Twist of fate update Saturday 12 March 2022

Twist of fate 12 March 2022: Prachi bringing tea for Dida. Rhea comes there. Dida asks her to drink tea. Rhea is about to hold the cup and recalls how her chole fell down. Pallavi comes there.

Prachi says tea is ready. Dida also asks her. Pallavi says she has acidity. Rhea asks her to have biscuits and then have tea. She says she heard from many people. Pallavi is about to take biscuits. Prachi stops her and tells that Rhea is right, but as you are having acidity problem, have cold milk. Rhea thinks she wants to prove herself genius and wants to prove me stupid. She says Mummy can’t drink cold milk as her tea is made with almond milk. Prachi says I thought she takes it according to diet and taste. She asks her to take banana and ginger juice to get rid of acidity.

Pallavi says ok. Prachi says I will make it and goes. Rhea gets angry and is walks away. She is about to break the vase, but stops. She thinks why Prachi, why do you do this? you want to lower me infront of others. She says if you want to impress Mummy then you want to lower me.

Dida asks Pallavi why she didn’t answer. Dida says Rhea has set Rajeshwari’s saree, as it was a beauty tip. She tells that someone might have gone to kitchen and make the chole fall by mistake. She says that day also, Prachi fell by mistake. Pallavi asks do you want me to apologize to her. Dida says I want Prachi to do all the Janmasthami arrangements and says Rhea can’t do this, as she never made this arrangements. Pallavi says Rhea can do this. Dida says Rhea will learn, but until then let Prachi do. Rhea hears them and gets angry. Pallavi agrees to keep Dida’s word. Dida says I don’t know who is best among Rhea and Prachi, but you are my best Bahu. Pallavi smiles.

Aaliya asks Tanu if she said something. Tanu says let me speak, and says if one point is remaining , then Sushma will say. She makes the lawyer make the clauses ready. Dadi comes there and asks if she is selling Abhi? She says what is happening here. Abhi says this is what your God wants. He says I will make you understand. He says he has a demand and tells that he don’t want to be put in Pragya’s house like a furniture.

He blames Pragya for playing with his heart, business etc. Lawyer asks what is your demand. Tanu thinks Abhi’s agreement will make my plan easy, I will think of the plan here and Abhi will execute there. Lawyer asks Abhi if he wants to get all these things written in the contract.

Rhea comes to the room and breaks the things. She falls down on the bed crying, thinking of Dida and Pallavi’s words. She then thinks Prachi has cut her words. She thinks she will not cry, else Prachi will become strong. I can’t let her win and says this time I have to plan, so that she can’t make me lose, and I will win always. She says when Prachi goes to kitchen, I will go to room. I will make sure how Prachi handles this. Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir asks her to please pass him a towel, thinking her as Prachi.

Rhea is about to give her hand in his hand. He says Prachi, I am honestly saying that something funny is going on in your mind. He asks her to give the towel and says if you don’t give me the towel, then I will come out, and will hug you and will make myself dry. He asks if she wants that. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya plays…..Rhea takes the towel and gives to him. He drags her inside and hugs her. He says I love you. Rhea says I love you too. It turns out to be her imagination. Ranbir asks her to give the towel. She gives him towel.

He thanks her and closes the door. Rhea goes and collides with Prachi. Prachi asks what happened to her. Rhea goes to her room, while Teji calls her. Rhea sits on the bed and thinks of Ranbir. She thinks what is happening to me, why I couldn’t control my feelings for him. She says I kept my emotions in control since 2 years, but when you are near me, I can’t keep it under control. She says she feels that this is the truth, she feels as if he is praising her, his touch and feeling makes her mad, which she can’t forget.

She says I will remember that you have left me on mandap and hurt me, but I also remember that you had left due to Prachi, she trapped you. She says you wanted to marry me, but she trapped you. She says when you hugged me in kitchen, I couldn’t sleep and was thinking if it happened mistakenly. She says I want to hold your hand with love and wants to hug you, not by mistake. She says I want to tell you I love you so much and wants you to say that I am your world. She says I just wants us to unite, and then there will be no Prachi between us. She thinks of Prachi and Ranbir’s marriage etc. She says when he was with her, she had a wish to live, and now she got her purpose of life. She says I will snatch you from my sister.

Teji is standing outside and tries to hear Rhea. Prachi knocks on the door and then tries to open the window. Rhea says I will do the same thing, I will steal your husband and says it doesn’t matter, whose wife I am and Ranbir is whose husband, but one thing matters, that I want Ranbir. She says I want Prachi’s destiny and I will write Ranbir’s destiny with mine. Ranbir comes out of the bathroom and thinks where is Prachi. Prachi calls Rhea and thinks she felt as if she is old Rhea infront of me. She calls her again and knocks on the window. Rhea is still lost in thoughts to snatch Ranbir from Prachi.

