Twist of fate update Saturday 5 March 2022

Twist of fate 5 March 2022: Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir says hello and tells that if she was with him, then would have held her hand. Prachi asks her to see what she got and shows the saree and jewellery. She says she asked me to look as her family’s bahu and says she has accepted me. She says she gave saree to Rhea as well. She says I am very happy. Ranbir says even I am happy and wanted you at my side. Prachi says I wish I could tell Papa that we both sisters are very happy, and is Dewrani and Jethani in the same family. Ranbir says parents have a super power and gets happy when their kids are happy. Prachi says I love you. Ranbir says I love you too and says now you are distracting me, and says I want to be with you and make you sit beside me. Prachi says my husband is smart and knows what to tell when I am happy and sad. Ranbir says your Papa will be happy if you are here. Prachi says I have to get ready as Ms. Rajeshwari is coming. He says says I love you. Prachi ends the call.

Pragya comes to the office and sees Abhi. She looks at him. Abhi sees her standing out and says you got late. Pragya comes inside. He says there was no traffic, so I thought your time will not get wasted. Pragya says she has some work. Abhi says you are boss and can go anywhere at anytime. He calls someone and asks to send coffee for Madam. Pragya takes the call and says send 2 coffees. Abhi looks at her. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi asks for whom 2nd coffee is? Pragya says for you. Abhi says I want to hear from you and says I came to know that you have fired Harish from job. Pragya says he troubled you and that’s why. Abhi says for me. Pragya says he was working for thapars in this office. Other peon brings the coffee. Pragya thanks him. Abhi gets up to go. Pragya asks where is he going? She asks him to drink coffee. Abhi says cheers. He says you wanted to fire me from job and today you are drinking coffee with me. Pragya says we haven’t come on coffee date and tells that he is here to serve the notice period. She thinks he is holding her pallu and asks what is he doing? Abhi looks on.

Abhi gets up. Pragya looks at him. She bends down to take her pallu from the table. Abhi thinks she is still his Pragya and still has feelings for him. He thinks she wants him to be normal. Pragya says she will take the file and asks him to hold the stool. Abhi says I will take it out, if you fall then I will hold you and you will take wrong meaning. He says I will get the file.

Gaurav asks who is she? Aaliya says Tanu is Abhishek Mehra’s wife. He asks them to come inside. He says if you think that you can ruin Pragya and I shall hear your plan. He says he never saw any girl who can defeat me like Pragya. Tanu says if you have her number then call and praise her. Aaliya says if you want her downfall then talk to us. Tanu says he is not interested. Gaurav says he wants to see her downfall

Gaurav telling that he wants to ruin Pragya. Aaliya asks him to hear her plan and asks how is it? She asks are you interested and excited. He asks if they are gone mad? Tanu says it is full proof plan and she will be trapped.

Gaurav says what about me, people will laugh at me. He says a woman misbehaving with a man. Aaliya says if we execute this plan, then Pragya will not know and can’t think that you will do this. Tanu says nobody can think this. Aaliya says Sushma is building her image and we shall ruin it. Tanu says after our plan, you will get insulted, but will win. Aaliya asks what you like the host, respected loss or insulted victory. He asks if they think that this plan will work. Aaliya says 100 percent.

Prachi thinks Rhea can’t wear this saree as it is heavy. Rhea thinks she was given this work to lose points and Prachi might be feeling good and wants me to look good. She says I know that you have done this intentionally and says I will wear this saree and will look million dollar, just wait and watch. Prachi thinks she shall help Rhea to wear this saree as she is not just her sister, but also jethani.

Gaurav says this plan will not work. Aaliya says we know that Pragya can’t handle this. She says she is from a middle class family and doesn’t deserve to be on top. Tanu says she reached top as we faced the downfall. Gaurav says you both are making me as feed to hunt her. Aaliya says she can’t be saved with this and tells that they will harm her. He says I will take revenge from her and ask what is their advantage.

Tanu says they want to take revenge from her and will be happy. Aaliya says we will take revenge from her and will not let her rise up. She says we will take revenge from her somehow, but this is the only chance for you. Gaurav says lets do it. Aaliya says we have to trap her. Tanu says she will lose everything.

