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Broken Bonds 13 January 2023: A kid runs in a dark school building. There are many birds. He screams and cries mama papa I am scared. I got locked in the school. I am so scared. He sees shadows and cries.

He says mama papa I am here, take me home, please. A kid Roli comes. He says please get me out. She says I won’t. He sees a snake coming towards him. The kid wakes up. His sister throws water on hin. She says you were screaming in the sleeping mom save me. She says mouse.. He says where? He gets scared.

Roli locks him in the room. He shouts Ai.. Their mom does arti. She wakes up her husband Kuldeep. He holds her hand. She says you were sleepy. Let’s go. She says you were sleeping last night. He says don’t worry about my sleep and pulls her closer. He caresses her face. He says I am not used to waking up to such boring mornings. She says I am not used to sending kids late to school.

He says don’t you worry about me? She says I do. But I am not just your wife now. I am Roli and Rishi’s mom. Them first and then you. you are also getting late for the presentation.

Roli and Rishi get ready. Roli says I did the goal yesterday. Rishi says you didn’t. Kuldeep says call her mummy not ai. Talk in English. He says in heart papa never says anything to Roli. Rishi says I only like mama’s hand’s poha. He says mama we will make new parathas tomorrow. We saw recipe on the internet. They looked so yum. Kuldeep asks how many goals did Ronaldo did yesterday? He says in heart why does papa keep asking sports questions. Kuldeep says how many centuries has Rohit made? He says ai.. Kuldeep says don’t call her ai once more. Rishi gets shoes. The kids go out. She says why do you always take Roli’s side you never keep taking Roli’s side only. Ever appreciate Rishi? He says Rishi doesn’t do anything appreciating. she says in counseling they were treating kids equally is so important.

He says please don’t teach me how to behave my own kids. She says is salary transferred for today? He says no. She says we have to buy so many things. Have to send kids to a birthday party, we have to give return gifts. He says what is this drama? Another company fired 300 employees. I will have to start my own business. She says please don’t leave your job again. He says we have to take risk, your fear doesn’t let me move ahead. Where will we go? He says if you can’t say anything good to say stay quite. He says I have an important meeting. I have to go. She says I need some cash. Why don’t you get a joint account opened. I won’t have to ask you for money again and again. He says I will bring it in the evening.

Rishi says ai keep all this money but don’t fight. She hugs and says this is your money. We will buy you a good thing from it. Don’t worry. We aren’t fighting. They leave for school.

Scene 2
A kid says sit with me Rishi. Roli says he will sit with me. Tell him you have a sister. You are jealous. He says Rishi won’t say anything. Rishi says stop it. I will sit here. Papa outside, and this Roli. Roli says papa loves me more than you. Now even mama loves me more. I am so cute. He says ai loves me more. She says then see how many laddus did mama give you. I have two. He opens her lunchbox, there are non. She says see mama loves me more. He says she must be busy. He says in his heart is it true? Does mama love me less?

Kuldeep leaves for work. Shubra answers questions on radio and wins a gas lighter. A woman comes in and says gas lighter?

A kid tells Rishi his friends parents are getting divorced. Rishi says so when mama papa fight they get divorced? Roli says Rishi I love you. Eat Laddus with me. She says you will have to do something for me. You will have to pick my school bag for two days. Amul says she’s bullying you. Roli says he is bad boy. Rishi says he is my best friend. Amul takes the laddu. Rishi fights with him. Teacher comes.

Scene 2
It’s Shubra’s mom. She says I don’t eat non veg. Why did you bring all this? Shubra says you are keeping your faith, I also have to do my responsibility. She says how are you? Her mom says very happy my daughter won gas light. She says I brought modak and puran poli. I got one saree extra by mistake as well. So thought I should keep it. Shubra says it’s pretty. Ai asks how are Rishi and Roli? Shubra says Rishi is very wise, but Roli keeps messing. Her ai says she’s Kuldeep’s blood. She will show her colors. Shubra says I have my family. Stop saying this. Ai says I knew he isn’t a good boy. You ran and married him, Shubra says I have to go to market. She goes in the kitchen. Ai is teary, she puts some money in her wallet.

Amul says it’s Roli’s friend. Roli says he ate my laddu. Never mess with me. Teacher says I want signatures of your parents on notes. rishi says mama will be so mad. Roli says I will get it signed from papa. Mama won’t even know.

Shubra calls Kuldeep and asks about his meeting. He says you keep calling what will I do? It will start anytime now. She says all the best. smile, please. It will be good if you smile. He hangs up. She prays Kuldeep gets all that he wants.

Kuldeep tells his friend I have to find a new job. He rejected my idea. Some Samaira is coming from Mumbai. Nothing has gone right in my life after marriage. Marriage means problems. Sameara collides with him. Kuldeep says Sameera? She says do I know you? My name is Samaira now. You called me from my old name. He says I was your junior in college. A big fan. She says Chadhay? Your surname was so famous. She says yo have changed a lot. He says you’re the same, hot. I mean.. She hugs him and says nice to meet you Chadha.

