Twist of fate update Saturday 4 April 2020

Twist of fate 4 April 2020:  Suresh meets his mother and sister happily. He asks his sister if she is happy with marriage. She says she will be more happy if he also marries. Suresh says he will also marry. She asks them to leave. Pragya says they will stay here and asks Suresh to leave.

Suresh’s friend asks Suresh to profress his love towards Bulbul and says even she is happy taking care of her sasuma. Suresh goes near Bulbul. Suresh’s mother sees him starting and gets happy. She sees Pragya taking care of Suresh. Sarla asks Suresh mother and sister to think it as their house. Purvi comes and hugs biji happily. Sarla introduces Purvi to Suresh’s mother. Sarla sees Suresh’s mothe r coughing and says she will get her cough syrup. Biji says she has special syrup for her. Suresh’s mother says Suresh always says he has 2 homes, one is village and one here and asks Sarla to find a guy for him.

Suresh’s friends pushes him to tell Bulbul about his love. Suresh says he does not want to. Suresh’s mom says Sarla that Suresh loves Pragya. Sarla says eve she thinks the same. Sarla says if Suresh profresses his love to Pragya, she will agree. Suresh’s friend gives him rose and asks him to give it to Bulbul. Suresh gives red rose to Bulbul. Bulbul acts as geting angry but then starts laughing and says he would have brought rose to propose Pragya. Pragya comes. Bulbul says Suresh came to propose you, gives rose and goes from there. Pragya asks if he brought rose for him. He says yes and says she took care of her family, so he brought it and thanks her. Bulbul teases Pragya.

Suresh’s mom says Sarla that after Rachna’s marriage, she will talk with Suresh about his marriage with Pragya. Bulbul comes and says Suresh proposed Pragya with red rose. Dadi says let Suresh and PRaga see Enlish movie as her husband showed him english movie and proposed him. Sarla says she always thinks wrong and asks her to drink her special syrup. Daadi informs that there is marriage in Abhi’s house. Bulbul worriedly sees the net and finds it is Abhi’s cousin’s marriage. She says Abhi’s cousin Akash is marrying a crorepati. Sarla thinks if Abhi is getting his cousin married to a crorepati, what about him then.

Abhi comes for his cousin’s Roka/marriage ceremony. Servant asks where was he as it is his brother’s Roka. Abhi says that is the reason he came soon. He goes and meets everyone and goes up. He meets his dadi who is waiting him with food. She says he should marry soon. She says a person comes and goes alone, but needs a companion. She says there would be a lot changes in life, but he will need someone who can be with him always.

Abhi says marriage comes with expiry dates now a days and marriages are like China goods now a days. Purab comes and starts having food with him in same plate. Daadi remebers their childhood days of having food together. She says a lot has changed, but their love did not change. Even now, they have food in same plate. She asks Purab to convince Abhi to marry.

Suresh says Pragya that Rachna was not like this before. A lot of boys used to roam around her, now she is ready for an arrange marriage. Pragya says she must have not found a boy of her choice, so she agreed for arranged marrige. She says she will not have arranged marriage and wants love marriage. Suresh asks if she loves someone. She says yes and asks if he likes someone. He says. She asks his name. He asks her to say first. She says she will tell when she is ready. He says even he will tell when he is ready. She says one thing is for sure, love is a good thing.

Abhi says her daadi that love is something which he signs in his song and makes money. He asks her to remember her 1 room house and says they did not in this mansion because of love, but because of money. He says she is his life. Daadi asks agai Purab to convince him. Abhi says he will marry, but girl should be just like him, who should be mad behind money like him.

Pragya says she will marry whom she loves. Suresh looks at Bulbul’s pics and smiles. Pragya looks at Suresh and smiles.

Daadi calls Suresh’s mom and Sarla to come and sit with her. Suresh’s mom asks if she is disturbing her. She says it is time for her to enjoy and shows alcohol glass. Suresh’s mom asks if it is her cough syrup. Daadi says yes. Suresh’s mom says it is time to celebrate as Suresh gave rose to Pragya. Bulbul says when will Suresh propose Pragya. Sarla says she saw horosope and it says somehing good will happen in 3 days. Bulbul says good will happen when they will plan. Bulbul says they should plan it on Rachna’s roka. Everyone get happy with the plan.

Purab says Abhi that daadi is having sleeping pills and asks him to get married. Abhi asks him to marry first. Purab says who will look at his finance and asks him to marry Tanu as they are together for 6 months. Abhi says Tanu is just like him who does not want to marry and just enjoy life.