Abhi climbs on the stool. Pragya says this will not work and says stool will break. Abhi says why you will care for me, as I am with you for a month. He asks what to take out. Pragya says purple. Abhi asks if she will let him work for lifetime and says sorry, says I had forgotten that you don’t like jokes, don’t like me. Pragya asks when did I say this? Thoda thoda pyaar hai plays….Pragya asks when did I say that I am getting the work done for the salary. He says he thought otherwise and asks which file she needs. She says purple. He gets the purple file and falls down from stool. Pragya gets worried and gives her hand to him. Abhi gives the file to her.

Pragya smiles and gives her hand again. Abhi smiles and gets up. He thinks he is getting the same feeling which happens in first love. He asks if she is feeling. She says yes, first time feeling. She then says she has to go to conference and goes. Abhi thinks if she is not having the same feeling. Sushma calls Pragya and asks where is she? Pragya says she is leaving. Sushma asks her to bring Abhi with her and says if he is here then I will be relaxed. Pragya says I gave him some work to do and says she is coming alone. Sushma asks Anjana to ask Journalist to join.

Rhea thinks how to wear this saree. Prachi comes there and asks can I help you? Teji comes there and says Dewrani can’t help Jethani. Prachi says she is her sister and wants to help her. Teji talks about the competition. Prachi says Rageshwari ji is coming and it is a family gathering and she wants Rhea to look best. Beeji and Pallavi come there. Teji says Prachi wants to help her. Pallavi says nobody shall help each other. Prachi says she wants to help her, as what matters is to look best infront of Rageshwari ji. Teju tells Rhea that extra sweets persons are dangerous.

Prachi says Chachi ji is joking. Teji says no. Pallavi tells Prachi that Rhea shall learn by herself. Prachi asks Rhea to watch the video. Rhea thinks Prachi is talking good, but doesn’t want my betterment. She says it might be Prachi’s idea to wear this heavy saree. She says you are choti bahu and wants to impress Rageshwari. She says time has come to tell who is choti and who is badi bahu.

Sushma asks Anjana about the quotation papers. Anjana says Pragya Madam is bringing it. Gaurav calls Sushma and asks her to let her come to the conference hall, and says I will announce that I am naming the shares on Pragya’s name and says I am thinking about others. He says my other companies will be effected and tells that he has learnt a good thing from Pragya, and asks her to think about his employees and their children. He says he will tell that he wants to give his shares in charity. Sushma says ok, come, says conference is about to start. Gaurav says ok. Sushma thinks he will apologize to Pragya.

Gaurav says if Pragya identifies you. Aaliya and Tanu are also in the car. Aaliya says we will not come infront of her, but will come with as you can’t execute this plan alone.

Rhea watching a video and wearing the saree. She thinks she is looking nice and Rhea Mehra never loses. She says everyone came to know that I didn’t know to wear saree. She says you are my sister and wants to lower me, your agenda is same. She says you have followed Mummy ji’s instruction and says now you see, how I got ready. She says it is enough, you want to get me insulted. She says whoever doesn’t want to wear saree, how she will handle the house. She wears the necklace and says now wait and watch, how I handle this house and even you. She says there will be reaction on her every action. Teji hears her and thinks Rhea understood my words, and now looking as Jethani. She smiles.

Pragya comes there and asks if conference started. Sushma says no, all journalist and reporters are taking refreshment. Anjana asks Pragya about the buyers’ file. Pragya says I have forgotten it. Anjana says she will bring. Pragya says he is in the call. Sushma asks Anjana to call Abhi on video call and asks him to give quotation. She calls him. Abhi says you called me mistakenly Anjana. Anjana says no and asks him to tell the quotation in the buyer’s file. He says Pragya. Pragya ji. He says he took her name mistakenly and says sorry. Sushma gets a call that media is ready.

He gives them good wishes for the conference. Pragya smiles and goes with Sushma. Anjana asks Abhi if he was really her husband. A fb is shown, in which Abhi tells Anjana that he is Pragya’s husband. Fb ends. He says we both are on duty and ends the call. A song plays….Pragya comes to the conference hall.