Scene 3
Rishi says to Roli tell mama. Shubra says how did you like the laddus? I kept one in each’s box. Rishi looks at Roli. Shubra says there’s so much spent this week. I hope Kuldeep brings cash. Kuldeep comes home. He says hello princess. Won’t I get hug from the princess? Rishi hugs him. He says good evening. Kuldeep says how was your match? He says it was good. Kuldeep says homework? He says I will do it. Kuldeep says good boy.

Shubra says to Kuldeep I kept rent cheque. Also, you have to fees on thursday. HE says do you know who did I meet today? She says did you hear? He says you keep saying the same things. I met Samaira today. She says who samaira? He says that hot beautiful, my senior. She says Sameera? He says yes. She says how did you meet her? Kuldeep says she is still the same. She uses the same perfume. She says did you bring the cash? Have to send kids to the birthday party and some kitchen stuff. HE says I am sorry I forgot. Shubra says you met Samaira and forgot everything? He says what do you mean? Why do you have to bring it in between? She says I was asking for money today so I could get gifts today. He says only want a chance. You will never know how much stress is there in office. Roli comes there with diary and goes back. Shubra says kids will hear.

Roli says they are fighting again. Rishi says no God please. I hope they don’t fight. Kuldeep says you get insecure. She says I was joking. Roli says what will I do? Papa will be angry till morning. Rishi says do what you want. Kuldeep says everything looks good in home. You have no idea how important is it to make a career. I always wanted to do my own business. I have to trash all my dreams because of you. She says I also saw dreams. They didn’t get fulfilled either. He says I couldn’t even do my MBA. She says I also felt bad. I even said I can do job. But you.. He says enough I am sick of your fights. Roli signs Shubra’s signatures. Rishi says I will tell ai. He looks in the room.

Shubra says enough, I am sick of all this. I will leave you then you will realize. She says I am sorry. Please end this. What did I say that you get so mad? Rishi recalls Amul said if papa mama fight they get divorced. Rishi imagines Roli and him separating as their parents part. He holds his ears. Rishi runs out. roli says where are you going? She says mama.. Rishi ran. He cries and left. Shubra says where? Kuldeep says don’t overreact. He must be nearby. Kuldeep asks people. Shubra asks Amul. He says I haven’t seen him.

Roli is also looking for him. Kuldeep says I couldn’t find him. Neighbors also look for him. Roli says mama he is there. He is on a tree. Shubra says Rishi.. Come down. Roli says you will fall. Kuldeep says what is this drama? Get down. Shubra says come down, please tell me. He says you and papa will get divorced right? Everyone is shocked. All neighbors start talking as well. Rishi says amul told me if papa mama fight they get divorced. Shubra says there’s no such thing. A neighbor says arguments happen. It isn’t fight. No one is getting divorced. Kuldeep says papa loves mama. If you get scared, we won’t argue either. Come down. He brings Rishi down. Shubra hugs him. Kuldeep goes home.

Scene 4
Kuldeep says your son embarrassed us in front of the whole building. She says we shouldn’t be fighting in front of kids. He’s very sensitive. He says I didn’t start the fight. She says okay, I did. I am sorry. Kids come out. Roli says mama please open. They come in. Roli says can we sleep here? Kuldeep says of course. Come in. They sleep with the parents. Roli says see, they are all good. Kuldeep holds their hands together and they sleep.


Shubra says to Kuldeep I made your favorite parathas. He says I am getting late for office. He says you forgave me right? He says yes it’s done with. She says yes. And did you like parathas? I tried making like your Biji. He says really? Shubra says is it less cooked? He says Bi ji never added karipata. You only cook pohas. She says I can never cook like your Bi ji. One day I will cook the best parathas. You will appreciate me as well. He says all this buttering? What’s the reason. She says apology for last night. No fight in front of the kids. He leaves. She kisses him and says you look so handosme. Who do you have a meeting with? He says Samaira. I will bring the cash in the evening. Shubra says in heart cash will come in the evening and the party is in the evening as well. I have to get the gift before it.

Rishi asks why didn’t you tell mama papa? Roli says I will handle everything. They see Aa ji (Shubra’s mom). Roli says mama gave the poan poli you made in the lunch. She says love you. She comes to the temple. Aa ji prays for shubra and her kids.

The teacher asks Roli did you get your parent’s signatures on the diary? She says yes ma’am. The teacher checks it and says come with me. Rishi imagines the teacher being mad at Rishi. The principal says these are not your mom’s sign. She says sorry madam. If I told mama she wont’ give me food for 4 days. They are always angry. They hit my brother so much he ran from the house. The principal says call her parents immediately. How can they be so merciless.

Scene 2
Kuldeep discusses the strategy for milk’s marketing with samples. Samaira says great idea. But you’re wasting your time and talent here. Come to Mumbai and join my advertising agency. Will VP’s position work?> HE says waht? Shubra says on call what? I am coming to school with my parents. Samaira says I know you are capable. Just say yes. Shubra calls him. He cuts. He says sorry couldn’t sleep last night. Samaira says couldn’t sleep now avoiding her call? You fought? HE says it happens every day. She says why? The girl you left education for .. What was her name? He says is. Her name is Shubra.

