Twist of fate update Sunday 4 December 2022


Twist of fate 4 December 2022: Ranbir asking Prachi not to go. Prachi says I can’t stay back, time has come to leave. Ranbir says if I go from here, then I will die. Prachi slaps him and asks him not to talk about death. He says I am just saying, but you are taking my life with me.

He says I know you don’t dare for me, but have some pity and sympathy on me. He says give me a reason to live before my death and hugs her. Prachi says you only talks. She says I am very angry on you, good talks will not come out of my mouth for you, as you left me alone. He hugs her again. She says you lie, does fake promises etc. She says I see dreams because of your talks and then the shattered dreams hurt my eyes. Ranbir says I will make everything fine. Prachi says you can’t. He asks for a chance and says I have two reasons.

She says there is nothing left in you, don’t have hope, patience and feelings. She says there is a life inside me, but I am weak and shattered, I am done. She says if you let me go, then I might save myself. She says I am begging you to give me my life and says all the persons can’t stay with us for forever. She asks him to think that they met to separate, and asks him to stay with his family and forget her, our togetherness was till here. He looks at her. Prachi says don’t look at me this way, if I cry more then will get weak, I am not strong like I appear, don’t make things difficult for me, let me go.

Ranbir holds her hand and cries looking at her. She frees her hands and tries to go. Song plays…..She is about to lift her bag. He says atleast let me lift your bag. He lifts her bag and it opens up, making the stuff falls down. He finds his photo frame. She says it came by mistake. Ranbir asks what about this frame? Prachi says it also came by mistake. He says two mistakes twice. Prachi says you have done 100 mistakes 100 times.

He says I haven’t learnt to love from anyone, and says I couldn’t be a perfect lover. I did many mistakes and learnt from it and says I understood that you can say bye to me, but can’t say bye to my pictures. He asks her to ask her heart and asks her not to go, and if she wants to go then take him along with her. He says I can’t live without you, and says you have taught me to love, and says I can’t say that you have taught me separation, as you only couldn’t separate yourself from me. Prachi cries. Ranbir kisses on her forehead and hugs her. She holds him and cries. They recall their marriage.

Vikram, Dida and Pallavi come home. Aaliya and Rhea come in another car. Aaliya says I will lecture Pallavi so that she throws Prachi out of the house, holding her hand. Rhea says do something. Aaliya gets down the car and asks Pallavi to do something and make up for all the bad times. She says she is not good for this family, Ranbir and Rhea. She says Prachi tried to kill Rhea’s baby and says Rhea is your choice, and will keep you happy, until prachi is here, nobody can be happy.

Rhea asks her to prove her love for her, and asks her to show that she is important to her and not that Prachi, and to prove this, you have to throw Prachi out. Aaliya says Rhea is clean hearted girl and not liar and manipulative like Prachi. She says Prachi always tried to separate Ranbir from you and says he wanted to leave the house 2 days back, and that’s why you have to throw Prachi out, don’t melt seeing Ranbir crying, he will be happy. She says if he stop Prachi then stop him, and throw Prachi out holding her hand. Shahana hears her and asks how can anyone hate her niece so much?

Ranbir is about to wipe Prachi’s tears. She holds his hand to stop him. She says no Ranbir, no..why do you think that I will stop if you say and will not go. She says I will go, you can’t stop me. She takes her stuff. Ranbir hugs her and says please don’t go. She asks him to leave her, and says you are hurting me. She says your touch hurts me more than your talks. She says I used to feel that all my pain will go with your touch, but your touch suffocates me now. He says sorry and says I didn’t know that you felt so much pain now.

Prachi says you ignored my pain and gave me more pain. He says he will make everything fine. She says I am shattered, my soul is dead. He asks for a chance. She says I had forgiven you and came to tell you, that we are pregnant, you are going to be father. She says when I came, you was marrying Rhea and now she is pregnant. She asks why shall I stay back. Ranbir says don’t stay back for me, but stay back for our child.

Shahana asks Aaliya to keep her poison to herself and says Prachi herself is leaving. Aaliya says she says, but she doesn’t go, I am saying what is right. She asks Pallavi to throw Prachi out of Ranbir’s life. Pallavi goes inside. Aaliya smiles and goes.

Prachi asks Ranbir if he is showing care for his child and says very conveniently you made me bad. She says didn’t you know that I can be pregnant at any time. He pleads infront of her not to leave the house. Prachi says I am pleading infront of you to let me go. She says I have returned to tell you that I am pregnant, and have forgiven you, but you was marrying Rhea then, that time I swear to destroy you, and will snatch all happiness from you, and will not tell you that you are becoming a father.

She says I have hidden my baby so that you shall yearn to hear bau ji from my baby. He says my Prachi can’t do this. Prachi says that Prachi is dead, who used to love you, and who loves you. She says you didn’t rectify your mistakes, but I am rectifying my mistakes. She keeps his photo frames on the bed and goes out. Ranbir is shocked and says Prachi. Vikram and Dida come there. They see Prachi leaving with her bag. Prachi folds her hands. Ranbir comes out of the room and thinks don’t go. She thinks it is too late, I will not stop. Pallavi, Aaliya and Rhea come there. Rhea and Aaliya are smiling. Rhea thinks finally she is going, Ranbir is here, but it is good that she didn’t stop.