Tanu scolding Sushma’s household help and asks her to bring something else other than samosa. She shows her attitude and the staff to bring paneer and rasmalai. She thinks she is getting attitude back. Aaliya asks Tanu not to sell Bhai as she has a feeling that they are doing wrong. Tanu says we are at the last stage and the lawyers made papers ready. Aaliya says Bhai got ready as you manipulated him.

Tanu asks her to tell how money she wants. Aaliya says I just want my brother. Tanu says you shall think about your bhabhi. Aaliya says you are giving my bhabhi’s rights to Pragya. Tanu asks her to let her do what she is doing. Sushma and Pragya come there. Tanu says we were speaking about you. Sushma asks did you add all the clauses told by me. She checks the papers.

Tanu says I was telling Aaliya that Pragya never takes any wrong decision. Sushma asks Pragya to read the 7th clause. Pragya reads and says if I want to terminate the contract, then I have to inform 2 months before and give 6 crores compensation. Tanu says it applies to us, and tells that if Abhi wants to withdraw the contract, then he has to give two months notice. Sushma asks if Abhi has 6 crores to give us. Tanu says if we had then why will we do this deal. She says they have made this contract, keeping everyone’s interest etc. Sushma says we know about this deal, but what we will tell the court. Aaliya tells that Pragya is Abhi’s legally wedded wife, as she had never signed the divorce papers. She says she has brought affidavit signed by Pandit jasraj, who solemnized their marriage. Sushma asks if abhi knows about this. Tanu calls him and asks him to come to Pragya’s house.

Rhea opens the door. Prachi and Teji worriedly ask her what happened to her. Rhea says she doesn’t want to give them tension and rushed to go to bathroom. Prachi says shall I call doctor? Rhea says no, I was feeling weird. Teji asks her to check the clothes given by laundry guy. Prachi asks Rhea if she wants something. Rhea says no, and says I can tell you anything. She says you got unwell hearing I am unwell, and this happens when there is a blood relation. She says my own sister is with me, and I feel as if I am in my mayka. Prachi gets emotional and says first time you called me as your sister. She hugs her. Rhea thinks what came out from my mouth, now I have to act too. She thinks my acting will be award winning.

Prachi says she is very happy. Rhea says you have snatched my love, I will do the same thing with you, will act to be good sister, and will take Ranbir with me as the reward. Prachi cries. Rhea asks her not to cry, else she will cry too. Prachi says you shall never cry. Rhea says from today our new relation will start, thinks our relation ended when you married Ranbir, and our relation as sautan will end, when Ranbir becomes mine. She asks her to wish her luck and asks her to wish that she shall get what she didn’t get. Prachi says you will get what you didn’t get, you will get the love which you deserve. Rhea hugs her and looks angrily.

Pragya thinks of Prachi’s words and thinks he shall be away from them, to be fine. I will save him from wine, but from them. Abhi comes there and walks inside. Pragya looks at the injury on his forehead and recalls Prachi’s words. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya wanted to know if you are ready to do everything, what she wants you to do. Pragya says I didn’t say this. Aaliya says she wants to know if you are ready to be sold as the furniture. Abhi thinks he will destroy her. Pragya says she didn’t say this. Tanu says what wrong did we say. Aaliya and Tanu manipulate their words. Aaliya says you want to know if he will be of use or not. Tanu says Abhi knows that you are interested in the deal. Sushma says you people got the topic from the motive. She says Pragya wants to know if you have any problem with the clauses or contract. Abhi says I have so much to say, but just one answer.

He says somebody told me that marriage is not dependent on any paper. He says she knows how she can benefit and that’s why in the position to buy, and I am in the position to sell. He says your way to check is very good, you plays with people feelings. He says I will tell what marriage means to me. He says when I got married to Pragya, marriage was nothing to me, but Pragya had a importance for her kumkum and mangalsutra. A fb is shown, Pragya insisting to celebrate karwachauth and tells that she wants him in the next birth too. He says I shouldn’t have married you, we would have enjoyed being boyfriend and girlfriend, life would be sorted.

She says it is good that we got married. She says she likes mangalsutra and kumkum which gets by marriage only. She says if I get chance, then I will marry you in every birth. Fb ends. Abhi says when we got married, I thought it is a mistake, but it was biggest happiness for her. for her, it was a life long commitment. He says now it doesn’t matter as this marriage is contract marriage for both of us. Pragya looks on with teary eyes.

