Twist of fate update Sunday 5 April 2020

Twist of fate 5 April 2020: Suresh picks the flowers which he dropped on Pragya. Sarla and her family laughs. Bulbul taunts Pragya that flowers are thrown on whom they love. Bulbul and Purbi reach Purab’s office to give an interview. Bulbul says she wants to check her boss if he deserves her as his secretary. She asks about boss’s cabin to the staff there.

Purab tells his secretary he is in office till 6 p.m. and going to meet Abhi after that. She says why he leaves his work and helps Abhi. He says he promised Abhi’s grandma that until he finds a girl for Abhi, he will help him. He asks her to send the girl inside who came for interview. Bulbul comes inside his cabin and remembers him with a girl yesterday night. Purab asks his secretary not to tell about him if calls come from girls. Purab then says Bulbul that his business is new and cannot pay her much. She says if he concentrates more, he can get good money. Purab asks if she is okay to work late night. Bulbul says she will not lie as he asked his secretary to lie. Bulbul comes out of his cabin and sees a girl who asks about Purab. Bulbul says he is in his cabin. Purbi asks what happpend. Bulbul says she got a job, but her boss is a pervert.

Bulbul reaches home. Pragya asks if she got the job. She says she got the job and says mom told yesterday that stars direction will change and she wished to get a prince charming seeing it, but got a pervert boss. Pragya says not to think much and asks her to help Sarla.

Pragya is walking on the bridge. She remembers Suresh’s gifts and attention towards her. She thinks mom told about stars changing direction and she has will wish something also. Just then stars break, she wishes to get a happiness forever she got today. She prays the person she will marry should love her a lot, she should be dragged to him whever he is . Just then she falls in water. Abhi dives into water and brings her back. He says you wanted me to be with her and starts his dialogues that he would have not have let her die and he loves her a lot. A star breaks just then. Director cuts the shot and says Abhi that model did not fall in water at all. Abhi asks Pragya who are you then, are you trying to suicide.

Pragya asks her to leave her as she wants to go. Abhi drops her down and asks her to listen his new album to feel better. His secretary says he saved a girl’s life and media is here. Abhi then asks to call media. Pragya says Abhi is very weird, he told he loves me and then he was acting, maybe that is the reason girls love him. Reporters ask Abhi what happened. He says he was doing his shot and saw a girl fell into water to suicide and he saved him. Pragya thinks mom told when stars direction change, we will get whatever we wish, but got different that she wished.

Suresh’s mom shows Rachanc’s dress and asks Sarla how is it. She says it is pretty. She then says Rachan is going to her in-laws house, but when will Pragya come to her house. Bulbul says we should lock the love birds together till they profess their love. Dadi this then, they willl take 100 years. Purbi says we will send them for candle light dinner. Daadi jokes seeing these silent lovers, even candle will say it will not lit. Pragya comes home. Bulbul asks if it was raining outside. Pragya remembers Abhi saving him from drowning and thinks Bulbul will taunt her if she hears about it. She says BMC pipe got broke and she got drenched. Abhi’s news comes who says girl was suiciding due to boyfriend problem, but he asked her to listen his album. She listened it and said do hell with suicide. He says girl’s should die on him than suicide. Bulbul praises Abhi. Pragya says Abhi is fooling and is promoting his album. Bulbul says that girl is luck who saved Bulbul.

Purab asks Abhi why did he dive in water with life jacket. He says he did not know she was not a model. He then says Purab that he cares for him like a wife. He says until he ges a wife, he will have to, else his girlfriends will loot her. Abhi asks if he got a secretary. He says yes. Abhi says she must be pretty and says you know whom I selected for you and asks h im not to fall for his secretary.

Rachna’s mom asks her to get ready for the function. Rachna says she is very nervous and asks her to go. Sarla comes and says Rachana that he wants to talk to her. She asks if she is nervous that she will have to leave her mom and her house. She then says it is obvious, it is like a bird who does not want to leave its nest, but it has to leave it to see the sky. A girl’s situation is same, parent’s house is her nest and in-law’s house is her sky, she has to meet the sky. She asks Rachna not to worry and to be courageous. She says she kept her marriage hall as Kumkum bhagya as girls have 2 fates, one with their parents and another with her kumkum/husband. Rachna smiles. Sarla asks her to get ready soon.

Bulbul comes to her office. Purab’s secretary aks Bulbul to meet Purab and show the deal file once. Bulbul goes to his cabin and finds him changing clothes. He talks to a girl and asks her not to disturb. Bulbul gives him file and is about to leave, but her dupatta is stuck in a chair. She scolds purab not leave him as she is not a girl of his type. Purab comes in front of her. She sees it is stuck in chair and gets ashamed that she doubted him.

