Twist of fate update Sunday 15 January 2023


Twist of fate 15 January 2023:  Sid asks Ranbir if he will say this, seeing Rhea’s report. Ranbir says this is not Rhea’s report. Sid checks and calls Dr. Preeti. Dr. Preeti says it is a mistake and will be rectified soon. Sid says what to do?

Aaliya calls Dr. Madhurima and asks from whom to get the report. She is about to go. Nurse asks where is she going? Aaliya asks her to call Receptionist. Nurse says she went on tea break. Aaliya says Doctor gave me prescription of my sister and asks whom to ask. She says she will complain to Madhurima about her. Nurse asks her not to complain about receptionist. Aaliya says ok, but call Madhurima. Nurse goes to call her. Aaliya goes to steal the report. Prachi comes there and asks receptionist about the report. Receptionist asks her to go upstairs.

Aryan asks Ranbir what happened to you. Ranbir asks what I have done. Aryan says you are fighting with Sid often. He says just tell everyone that you want Prachi. Ranbir says everyone knows about this, then also they are getting Sid and prachi married. Sid thinks where is Prachi? Aryan asks Sid how he is so sure that Rhea is not pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. Sid says that report was of someone esle. Aryan asks why you was happy, assuming Rhea is not pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. He says Ranbir loves Prachi, but got ready to get her married to you. He says Prachi is Ranbir’s wife, but agreed to marry you.

Pallavi calls Prachi and tells Aryan and Sid, where did she go? Dida comes to Vikram and tells that Pallavi’s anger is like time bomb and can blast at anytime. Vikram says her anger might blast on me. He then gets an idea and asks Pallavi to dance with him. Pallavi refuses.

Dadi asks Pallavi to agree. Pallavi says later. Vikram asks Ranbir to ask his Mom to dance with him. Pallavi says she will dance for Ranbir. She says I can dance, but you….Dida says she is challenging you. Pallavi dances on the song. Everyone enjoys her dance performance. Vikram dances with her. Dida is happy.

Aaliya comes to the reports room and checks for Rhea’s report. Prachi comes there. Aaliya hides. They both search the report. Aaliya finds R alphabet shelf. Just then the files fall down. Aaliya sits and gets Rhea’s report. Prachi sees Aaliya going with the report and thinks she got it.

Rhea comes to the hotel and thinks she will not leave the goons this time, and will make them straight. She knocks on the door. The goons open the door and aim gun at Rhea. Rhea asks how dare you to point gun at me. Shahana looks at them from the window. The goon tells that he needs 15 lakhs Rs, and tells that if she don’t give him money then he will sell her. He says he can kill her also and asks Rhea to call Aaliya. Aaliya is not picking the call. The goon threatens to sell Mihika.

Shahana calls Prachi and thinks why she is not picking the call. Aryan is thinking about Shahana. Sid asks Aryan to pick the call. Aryan asks what is your problem? Mili says Sid is just asking you to pick the call. Aryan picks the call. Shahana asks her to come to orchid hotel. Aryan leaves. Aaliya comes back and calls Rhea. Prachi comes home and sees report in Aaliya’s hand. She collides with her and makes an excuse to get report from her.

She gets it and is about to go. Aaliya asks Pallavi to ask Prachi where did she go? Prachi says she will tell the truth to everyone. Aaliya pretends to faint, snatches report from Prachi’s hand and throws it. Prachi is shocked. Vikram, Dida and others interfere and ask Pallavi to ask Prachi later. Pallavi asks Prachi to get the touch up done. Did says we shall not stand here.

Aaliya going thinking how she snatched report from Prachi. Prachi calls Aaliya. Aaliya asks didn’t you hear from your mother that you shall not talk a person going. Prachi says I heard and also heard that shall not backstabbed. She asks what was in the report. Aaliya says she didn’t read. Prachi says I know you acted to be drowsy and faint. Aaliya says there is no use of talking and asks her not to lecture her. Prachi says I know Rhea’s truth, you can tear or burn it.

