Twist of fate update Sunday 16 January 2022

Twist of fate 16 January 2022:  Rhea telling that she is the most unlucky girl of this world to hate her own mother. Aaliya asks Tanu to come with her. Shahana goes behind Gayatri and sees Pragya’s face as she lifts her veil and covers her head again. Mitali calls Gayatri and says Abhi is playing with big fans downstairs. Pragya says AC is in home. Mitali says AC’s are not working so they brought big fans. She asks her to see Abhi.

Prachi collides with Ranbir and falls in his embrace, striking RK pose. They have an eye lock..while the song plays Rabba khair kare plays…Ranbir asks what is she hiding from him? Prachi says nothing. Ranbir says I can see clearly that you are pain to see Rhea and I together, but it is of no use, as I have become of someone else. Prachi says you are saying this, as you are frustration. Ranbir says you are liking it, so you will like my dance with Rhea too. Prachi says yes. He asks if I hold Rhea’s hand and get closer to her, then will not you get jealous. Prachi says no. He holds her and asks her to say. Prachi says no. He says your refusal will prove costly.

Prachi cries and hugs Shahana. Shahana tells her that she has come to know about the truth. Prachi cries. Abhi plays with the fan kept in the hall. Pragya asks him to listen and asks what are you doing? Her pallu moves from head due to the fan’s wind. Abhi says you are looking like fuggi. Aaliya hears fuggi and comes near them, but turns waiters drops something. She asks Gayatri to take Abhi to the room and lock him, as engagement is about to start. Pragya says let him be here in the party, if he is locked in the room then will make noise and shout. Aaliya says do whatever you want, but stay with him. Killer talks to Ashok and comes to the room where Aryan is locked. He says you are useless and couldn’t kill Abhi. He says now we will both kill him. Aryan hears and gets shocked. He takes something and hits on Killer’s head, just as he opens the door. Killer faints. Aryan goes.

Pandit ji asks Rhea to make Ranbir wear ring. She makes him wear ring. Pandit ji then asks Ranbir. Prachi comes there. Ranbir looks at her. Rhea gets worried. Ranbir makes her wear ring with a heavy heart. Rhea smiles forcefully. Ranbir holds Rhea to make Prachi jealous. Pragya also witnesses their engagement. Everyone claps. Prachi also claps. Manmurade song plays….

Abhi takes toothpick from the waiter and bursts the balloons. Aaliya goes to Abhi. Abhi asks Pragya to listen to the music. Aaliya asks what are you doing? Abhi says he is enjoying bursting balloons. Ranbir goes to him and says we will burst together. Abhi gives him half tooth pick stick. Ranbir bursts balloons with him. Aaliya asks Tanu to tell DJ to play the song. Aaliya announces Ranbir and Rhea’s dance performance. Abhi says I want to burst more balloons. Ranbir says I will play with you after dancing with Rhea. Abhi says ok. Aaliya asks Tanu to dance with Abhi. Tanu asks are you crazy, I don’t want to make fun of me. She says ok fine. Aaliya says you understood now. Tanu asks Abhi to dance with her. Abhi refuses.

Abhi calls waiter and drinks juice as taught by Pragya. Ranbir thinks of asking Prachi if she will feel good if he dances with Rhea. Prachi saying yes, she do. Fb ends. Ranbir dances with Rhea. Prachi gets teary eyes. Tanu dances with Abhi and goes from there. Prachi sees Pragya looking at her, and pretends to be happy. Abhi comes to Pragya and dances with her. Ranbir, Rhea and others join him too. Ranbir comes to Prachi. Rhea comes and takes him again to dance. Pragya smiles seeing Abhi dancing. Twist song plays….Abhi says I will dance more. He comes to Pragya and asks her to dance with him. Pragya says I am tired. Abhi says I am not tired and asks what to say? Pragya says music. Abhi dances. Ashok begins cutting the chandlier’s rope. Killer tells that he had attacked the guy who heard him. It shows Killer attacking Aryan and hitting on his head. Pragya looks at the chandelier. Killer cuts the rope and the chandelier is falling down. Pragya runs and pushes Abhi. Everyone gets shocked. Her veil gets moved from her head and Ranbir gets to see her face. He gets shocked.

Pragya pushing Abhi and saving him when the chandelier falls down on him. Ranbir gets shocked to see Pragya’s face. Pragya covers her face with the veil. Ranbir asks someone call the hospital. They get worried for Abhi. Prachi sees Ashok and Killer running down from upstairs and says they might have made chandelier fall. Vikram comes out and asks Security to catch them. Killer and Ashok cover their face with the masks. Vikram tries to pull the mask. One of them shoot in air to scare Vikram and runs away from there. Vikram calls Police and tells that two goons had come to kill Abhi. He says everyone at home has witnessed to it. Pallavi says she will also come. Vikram asks her to be at home. Rhea asks Doctor how did her father get unconscious?