Abhi telling that he had thought that marriage can be terminated anytime, but for Pragya it is lifetime commitment. He says now it is same for both of us, a contract marriage. He says this relation will be my life start. I will search my happiness in this relation. He says people will thought this relation wrongly, but I will do it rightly, as I am like you now. He opens the sindoor bottle and fills in Pragya’s forehead. Pragya gets teary eyes. Song plays….

Ranbir asks Prachi what happened to her. Prachi says she is happy, very happy. He asks why did you run like this. Prachi says I ran behind Rhea, as she was running to her room. She says I was worried for her, as she locked the door. Ranbir says even we close the door. She says it seems she didn’t want to face

anyone, but later she told that she was unwell. Ranbir asks why are you happy? Ranbir says Rhea called me sister today and hugged me, told that she got her mayka here. Ranbir says since we came here, mummy, Papa and Dida are happy and most importantly you are happy. Prachi says she is very happy. Soni comes there and says flowers are brought. Prachi tells that Mummy gave the responsibility of janamasthami to me. Ranbir asks her to impress him as he is Krishna for Dida.
Sushma wipes the sindoor from Pragya’s hand. She says when this marriage was already done, then if this was needed. Tanu asks why you are getting senti, this is just formality. We shall move legally. Lawyer shows the contract marriage papers. Sushma says when this marriage is legal then why paper work is needed, the court will believe on this marriage. Aaliya says Paper work is needed to safe guard their interest, as neither of them want to be in the marriage, it is 6 months marriage, and just as the contract ends, the marriage will be dissolved. Abhi says our real marriage will be contract marriage and says if we get feelings then this contract will remind us. Sushma says this will happen, if you behave nice husband infront of the world. Abhi says I don’t know good acting, but will learn staying with your daughter.

He says I will be a good husband and thinks if I have to do something bad with her, then have to be good. Abhi and Pragya sit to sign on the contract. Abhi holds her hand and says I don’t doubt your mind, whatever you will do is for your benefit. He asks her to think again, as it will be the deal of loss. Tanu says Abhi. Sushma thinks if Pragya changes her mind. Aaliya thinks Bhai is sensible. Pragya asks him to leave her hand and says I want to sign. She says when you have agreed then why want me to sign. She says she is not from the persons who says something and does something else. She says it is my advantage and not loss. Abhi says loss is just loss. She asks him not to worry about her loss.

She signs on the contract papers. Abhi claps. Tanu thinks the way they were fighting, I thought they will tear the papers. Aaliya thinks Bhai might come in Pragya’s talks. Sushma thinks they shall not fight infront of the world. Abhi thinks she was always selfish, to have left him and now letting him to come in her life. He signs the papers and says I am coming in your life to take revenge from you. He says whatever you did with me, I will do with you and you will not know. He shakes hand with her. Pragya thinks I never thought that I will let you come in my life again , and says I am letting you stay with me for Prachi’s happiness.

Sid comes and asks Prachi what is she doing? Prachi asks him to say. Sid says janmasthami arrangements. He says he became like office boy doing office work. Prachi laughs. Ranbir comes there and tells that he never joke with him. He says he thinks he likes his wife. Sid says he loves his wife. Ranbir sees Rhea coming and asks did Sid tell you that you are beautiful in these clothes, and it seems as if it is meant for you. Sid asks Prachi to see that Ranbir is pulling his leg. Prachi tells Ranbir that she is here. Ranbir says Rhea is his sister in law and tells that he can tease him using his sister in law. He says I have Rhea to make fun of Sid. He tells Rhea that he said all that, to tease Sid. Prachi says she is looking good. Rhea tells that she looks good in pink dress and tells that he can tease her, afterall she is his sister in law. She says they shall laugh more and take less tension, as she heard that age increases and bonding builds.

She sees the janamasthami celebrations and asks what is happening here. Prachi says today is Krishna ji’s birth at 12 am. Rhea says shall I help you. Prachi says she has done and asks her to rest. Rhea sits in the temple and thinks why you are hesitant to talk to me Ranbir. Pallavi comes there and tells Prachi that her acidity is cured due to her, and asks her to take her help if she wants. Prachi says she will try to do all the arrangements. Pallavi says she wants good results and goes. Rhea thinks Mummy haven’t seen me. Prachi sees the decoration stuff falling down and climbs on the table. Rhea tries to make the table fall down, but Ranbir holds Prachi in his arms. He says whatever happened is good. Sid says he will take their pic.

Lawyer says I will send the copy to Sushma ji and will give original to Tanu. Tanu asks for the money. Sushma shows the cash amount, says as you said everything is in cash.

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