Suresh comes home and sees Bulbul speaking to Pragya. He looks at her romantically and opens. Tu kahi me mujhme bas jaa…. song plays in the background. Sarla and Suresh’s mom see him looking at Bulbul and thinks he is looking at Pragya.

Suresh looking romantically at Bulbul. His mother asks him where is he looking and asks to pack sweet box well. Bulbull jokes that he is a fashion disaster looking at his distracted collar and dress. Pragya sees them joking and comes near Suresh. She corrects his collar. Suresh gets shy and asks if he is looking weird. She says no. He asks why are those two looking me like that. She says he is looking handsome today, so they must be looking. He looks at Bulbul and gets shy.

Bulbul comes and asks them to go and welcome Rachna’s in-laws. Rachna’s mom starts the marriage rituals. Marriage folk sonh plays in the background. Bulbul is happy looking at the rituals. Suresh looks at her and smiles instead of loooking at the rituals.

Daadi asks Bulbul to bring her cough syrup as celebration cannot happen without cough syrup. Bulbul thinks of a prank. Suresh says Rachna that she is looking beautiful and says she will be going to her husband’s house tomorrow. Bulbul signals Rachna to go. Rachna goes saying mom is calling. Suresh gets his friend’s call and Suresh asks him to attend his sister’s marriage. Bulbul asks why did not he search him today and did not bring ring or rose. He says he was searching her. She says we should celebrate as it is Rachna’s roka. Suresh agrees. He asks her to drink. He says he does not drink. She asks him to drink for his sake and says it is family drink..

Suresh is hesistant, but drinks after Bulbul’s insistence and makes weird mouth. He asks her not to tell anyone. Bulbul says she will not tell and says he got a courage now. She asks him to tell his feeling for her sake. He says he will tell. She praises her that he is very courageous. Sarla thinks night is star’s night and their wishes should fulfill.

Purbi calls Pragya and says Suresh is calling her. Suresh stumbles as he is inebriated. Bulbul gives him more alcohol to drink saying it is daadi’s cough syrup. Suresh says he will tell today what is in his mind. She asks firs to tell how is he feeling. He holds her hands says he feels love. She says he got courageous today. He says he would told long back, but he was not courageous, today with daadi’s cough syrup he will tell everything. Bulbul asks him to go to terrace. Suresh goes. Bulbul asks Pragya that Suresh is searching him in terrace and asksh er to go. She goes. Bulbul informs Sarla about her plan. They all laugh.

Suresh goes to terrace and remembers Bulbul’s words of telling what is in mind. Aaa tujhme bitaoon ratiya…..Pragya comes there. Her face is not show due to shadowing. He says to listen him and then go. He says he likes her a lot and says I love you. He says he is very important to him than anything in world and says his day will not start if he does not see her and day wont end if he does not see her. He asks her to hear what he was reharsing every day, but he was not courageous. He forgets everything when she is in front of him and feels pain when she is out of him. Bulbul captures them via her mobile. He says he wants to take care of her and thought she will not tell yes to him. He asks if she will marry him. He says they will have 3 kids and asks again if sh wil marry him. Pragya says yes. Suresh realizes then she is Pragya and not Bulbul. He falls on the ground. Pragya asks if he is alright. He thinks if told all this to Pragya and goes unconsious. Pragya goes to bring water. Bulbul asks if he is alright. He wakes up and thinks he told all this to Bulbul itself.

Bulbul, Pragya, Rachna bring make him sleep on the bed. Bulbul asks Pragya how was she feeling when he said I love you. Suresh’s mom scolds Pragya why did he take her to the terrace and did she make him drink. Sarla says she made a mistake. Suresh’s mom says she made and a mistake and should marry Suresh and come to her house as her bahu as punishment and smiles. Rachna says she got afraid. Suresh’s mom says she can also play prank on them. She asks Sarla to forgive her and says without cough syrup it would not have happened, he got courage with that. She congratulates Sarla for becoming her samdhan/relative. Whole family is happy for Pragya.

Praya comes to her room shyingly and says she will teach lesson to the these girls. Girls come and start taunting Pragya with Suresh’s words. Bulbul says she is very happy. Pragya asks who made Suresh drink. Bulbul says she gave him alcohol. Rachna says without alcohol, he would have just seen in mirror and proposed her daily. Bulbul says she was afraid that he would tell her I love you thinking she is Pragya. Rachna jokes if it would have happened, saali would have become ghar wali. Bulbul asks Pragya to go and wake Suresh. Pragya says she wil not go. Bulbul says she will go then. Pragya goes to wake him up. Aftabi noor ho tum…. plays in the background.

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