Doctor says his condition is not good, he needs rest, may be he got internal injury in his brain as he fell down. Rhea cries keeping her head on Pragya’s shoulder. Prachi cries. Pragya sees them sad and cries. Ranbir is about to hold Prachi’s hand, but stops. Vikram tells that they had run away, but he had filed the FIR. Doctor tells that he will get his some test done and asks them to leave him alone. Ranbir and Prachi come out of the room and collide with each other. Rhea asks her to mind her moves. Ranbir says we shall stay like couples. Rhea says you had said what is in my heart. Ranbir says he can understand heart, but not mind. He says engagement ring is looking good in her hand and it is made for her finger. Prachi goes from there. Ranbir says I think we shall go. Rhea says good night and goes out of Abhi’s room.

Ranbir is in his house and thinks their love is true, she (Pragya) was not allowed to come in the house and that’s why she came inside the house as the maid to take care of him. He says for Prachi, money is everything and for her mother, love is everything. He wishes to get such love.

Pragya does God’s aarti and says I had prayed for my daughters, husband and family. She says she didn’t want troubles to come in her daughter’s life, and husband’s life. She says she can face the troubles and can bear the thorns, but can’t bear to see their life troubled. She asks God to return her husband and complete her family. Sarita behen comes there and hugs Pragya. She says this is the testing time and asks her not to worry.

In the morning, Pragya comes to Mehra Mansion. She sees everyone standing in Abhi’s room. Dadi asks Gayatri what happened to her. Pragya says nothing, says she came to see if he is fine or not. She asks if everything is alright. Tanu asks if you are his wife, says I don’t think that we need her, after whatever she has done. Dadi says Abhi listens to just her, don’t say anything against her. Doctor comes there. Aaliya says Doctor say about his reports. Doctor says there is an improvement, his brain major reflexes are giving signals, it seems he is taught well.

Mitali says I will continue my try. Dadi says Doctor said this for Gayatri and tells him that whatever Abhi’s improvement is having, is because of Gayatri. Doctor says good job, Gayatri. Servant comes there and says he kept courier for Tanu. Tanu goes there. Pragya asks why is he not getting up. Doctor says it is medicine effect, he will get up. Tanu gets the divorce papers and gets happy. She says finally she is divorced. Aaliya comes there. Tanu says now I can move on in life. Aaliya says just one move, your marriage with Abhi. Tanu says when he gets fine then I will marry. Aaliya says Bhai has not accepted you after whatever you had done with Kiara along with Nikhil. She says you shall marry him before he gets fine. Tanu asks but if Abhi will marry me. Aaliya says Vikram’s family will also be there and they will be witness of marriage. Tanu says what will I do, when the family brings Pragya back when he gets fine. Aaliya says there will be judge too, who will do POA (power of attorney) formalities. Tanu says I don’t have any tension about my future and asks when to marry. Aaliya says today, Bhai can become fine at anytime, as Gayatri is taking care of him and says you shall marry before he gets fine. Tanu says I am ready, I will marry him today.

Ranbir looks at Prachi, as he drives his car while she is standing on the road. He takes the car backwards and comes to Prachi. He says car is same, then why you are worried. Prachi says excuse me. Ranbir says didn’t you understand why I came here. Prachi says to drop me. Ranbir asks why are you playing thief-Police with me. She starts going. Ranbir stops his car and gets down. He says you are afraid that if I come near you, then will know that even today you will have same love for you. Prachi sits in the car. Ranbir asks why did she come out at this time and says don’t think that I care for you, and says I am doing this for your mom. He says this is the same place, where you had fight with that guys. SubhanAllah plays….Prachi looks at him. Ranbir sits in the car. Prachi thinks if I tell what is in my heart, then you will be happy then my mother’s happiness will be ruined. He drives off.

Prachi teaches making planes for Abhi. Abhi says what I will play now. Pragya says she made two planes for him. Abhi gets happy and plays with it. Pragya says she has to go home and asks him to play with the planes. Abhi plays with it. Pragya is about to go. Abhi asks will you marry me? Allah wariyan plays…..Pragya turns and looks at him. Abhi says Pandit ji had said that we can stay together for seven births after marriage. Pragya says we can’t marry now, and will marry when you get fine. Abhi asks when? Pragya says when you don’t get angry and don’t make others angry. Abhi says when I don’t make Aaliya angry, ok I will behave nicely. Pragya says she will come tomorrow. Abhi says ok. Pragya says he is feeling connected with me even in this condition, how to make him understand that I am sporting sindoor of his name.

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