Principal says you people hit kids and starve them? She is so scared of you that she had to sign your signatures. Roli told me your son left home because of your beating. She says that was not the reason. The principal says where is your husband? You are going wrong in parenting. She says he is in office. The principal says the office is important not kids?

Aa ji’s slippers are missing. She says to women you stole my slipper? THey start fighting with her.

Scene 3
Roli and Rishi come home. Shubra isn’t talking to Roli. Roli says mama has gone silent. Rishi says say sorry. We have to go to a birthday party as well. Roli says sorry mama. Shubra doesn’t answer her. Roli says it’s my friend’s mom. she is asking when are you sending us to the party? Shubra says come Rishi. Let me get you ready. She gets him ready. Roli says what dress am I weairng? Shubra says you are not going anywhere. No party for you. Roli says I said sorry. I won’t do anything now. Please mama let me go. Shubra says keep standing here. Rishi says no matter how much drama Roli does today, mama won’t agree.

Kuldeep is in car with Samaira. She says let’s have that coffee. He helps her tie her seat belt.

Roli says mama please let me go. Shubra says now you will realize that cheating is so wrong. She breaks something and says let me go. Shibra says keep standing there. Don’t come out of this circle. If you do, I won’t let you go to any party the entire year.

Scene 4
Rishi is at the party. Rolu runs. Roli calls Kuldeep and says papa please come home. He says I am in a meeting. Roli sits back in the circle. Samaira says are you scared of your wife? You lied about the meeting. He says you know how wives are. She would have asked me to bring a thousand things. She says if you make her housewife thie would happen. The car hits someone. They stop it.

Paragati cuts the cake. Rishi gives her cake. Kuldeep sees the woman. He says sorry. Let me take you to hospital. People start chanting him. He says I didn’t do this intentionally. They start beating him. The woman says I will handle him myself. She slaps him. Samaira says what are you doing? He is helping you. Samaira says calm down. He says sit in the car. She says I won’t ever sit in your car. You become innocent in front of people. Face doesn’t make you decent. It’s the darkness in your heart. Samaira says she slapped you and you didn’t even say anything.

What a crazy woman. He says because she’s my mom. Samaira says is that how she behaves with you? He says she isn’t happy with my marriage. Samaira says it’s been years to that. Kuldeep says let’s drop the coffee plan today. I want a yes for my offer. My flight is day after tomorrow. He says tomorrow for you. She says very happy.

Rishi says I am not getting anything. Roli would bring me everything. A kid says Rishi won’t you dance for your friend? Amul says Rishi, please. All kids firce Rishi. Rishi dances. Roli tries to look out of the window. She says everyone is having fun. Everyone claps for Rishi. Uncle says proud of Rishi. He says everyone says that but papa. Rishi imagines Kuldeep being happy with him. Paragati gives chocolates and gifts to Rishi. HE says wow these are Roli’s favorite. She will be happy.

Shubra gives food to ROli. She throws it and says I won’t eat. Shubra says you will clean it. Roli says I won’t. Shubra says loudly you will. Kuldeep comes in and says Shubra.. Roli cries and says papa why did you come late. She didn’t even send me to the party she sent Rishi. She always takes his side. She was about to beat me. Kuldeep says you teach me how to behave with kids and what were you doing? How can you slap kids. Shubra says I don’t do that. Ask her what she did in school.

Scene 4
Rishi says the party was so good. I missed you a lot. There were so many things. I brought this for you. I didn’t like eating alone.

Kuldeep sees the diary and laughs. Shubra says what’s so funny? Kuldeep says such a good copy, what else did she say? Shubra says she said we beat her and don’t give her food. Kuldeep laughs and says you were seen trying to beat her. She says ever take my things seriously? He says sit here. I know what she did was wrong. You have punished her already. I will talk to you. Shubra says she’s getting too spoiled. He says so much tension. Do something naughty like Roli. She says is this my age? He says exactly. If she doesn’t do these things when will she?

Rishi says where did you get such a good pen? Roli says when I went to find you I saw it there. He says and you stole it? I will tell mom.

Kuldeep gives cash to Shubra. He says for gifts. She says I got them. He says how? Roli says to Rishi you don’t know exchange policy? My friend liked my pencil and he gave me his men for a day. Rishi says return it tomorrow.

Kuldeep says I have told you so many times. I don’t need a penny from your parents. She leaves few notes like I am a beggar. She says she is mother. All mothers want to see their kids happy. He says yeah she didn’t even give blessings to you after the wedding. I left my family for you. I met my mom, she considers me her enemy. Shubra says but I never told you to not meet your family. He says return this money.

Rishi says to Roli it’s mummy papa’s anniversary. Aunty will come. Kuldeep comes in. He says chips burgers.. Roli says did you scold mama? Kuldeep says what you did was wrong. She says I know but who punishes like this. Rishi also copies recipes. Kuldeep says copying a signature is a crime. Never hide anything from parents. Always say the truth. They both nod. Kuldeep kisses them. Shubra comes in. Rishi says mama sent Pragati a gift from your side. Roli says sorry mama. She says never do it again

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