Mismatched update Saturday 15 January 2022

Mismatched 15 January 2022: The Episode starts with Anokhi seeing Shaurya’s name on her hand. He dances. She goes away and washes her hand. She says I told you, I have no relation with you. Babli and Kanchan come there and ask why did you get Shaurya’s name on your hand. Anokhi says no, I didn’t get this done. Babli says its wrong. Anokhi says I didn’t know. Gayatri teases her. Aastha thinks just some time now, then you will shed tears of joy. Devi sees the video of Shaurya’s mehendi.

Aastha talks to her dad on a video call. She asks Rama and Bhalla to not have any formality from now, she is their Samdhan now. She hugs Rama. Shaurya asks Anokhi did she wash off her mehendi. She says I can’t do work with the mehendi on my hands. He says yes, you may do your work. He starts arguing with her and points out the flaws in the food to stop her from going. Everyone looks on and smiles.He asks her to taste it herself. Aastha eats the food and says there is no problem in it, salt and pepper are fine, this is amazing.

Everyone smiles. Shaurya signs everyone that he did it. Ahir says amazing Shaurya. Anokhi scolds Shaurya. Ahir says this is called an answer, Shaurya found a good way to feed Anokhi. Aastha says yes, he can’t see Anokhi hungry. Everyone dances. Alok comes there and scolds Gayatri and Kanchan. He asks them to come. Shaan says I m the eldest member of the family, I have no objection that they are here. Kanchan thanks Shaan. Alok leaves. Ahir collides with Vineet. He says I want to meet everyone. Ahir tries to stop. Vineet calls out Bhalla. He meets Rama and Bhalla. Bhalla says Shaurya did a good thing to invite Vineet, the entire family is together. Vineet says family is breaking, Babli is divorcing me.

Everyone gets shocked. Shaurya and Ahir try to cover up the truth. They take Vineet outside and dump him. Vineet shouts. Shaurya says I don’t want unwanted guests in my marriage. Ahir scolds Vineet and asks him not to be around Babli again. Bhalla asks what is Vineet saying.Anokhi says don’t call him a son-in-law, he doesn’t deserve it. Vineet says I already told them. Bhalla and Rama ask Babli to say it, why did she hide such a big thing. Bhalla scolds Babli. Anokhi says you have no idea, what she suffered, you never took a stand for herself, so she took a stand for herself. Alok says amazing, we just knew Anokhi, everyone is here.

Rama says we will go to the room and talk. Bhalla apologizes to everyone. Alok argues and leaves. Shaan tries to calm down Babli. Kitty and Bebo like the drama. Shaurya calls Shagun and thanks her. Shagun says I m always there for you, any way, enjoy your day, I don’t want to disturb you. Alok comes to Shagun. Shagun says I will just get your surname, Shaurya, I have to stop this marriage, but how. Alok says I m hurt seeing your state, you did a lot for Shaurya, I m with you, but I can’t do anything on the front, just back end. Aastha sings a song. Shaurya asks Anokhi to sing.

Shaurya asking Anokhi to sing. Anokhi says I don’t fit here, sorry. He stops her and says for my sake, sing, is there any problem, are you getting affected. She asks why would I feel bad. He says then sing, simple. She asks him to stop deriving meanings. He says we shouldn’t force her, we should continue the celebrations. Everyone requests Anokhi. She sings Ajeeb dastaan… Shaurya smiles. They all clap. Anokhi goes away. Reema goes to her. She says you still love Shaurya, why are you hurting yourself, you told me that you had to go to Delhi, you could see the train from the window, but you got late in boarding the train, the train got missed, you will lose Shaurya if he gets married to Shagun.

Anokhi thinks of Shaurya and cries. She runs to him and hugs. He gets surprised. She cries and says I tried to stop myself, but I can’t let you go, I love you a lot, when Tej threatened me, I thought to handle it alone, I can’t do this, I m confident and intelligent, but I lost in love, you pass me once, give me a chance, come back to me, I will forgot living without you, I promise I will never do this, we had got married, right. He says it doesn’t matter to me. She says no, I m your wife, I m stubborn, foolish and mad, but I m just yours, don’t do this marriage. He asks is this any drama to stop it, this marriage will not stop.

She asks but why. He says because its Shaurya and Anokhi’s marriage. She gets shocked. He smiles and says its our marriage. He shows her the wedding card. She checks her name. He says Shaurya weds Anokhi, you stupid topper. She happily cries. He asks how could I live without you, I had to do this to explain you, one shouldn’t give up on love, this is our story, we will complete it together, when I didn’t love you, I did a lot for you, now when I m mad for you, then you don’t know what I can do, because I love you. She hugs him. She says promise.

He says I love you. They smile. He says promise me, you will never talk of leaving me. Ahir throws rose petals on them. Everyone comes there and laughs. Anokhi says it means, you all made this master plan and didn’t let me know, now I understand how Aastha gave me shagun with an excuse, and mehendi lady wrote Shaurya’s name on my hands, how mum and dad came here. Shaurya says I had convinced them to come. Anokhi says I never knew that you can plan such a big surprise for me, how can Babli hide this, why is Ahir hiding there now. Aastha says I felt bad seeing you, I don’t know how I stopped myself. Shaan says I have stopped her from spoiling the surprise.

Rama says we felt bad when you cried, but we had to not tell you. Aastha says gold has to go through fire. Ahir says I had to lie for your love story. Shaurya dances with Anokhi. They all dance. Shaan and Shaurya come to Devi. Shaurya shows the shagun mehendi. He says I wish to apply it to you, but I don’t know it, you apply it. Devi says you look very happy, you didn’t miss me in the mehendi function. Shaurya asks did you miss me. You should have not missed the function.

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