Ranbir signing Prachi not to go. Prachi thinks it is too late Ranbir, I will not stay back. She starts walking out. Shahana is about to take Prachi’s trolley, when Pallavi stops Prachi and says you can’t go like this. She says this bag will be inside the house. Prachi says it has just my stuff. Shahana asks why are you clarifying and says when she is leaving the house, you want to blame her for theft.


Pallavi asks her not to interfere and says whoever bag it is, that person will stay here and this bag too. She says my bahu will not leave this house. Aaliya, Rhea and others are shocked. Aaliya asks what are you doing Pallavi, we didn’t talk this downstairs, and says Rhea is your bahu and asks her to say that your bahu shall stay here and Prachi shall leave.

She asks why are you stopping her? Pallavi asks her to shut up. She says when I was in hospital, I was thinking what is happening in my house. She says I was telling that my bahu Rhea is pregnant, and now will say that Prachi is pregnant. She says I used to think that Rhea is my bahu, now I think that Prachi is my bahu. Rhea asks what you have thought that I am not your bahu. Pallavi says not now. She asks Prachi to come inside and takes her inside. Ranbir, Vikram and Dida are surprised with her changed behavior.

Pallavi says I don’t apologize to anyone until I realize it or feel guilty. She says she had felt guilty long before, but her mind had stopped her from apologizing. She says I am sorry Prachi, I am really really sorry for hurting you, for all the pain which I gave you, I scolded you a lot and said so much. She says Aaliya called you a barren woman and I let her say that. She says I am sorry about that, you thought me as your mother, but I couldn’t become your saas. She says sorry, I am sorry by heart. She says for all the tears which you had flown out of tears, I am sorry about that.

She says I always used to scold you because of Aaliya. She says Aaliya used to provoke me and wants me to throw you out when you are pregnant. She says I shouldn’t have heard her. She says I am apologizing to you by my heart, I couldn’t do your grah pravesh, but will not let you go from here. She says your forgiveness will help me become a good mother too, if you leave today then I will lose myself. She says I didn’t ask anything yet and asks her for forgiveness. She says even a mother is apologizing to you, a saas can do a mistake, but a mother can never be wrong.

She asks her to forgive her and asks how can I let you go in this condition. She says I used to think how you can win from my 9 months, but now you have 7 rounds and 9 months. She apologizes to her on Ranbir’s behalf. Prachi says I can’t say anything about Ranbir. Pallavi says don’t say this, you are angry now, but don leave. Prachi goes to her room. Dida hugs Pallavi and says I am very happy, this house got Pallavi and I got my bahu and you got yours.

Prachi goes to her room and cries, thinking about Pallavi’s apology. She recalls Pallavi’s bad behavior towards her and the kumkum incident when she wiped her sindoor by throwing water on her head. Shahana comes there. Prachi tells Shahana that Mummy apologized to me, and says she would have hugged me rather than apologizing. She says today I got my mother and cries. Ranbir hears her and thinks it is good that you stayed back hearing Mom. Shahana says she will bring water for her and goes.

Rhea comes to her room frustrated. Aaliya closes the door and tells Rhea that she has closed the door so that she can throw the things and vent out her anger. Rhea says this is completely unexpected, I couldn’t believe my eyes till now. She asks if Mom really held Prachi’s hand and brought her inside the house. She asks Aaliya to say? Aaliya nods her head.

Rhea says how is this possible, how can Mom do this with me? She says she thought Prachi will stay back or Ranbir will try to stop her, but Mom? She says Mom always regarded me as her bahu, and now she betrayed me. She says I am pregnant for her, though it is a fake pregnancy. She says if they shall behave like this with me, and says wrong thing is happening with me. Aaliya says Pallavi says she will decide about you. Rhea says I am the master of my own life and will decide what I will do with my life and others life. She says she has to leave, where Prachi gets more respect, rights and importance than me.

Aaliya asks her not to leave and says if you leave then can’t return. Rhea says she is not leaving, and says she will pretend to leave, but everyone will leave me. She says that Prachi shall know that I have much importance in this house. She asks Aaliya not to come out now, but later, when she shout and say that nobody loves her. She says everyone will come behind me, and that Prachi will be jealous, asks her to set her timing right and goes out.

Pallavi brings water jug in Prachi’s room, serves water in glass and gives it to Prachi. Prachi drinks the water. Pallavi asks Prachi to come and sit here. She makes her sit on the bed and says I will not talk about past, and asks her to forget everything which makes her cry or hurt her. She asks her to share her feelings with her and says I will try and sort it out. She says you might be feeling strange that I hurt you much, how I will solve your problem. She says whoever hurts the person, know the treatment best.

She says we can’t overdo the past, but can make a new start. She asks her to think about her helplessness. Prachi says I am understanding you, I know you was never bad with me, I loved you always as you are good and have no complaints with you. Pallavi says don’t be so good that I see my wrong doings. She says you are saying this so that I don’t feel guilty, but there is no words with which you can make the other person guilt free. She calls her beta while saying this. Prachi gets emotional. Pallavi keeps hand on her cheeks.

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