She says I wanted it to show to the family as proof. Aaliya asks what proof and what do you know? Prachi says Rhea is not pregnant. Aaliya asks her not to tell this to family as everyone knows that you have problem with Rhea and you are jealous of her. She asks her not to take tension and says Rhea will need you. She says I saw Rhea ordering Papaya and then booking deep tissue massage for her. Aaliya says it was for me. Prachi says I know Rhea is not pregnant. Aaliya asks her to get her mental test done. Prachi says you can keep the report with you, as original report is with Dr. Preeti in her computer. She says bad work will have bad result. She goes. Aaliya says Prachi is not her mother and is bouncing back.


The goons tell that Aaliya is not picking the call so they shall kidnap her as well. Rhea runs from there, but get caught. Shahana looks at them and thinks Rhea’s men kidnapped her. They take Rhea, Mihika and the waiter to the godown. Shahana follows them. She thinks she shall have prachi or Ranbir to fight with the goons. The goons tell their boss that Rhea is uninvited guest. They sense someone is there. Shahana hides. She calls Aryan, but his number is unreachable. She then calls Ranbir. Ranbir sees her call and doesn’t pick it. Shahana thinks to call Prachi. Prachi picks the call. Shahana tells Prachi that Rhea’s goons are thinking to sell Mihika and when Rhea objected, they caught her and might sell her as well. Prachi is shocked. Shahana tells Prachi about the landmarks near the place. The call ends. Prachi thinks she shall go there. Ranbir asks where is she going? Prachi asks him to come with her, and says Rhea. They leave.

The goon tells that he called Aaliya so that he can get money from her, but she sent Rhea. He says he needs money to return to someone. The goon asks the other to sell Mihika and give him 15 lakhs. He asks him to sell Rhea for 10 lakhs. Rhea signs something. The boss asks him to free her. Rhea says she can give him 10 lakhs Rs, and asks him to leave her. The goon says give us 15 lakhs and take Mihika also. Rhea refuses and asks him to keep Mihika with them. She tells that she has special account and can withdraw 10 lakhs at one go. They go to ATM. Shahana hears everything and thinks Rhea is witch to leave Mihika between the goons.

Aryan and Mili come to the restaurant. Mili says Shahana is not there. Aryan asks Receptionist about Shahana and gives her beautiful description. Mili asks how you are explaining and shows her picture. The receptionist tells that she didn’t see. Aryan gets worried for Shahana and tells that she is in some problem. He says he can track her using the passport set by him. Mili says she must have changed. Aryan says you have kept it till now. Mili says as I love you. Aryan checks and tracks Shahana. He asks Mili to come with him. Mili refuses and asks him to go. She cries.

Prachi tells Ranbir about the place and tells that she knows where is that warehouse. Ranbir kisses on her cheeks. She asks him to drive fast. Prachi says she is ready to fly and asks him to drive fast. He drives fast.

Rhea comes back. The goon brings money and praises her for giving them 10 lakhs Rs. waiter says let me go. The goons refuse. Rhea comes to Mihika and tells that she has been her great help. She says I wish I could help you, but your brother is responsible for your wife. She says you will be punished for your brother’s doings and says sorry. She then comes to her goon and slaps him and stamps her foot on his foot. The goon asks why did she slap him. Rhea says she gave 10 lakhs and can do anything. She pretends to slip and takes mobile from floor. She leaves. Shahana hopes Prachi and Ranbir come there. The goon asks the other goons to stay there and tells that he will go and give money to the boss. Prachi and Ranbir get down. Prachi asks whose bag is this at the backseat. He says they have to save Shahana.

She asks where is the warehouse. He says that side. Prachi looks at him. She asks him to come. He thinks why he is getting romantic now. He hugs her. They sense someone coming there and hides with Prachi. The goons come out.

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