. Pallavi asks if guard sent you. Rhea says why they will send waiter here. Stanley says he heard them talking and that’s why came. He takes bat from Rhea’s hand and opens the cupboard. He pretends as if he saw the rat. He says I have seen rat, which went.

Prachi pushes Ranbir and gets upset. He asks what happened? Prachi says don’t touch me. She takes out the ring and throws it on the floor. She says what is the meaning of your love, which you don’t understand. He says I really meant it. She says if you really want to take care of our baby and stay with me, then you should have divorce Rhea first and then should have come to me. She says you didn’t do this, as this is your habit.

She says you have been doing this and says you want me to go so that you go back to Rhea behind my back. She says you called me to make fun of me and says this time you make fun of my baby too. She pushes him and asks him to go. She herself falls down. Ranbir shouts Prachi. It turns out to be his imagination. Prachi asks what happened? She asks did you see ghost or became statue. Ranbir says ya. She says I have fallen down here, and you was dreaming about Rhea. Ranbir says I came out, hearing the sound. Prachi says there is a limit of ignorance.

Ranbir says you had only said disappear disappear….He thinks Prachi will ask me not to remind what she said. He recalls whatever he imagined standing in the bathroom. Prachi again tries to open the door. He recalls going out through window, in his imagination. Prachi asks if we will go by window. He climbs down the window and goes. Prachi thinks what happened to him.

Stanley says it was rat and says I shall go now. Pallavi says you are not waiter. He says I am waiter. Pallavi asks how did you know that the thief is in Ranbir’s room. He says they told. She asks how do you know that this is Ranbir’s room. She says rats can’t come to Kohli Mansion. Stanley says rats are not educated and they come seeing food and here, there is much food. Rhea says you seem to be educated. He says yes, but I lost the job, and wants a job.

He asks them to talk to Ranbir about his job. Stanley looks at the divorce papers which is on the floor, near Rhea’s feet. Ranbir thinks where did he keep the divorce papers. Rhea finds the envelope and asks what is it? Pallavi says it is sealed envelope, we shouldn’t open it. Rhea says it is of Ranbir. Pallavi asks her to keep it in his almari, and go and call Vikram. She says I will not call him, as I am not talking to him. She asks her to go and call him. Rhea thinks she shall check these legal papers. Prachi comes there and asks what happened to Dida. Pallavi says she is fine, you don’t need to worry, she is fine. Prachi says I was just asking about her. Pallavi taunts her and says this is my son and daughter in law’s room. Dida gets up and asks Pallavi, if she started again. She says you both don’t know what is sister, bahu, marriage, happiness etc.

She asks Pallavi to become good mother first, then become saas. She asks what were you saying that mother’s 9 months are bigger than wife’s 7 rounds. She says this is not true, as mother’s 9 months are for one life, but 7 rounds with wife will be for 7 births. Pallavi asks her to sleep. Dida asks Prachi to answer Pallavi and asks her to learn from Pallavi, how to answer her. She threatens Prachi and Pallavi that she will fall down from the window. Prachi says your love for Ranbir is different from mine. Dida asks her to scold her.

Prachi starts confronting Pallavi politely for accepting Rhea as her bahu, and ignoring her. She says you don’t regarding her as her bahu. She says you asked Ranbir to fill my maang in PS. Pallavi says it was my helplessness. Prachi says Ranbir had done marriage with Rhea due to helplessness. Rhea asks why are you talking about me. Dida asks her not to interfere. Prachi says I am Ranbir’s legal wife. Pallavi says what is today, will not be tomorrow. Dida comes down from the window and sleeps on sofa. Pallavi says my son will love the girl, whom I will regard as my bahu. She says Ranbir has bought rented apartment for you, so that you stay there and I will stay here with all the family.

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