Teji asks Servant to serve water when they come. Dida says Pallavi will welcome them personally. Pallavi says they have come and asks Teji to call Prachi and Rhea. She opens the door. Rageshwari ji and Sharda ji come there. Pallavi greets them and asks them to come inside. Rageshwari asks how is Vikram? Pallavi says resting and sleeping. Rageshwari asks how is Sid and Ranbir. Pallavi says fine. Rageshwari asks how is the bahus? Dida says both are very good and handles home very much. Pallavi says she is asking how are they? Dida says I thought. Pallavi says they are good. Rageshwari asks where are they? Pallavi thinks they are making Rajeshwari ji wait, and thinks where are they?

Teji comes to Rhea and says you are looking very beautiful. She says your white complexion, juda, saree and jewellery and says she will be very impressed with her. They come out and see Prachi. Rageshwari praises her beauty and says you have work the saree well. Prachi goes. Teji tells Rhea that they both are same in looks etc, and tells that she has to do something different to win. Rhea goes. Teji thinks the peace will never be in the house. Sushma tells Pragya that Gaurav is coming to the conference. Pragya says why? Sushma says she had gone to meet him and tells that she is her responsibility, if she gets credit for her good things, then she shall get credit for the bad things happening to her. Pragya says every mother does like this, and tells that she doesn’t trust him. Sushma says he wants to save his business and will tell that it was your idea to donate the shares, and says the workers will not lose their jobs.

She says if you want then I will refuse him. Pragya says even she doesn’t want workers to lose the jobs and asks her to come. His employee asks them to come. He tells Media that Pragya Arora and Sushma Tandon is here. Pragya tells that they don’t want publicity and wants to do good work. She says till now Thapar’s was handling our work, but this is the last day of our partnership. Media gossips. Pragya says we will tell the reason. She says today is the last day of our partnership. Gaurav comes there. Pragya says Mr. Gaurav Thapar wants to tell you something. She goes and sits with Sushma.

Gaurav thanks Pragya and says she said right that today is the last day of our partnership and tells that I will tell it as a new start. He says someone’s victory turns into defeat. He says when I met her for the first time, she talks to everyone with respect. He then apologizes to her for whatever happened. Pragya asks him to move on. Gaurav says I am moving on and asks everyone to hear, and says nobody needs a mic to hear what I am saying. He says don’t make fun of what I am going to say. Sushma asks him to come to point. Gaurav asks did you hear anytime that someone gave his business and shares to someone and didn’t take anything in exchange. He says Pragya Arora has molested me. Aaliya and Tanu are hiding and smirk. Pragya and Sushma are shocked. Pragya asks what rubbish? Gaurav says you might have thought that, how can Pragya Arora can do this with me. He says we talk about equality and tells that when the matters of molestation come, then we men get blamed. He says I will not ruin other women’s respect, just want to take Pragya’s name.

He says she gave me drugs in water and then asked me to molest me, and made me sign on the papers. Pragya asks guard to kick him out right now. Gaurav says I couldn’t read and sign on the papers. He says she trapped me and tells that he has signed on the FIR against her. Pragya says he is lying. Lady reporter says this blame can be wrong too. Sushma says it is a lie. Other reporter asks why you didn’t tell me anything. Gaurav says I want to be alive, and tells that she scared him holding knife. The reporters ask Pragya to answer them, if she really want to molest him. Aaliya while hiding her face, says why Gaurav Thappar will lie and asks why did she molest him for shares. Pragya says he gave it for charity. Tanu also hides her face and says nobody gives so many shares on charity. Aaliya says we heard that you belong to a middle class family and got married to a multimillionaire.

Pragya is shocked. Tanu says we heard that your husband has abandoned you. And says we also heard that you was with King Singh, and he was very rich. Aaliya asks how did you earn money in Australia and asks if she trapped rich guy there too. Reporters ask how many marriages you have done, why you didn’t file Police complaint. Pragya shouts and says my personal life is none of your business. Tanu asks how many lives you have ruined and how many men you have molested. Aaliya says you are answerable to us. She says you search the people and then trap them and asks where are your all husbands. Pragya shouts asking them to leave and gets angry. Sushma takes her from there. Pragya says how can he do this infront of media. She says he spiked my coffee and tried to take advantage and tried to do wrong with me. She asks how dare him and says how can they talk about my past lives and says I have suffered so much. Sushma says I know you and will never leave the guy who has insulted you. She asks her not to cry.

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