Twist of fate update Monday 17 January 2022


Twist of fate 17 January 2021:  Ranbir drops Prachi home. Prachi is still sitting in is car. He says he don’t have time to take her for long drive. Prachi gets down from the car. He asks if she wants to say something. Prachi says I have forgotten.

Ranbir says you didn’t say I love you to me. Prachi says I forgot to say congratulations to you, as you got engaged. Ranbir says thank you and goes from there. Tanu recalls Abhi attacking her and gets tensed. She tells herself that Abhi will be fine in a month and Aaliya is here to help her. Aaliya comes there and tells that here comes your wedding dress. Tanu asks did judge agree? Aaliya says yes, tells that she had lied to him. She tells that she has convinced Abhi to marry her. A fb is shown, Aaliya asks him to marry him by showing the toy car and promised to keep icecream party for him. She asks him not to take off the sehra and gives the thumb impression when Judge asks him.

Abhi says get me married to Gayu. Aaliya promises him that Gayu will be with him always. Abhi asks if she will be with me always. Aaliya says yes. Fb ends. Aaliya tells Tanu that Gayatri has taught to handle Abhi to him. She says she gave them chocolate, icecream and toys and he agreed. Tanu goes to get ready.

Mitali scolds the Servants and asks them to serve dinner after marriage. She calls Pragya and asks her to return. Pragya thinks what has happened. Dadi asks Aaliya not to get Abhi marry Tanu. Aaliya says she has taken this decision. Dadi says I was silent infront of Police because.

Aaliya says as Pragya left him in the hospital and I got him treated and brought him home. Dadi says Abhi is fine due to Gayatri. Aaliya says she has hired her and tolerated her misbehavior. She tells that she has called the judge and asks her not to create drama, else it won’t be good for her and Bhai. Dadi stays silent and goes. Vikram and Pallavi hear her. Pallavi greets Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to take a seat and says she kept the marriage infront of just family members. Vikram and Pallavi sit on the chair. Vikram says this is not right. Pallavi asks him to be quiet. Mitali brings Abhi for the marriage and promises to give him chocolate. Aaliya asks Mitali to bring Tanu.

Pragya/ Gayatri comes there and asks what is happening here. Aaliya says Bhai and Tanu’s marriage is happening here. Ranbir comes there. Pragya says this marriage can’t happen. Abhi says let me marry. Pragya says you can’t marry. Aaliya says if anyone is having a problem then can go. She asks who called you here. Pragya says Mitali Bhabhi called me for work. She says this marriage can’t happen. Aaliya asks why, if you are married to him. Vikram says she means that Abhi’s condition is not good. Abhi asks Pragya to make aeroplanes. Judge comes there. Aaliya greets him. Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir says if she will let this marriage happen. Rhea says she doesn’t want him to interfere. Ranbir says she shall be the first one to stop the marriage. He comes to Pragya and asks her to stop the marriage. He calls her Pragya aunty. Pragya asks how did you know? He says he got doubtful when he saw bracelet in her hand and then saw her face. He says he doesn’t want this marriage to happen, as Chief loves her. Pragya asks him if he is marrying Rhea with his wish.

Ranbir says he loves Rhea and wants to marry her. He asks her to stop this marriage anyhow. Pragya says if they see me then will get me arrested again, tells that atleast she will be infront of him. Ranbir asks her to think of a way. Pragya says she can’t think of it. Ranbir makes plan to have a fake fight with her, so that everyone gets busy to resolve their fight, and the mahurat ends. Bahadur comes there. Ranbir asks him not to make any juice fall on him, as he gets angry. Tanu comes ready and thinks she will be Abhi’s wife now. Abhi and Tanu exchange garlands.

Aaliya asks the Judge to see the POA papers and says Bhai will sign after marriage. Judge asks why Mr. Mehra is giving POA on your name, and you will be taking over the business. Aaliya says Bhai wants to enjoy his married life and is going on honeymoon. Judge says how can a rich man take such a decision. Aaliya says we are not that rich. Judge says seeing the turnover on the papers, if anyone says that he is not rich, then nobody is rich in this world. Aaliya says Bhai insisted me to take over his business. Rhea hears her.

Pragya brings water and drops on Ranbir. Ranbir gets angry and says you have spoiled my clothes. Pragya says I did a mistake. She tells that she will handle the boy when others intervene. Pallavi asks her to say sorry and end the matter. Tanu says why Gayatri is called here. Pragya makes the decoration stuff fall in the mandap. Ranbir also makes the stuff fall and ruins the mandap. Everyone tries to stop Ranbir and Pragya. Dadi smiles. Pandit ji says this marriage can’t happen now.