Suresh waves good night to Pragya. Pragya waves him good night. His friend asks why is he doing this, loving one sister and giving rose to another. He says if he used to see Bulbul while waving good night to Pragya. Suresh says he used to say Pragya goodnight at 10 p.m. and Bulbul used to come near the window at the same time. His friend asks about the mystery of rose. Suresh asks what does he mean. His friend says though he went to gave rose to bulbul, he gave it to PRagya and she must have mistaken. He asks him to clear the confusion. Suresh asks why will Pragya think that. She will handle bulbul when she hears that he loves Bulbul. He says even Pragya is in love. His friend asks him to clear the confusion before both sisters fall in love with him. Suresh says he will go and clear the confusion tomorrow.

Bulbul tells Pragya that thank good dheeli patloon/Suresh professed his love with a rose. She says we will have an ice cream party today. She takes her Purbi and goes out. Purbi asks where are they going. She says she wants to celebrate today as she has applied for job. Purbi asks she did not get a job yet, then why is celebrating. Bulbul tells om shanti om film’s dialogue and says she wants this job to find his Mr. Perfect and says she will get him in abroad, for that she has to get a job and earn money. She says she will get her prince charming one day. Purab is seen coming out of his car. Music plays in the background. Purbi asks her to stop being filmy and come now.

Purab gets a call from his secretary who asks if he met a girl whom he has to interview. He says not yet and remembers her name as Bulbul. Bulbul and Purbi see a breaking star and start wishing. Purab calls Bulbul and asks her to come for the interview tomorrow morning.

Abhi’s girlfriend meets Purab and says she wants to talk to her. Purab says he does want to talk to her and says he knows that she is using Abhi’s name. She met him only twice but is bragging that she is Abhi’s girlfriend and getting modeling contracts. He says Abhi’s life partner will be the one who will love her. Abhi’s girlfriend says he does not know what is love, etc. Bulbul sees them fighting. Bulbul thinks Purab is very rude and says if she finds a broken star again, she will pray that her life partner is not like him.

Abhi comes and meets his girlfriend. She asks what is he doing here, who told him that she is here. Abhi says he has spies to watch her. Girlfriend says her secretary must have told him. Abhi says Purab says he should marry her. She says she has 4 more contracts in hand and if anyone knows that she is his girlfriend, she will lose her contract. Abhi says she likes money, so he likes her.

Purbi and Bulbul think to prank Suresh to confess his love towards pragy and call it as “operation pyar karo”. Suresh comes and takes out a ring. Bulbul and goes informs that Suresh has come with a ring to propose Pragya and asks her family not to come out as Suresh will get nervous and will give ring to whoever he sees. Everybody hides. Pragya meets Suresh and asks whom he is searching and what is he hiding. He says he bought a ring. She asks if it is for Raccho. Suresh says it is not for her. She asks to show the ring. She gives it to him. She checks it and says it is very beautiful and asks for whom did he bring it. He sees Bulbul standing and points his finger on her. She says Sarla she told Suresh will give ring to anybody who comes in front of him in fear.

Bulbul waves him and asks if he bought the ring for him. He says yes. She asks then why did he show to Pragya. He says he wanted Pragya’s opinion. Bulbul takes the ring and says it is very beautiful and asks if she can try it. She tries it and then gives it Pragya. She says it is fitting Pragya. Suresh says he bought it for her. Bulbul asks why did he bring Pragya’s size ring. Suresh says to share it with Pragya then. She says she used to hate him before, but now she likes him. She gets shy and goes from there. Bulbul taunts Pragya that anybody can see his love and asks her to keep that ring.

Suresh ges out happily and says his friend that he gave the ring to Bulbul. He says he gve it to Bulbul, but she gave it to Pragya and it fitted her. He told Bulbul that she liked the ring. She told she liked the ring and told she liked it. His friend says let us celebrate now.

Bulbul says Pragya that Suresh brought ring for her, but gave it to her instead in nervousness. She says he helps her a lot and waits near the window daily. Pragya gets shy and goes.

Suresh catches cable thief and shouts at him. People gather and asks why is he beating him. He shows cables and says this guy stole the cables. Bulbul shows Pragya Suresh catching thief and says Suresh is a hero. Pragya gets shy. Suresh sees them and smiles. He leaves the thief and says he will live him today as he is happy today that the girl whom he loves accepted his love. He asks him not to steal again. Bulbul says Pragya she is sure love is blind looking at them. Pragya gets shy.

Suresh is busy decorating Sarla’s house. Sarla thinks Pragya and Suresh will get old wihtout professing their love. Maid says she will do something. She asks Pragya to climb the stool and clean spider web. She calls Suresh and asks him to help Pragya. Praya is about to fall, but Sarla helps her instead of Suresh. Everybody gets disappointed. Suresh is carrying flowers. Raccho clashes with him and Suresh drops flowers on Pragya. Pragya smiles shyingly. Everybody also smile. She thinks Suresh gave ring and flower, if he does not profess his love, she will do it.

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