Can you see me update Sunday 6 March 2022


Can you see me 6 March 2022: Arav gives Suchi her dismissal letter and says he caught her red handed on a blind date. Suchi says she cannot believe he was messaging from unknown number. He says he is not interested in all this, but want to expose her lies, she has a daughter but uploads her profile on matrimonial website and goes on a blind date. Pihu asks not to take her name. Suchi says she came here to meet her papa at his shop. Papa comes and gives her purse, saying she forgot it at his shop. Suchi tells he is her papa and asks papa to tell she came to his shop and introduces Arav as his boss.

Arav says papa that Suchi is kidding and asks how is he. Papa says he has a lot of work at shop and leaves. Aarav shows her matrimonial site profile. She says it is fake. He says her number is real and calls. Suchi shows her moble and says it is not ringing. Sheetal picks all and speaks. Suchi blasts her how dare she is to upload her profile without her permission. Arav asks then how did she get a daughter without marriage. Suchi says she adopted an orphan child and is running around to take care of her. She says she worked hard in his office to take care of her family and pay house rent, but he is alleging her since the beginning, so now she herself is leaving his office. Pihu asks not to leave job, but Suchi walks away holding her.

Sheetal gets stalker’s call. Sankalp picks it and hears stalker telling she makes him wait a lot, if they can meet where they met last time. He angrily asks Sheetal what is happening and drags her to living room. Sarla asks to behave with bahu. Sankalp says Sheetal is having an affair and got a call from her boyfriend just now. Suchi says that call was for her, she had uploaded her profile on matrimonial website and used bhabhi’s number, bhabhi is innocent and asks Sankalp to apologize. Sankalp apologizes Sheetal. Pihu asks Sankalp to punish Sheetal as she always lies.

Suchi walks to her room. Pihu asks why did she take Sheetal’s side, she is a bad woman. Suchi says she knows bhabhi is a bad, but bad cannot be evaded with bad and should be good to everyone. Pihu says she speaks like her. Sheetal comes, and Suchi asks what is happening. Sheetal says she does not know that man and he fell behind her. Suchi asks why she is behind her marrage. Sheetal apologizes. Pihu asks not to forgive Sheetal. Sheetal says she tried to get Suchi married and got her hand burnt. Pihu says her hand is not burnt and bad is happening to her as Gopal is watching them all. Suchi consoles her and asks not promise she will not create any trouble. Sheetal promises and hugs her. Pihu says they befriended, but what about her mamma’s photo, it is in green file, let us search it.

Aarav reminisces Suchi’s words and feels guilty. Her mother shows another girls photo and says she is unmarried. Aarav says even Suchi is not married and she has adopted an orphan child. Mother says forget Suchi and marry this girl. Arav says he has to set things right first. Mother says he fell in Suchi’s love, let us fix alliance and then marriage. Aarav says she goes to extreme. She asks what he wants. He says he does not know and walks away.Suchi and Pihu search Anandita’s photo in file. Sheetal also helps her. Sankalp finds Anandita’s photo in his file and tries to hide it seeing Sheetal coming.

Sheetal sees him and cries who is this woman. Sankalp says he does not know. She continues crying and tears photo.Anandita informs about her attacks to Subodh. Subodh asks if Arav knows about her whereabouts. She says yes. He asks to resign her office and change her address. She asks why. He asks to just do as he says and disconnects call. Anandita writs resignation letter. Suchi and Pihu walk near Anandita’s torn photo pieces. Pieces fall on their feet. They both pick photo. Pihu says her mamma’s photo. Suchi joins phot and is surprised to see Anandita is Pihu’s mother and reminisces Aanndita telling her daughter’s name is also Pihu and she is also 7 year old.

Suchi is surprised to see Bhootu/Pihu’s mother’s photo and says this is her monster boss Mrs. Anandita Bose. Pihu gets very happy that her mother is found and ask her to take her to maama right now. Anandita tells Rakhi that she has to leave her house as she cannot stay here. She sends her resignation to Aarav. Suchi tries Anandita’s number, but is not reachable. Pihu insists to call her mamma. Suchi says they can go to office and get her mamma’s address. They both reach office and request guard to let her in. Guard says he cannot let her in without Arav’s permission. Pihu pleads that she has only one mamma. Suchi consoles Bhootu. Guard gets afraid seeing her talking in air. Suchi holds his collar and warns to let hr in. Other guards come and send her away.

Anandita leaves in taxi while Rakhi requests her not to go. Anandita says Subodh was very tensed and called her 4 times. Suchi calls Arav and requests him to help her get into office. He asks what is she doing there. She thinks he will not help her and disconnects call. He calls back and says until she says, how can he help. She says she needs Anandita’s address. He asks her not to worry, he will send address.Suchi reaches Rakhi’s house and asks if it is her house, she came to meet Anandita. Rakhi reminisces Anandita telling her close ones attacking her and says Suchi she does not know where Anandita is. Suchi forcefully tries to enter.

Pihu walks in and gets Anandita’s sari and seeing locked room says mamma is in this room. Suchi forcefully enters and holding knife on Rakhi tries to open door. Rakhi snatches knife and locks Suchi in room. Anandita sees Pihu’s pic missing and asksdriver to take her back to Rakhi’s house soon, asks drivedr to speed up. Driver strikes car to a tree and says all 3 tyres are punctured now, it is a bad day for them. Anandita insists to drive back soon.

Rakhi calls police and gets Suchi arrested, but Arav comes and bails out Shich says police cannot hold woman at night. Rakhi warns Arav and Suchi if something happens to her or Anandita, they will not be spared. Suchi walks out with Arav. Arav says Suchi he will he drop her home and his driver will drop her scooter tomorrow. She hesitantly agrees and gets into his car. He asks why she wants to meet Anandita. She says it is personal. He holds her hand and she turns Anandita’s car passes by just then and they both don’t notice each other. Anandita reaches home and searches pic. Rakhi says good she came late, Suchi was searching her desperately. Anandita stands confused.

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