Pandit ji telling Alia that the marriage shouldn’t happen now as the mandap is ruined. Aaliya blames Gayatri for throwing the things. Pallavi blames Gayatri while Vikram thinks it is good. Dadi says Pandit ji told that this marriage can’t be done, as inauspicious thing happened and the marriage will not work for more than a month. Tanu tells that she will marry and asks Abhi to agree for marriage, and tells that she will give him chocolate. Mitali says both of them agree. Pallavi says they shall set the mandap. Rhea calls Bahadur to set up the mandap. Vikram tries to talk to Aaliya and tells that this marriage shall not happen. Aaliya tells that they are educated people and shall not believe in blind faith. Pallavi says mandap is set up again.

Tanu says she will prove and make this marriage work all her life. Abhi insists to change his clothes else he will not marry. Tanu asks Aaliya to get his clothes changed. Aaliya asks Abhi to go with Gayatri and help him change his clothes.

Prachi looks at Ranbir’s pic and cries, tells that she didn’t forget him and their moments, she had lived those moments. Pragya cleans Abhi’s Sherwani. Ranbir asks her to do something and stop the marriage. Abhi says he will marry Tanu and then he will get chocolate, icecream and toys. Pragya says he is insisting to marry and will not agree. Ranbir says so you will let this marriage happen. He says Rhea went to get water from fridge and is not bothered. Pragya goes out to stop Rhea. Aaliya collides with her and asks if everything is fine. Pragya says yes. Ranbir goes behind Pragya. Aaliya asks Abhi to come as there is party after marriage. Ranbir asks where is she going? Pragya says Rhea, as fridge had short circuit some days before. Ranbir gets an idea to do short circuit to stop the marriage.

Aaliya brings Abhi out and asks Pandit ji to get the marriage done fast. She thinks she wants her happiness which is in the papers. Pragya and Ranbir come to the electricity meter room. He takes out the fuse, but light is still there. Mitali goes to get mangalsutra and hears noise coming from the meter room. She is coming there. Pandit ji asks some elders to tie the ghatbandhan. Dadi ties the ghatbandhan unwillingly. Mitali sees the reflection of Pragya and thinks thief has come. She sees a glimpse of Pragya and faints. Ranbir cuts the fuse wire and the electricity gets switched on off. Abhi gets scared and asks Dadi to call Gayu. Rhea comes to the kitchen and gets water from the jug. She gets worried for Abhi and goes out. Abhi says I am getting sleep. Vikram tells Aaliya that there is a light in his house, may be short circuit in the house.

Aaliya calls the electricity dept, but he switches off the lights. Rhea comes there and tells Vikram that his house light is on. Vikram goes to check. Aaliya asks bahadur to bring the candles. Tanu tells Pallavi that her make up is ruining and does to do touch up. Mitali lights the match stick and says Pragya…I have seen you. Ranbir blows on the match stick and laughs…Mitali gets scared. Pragya and Ranbir go away from there. Ranbir says marriage will not happen. Pragya says your chief must be worried and says lets go. Mitali runs from there.

Rhea comes to Abhi and asks if he is scared of darkness. Abhi asks if she is scared and says if you feel scared, then tell Gayu, she will help you. He says Gayu is my best friend. Rhea asks can I become your best friend. Abhi says he has two best friends already, one is Gayu and other was in brown jacket. Rhea says Ranbir. Abhi says he makes everyone wear ring. Mitali tells Aaliya that she has seen ghost and then says Pragya. Aaliya gets doubtful, but rubbishes her doubts and asks her to get mangalsutra. Pragya comes to Abhi. Abhi asks if she will have chocolate. Pragya thinks Aaliya is taking advantage of her situation. She asks Pandit ji about the mahurat time. Pandit ji says more 30 mins. Aaliya says marriage will happen in 30 mins. Judge insists to go. Aaliya asks him to do the work done and complete the paper formalities. Electricity comes back. Vikram comes there and sees Ranbir and Pragya going. Ranbir asks Pragya to stop Aaliya from going to room and he goes to the room. Pragya asks Aaliya to stop the marriage else she will go to jail. Aaliya asks who are you to stop the marriage and asks her to show her face.

Aaliya tells Tanu that the Servant is better than her, as she saved Bhai’s life. Tanu says she is not Gayatri, but Pragya. Pragya sees Killer looking at Abhi and her.

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