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Once there was a King 12 March 2022: Kaal punishes Raja for playing with Bindu by hitting on hand. He deters to cut his hands the next time.

Lakhan works all night long and collects money in a box. Raaj Mata comes out coughing hard, and asks him to take rest. Lakhan insists he has to make money. Raaj Mata wonders what they would do with the money. Rani takes Raaj Mata inside. Lakhan was tired and sleep beside the grinding machine, Rani works with it.

Lakhan wakes up kissing Rani’s hands and forbids her work so hard, her delicate hands aren’t made for this hard work. Rani says only ten days are left, how will they collect all the money. Lakhan tells her the whole plan for the next ten days, but meanwhile he cuts his hand in the machine. The doctor bandage the hands of Lakhan and tells him it might take at least

1 month.
Rani comes behind the doctor and asks him some work to collect money. The doctor says she can only get this amount of job in Palace only. She was afraid there is a monster and a witch in the palace, the doctor advices her to come over her fears. Rani was determined to go to palace for work.

Raaj Mata looks for Rani, Lakhan was concerned and goes to look for Rani.
Rani comes to the palace door, she thinks about Raaj Mata’s stories about monsters, Bari Rani Maa’s golden hand and opens the door of palace. The wind blows petals and leaves over her as she walks inside. She walks across the corridor and watches Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo, wondering why she likes being in such a witchy place.

She was afraid to see some guards in the corridor and hides behind the poles. Raja comes there and asks what she is doing here, this is his home. Rani replies she came to find some work here. Raja drags her to throw her out of the palace and shuts the door. Rani wonders whom she should ask to open the door and knocks on it. Raja opens the door, and suggests about climbing the wall if she has to come in. She turns to leave.

Rani comes to confront a man, he tells her she has nothing to do in palace and must leave. Rani cuts his hand with her teeth, and runs away. She comes to hit Swarna, Swarna asks who she is and what she is doing here. The man comes chasing Rani and tells Swarna she is a thief. Rani tells Swarna she came to look for work. Swarna asks for her parents. Rani explains her mother has died, Baba is injured so he won’t be able to work. Swarna explains this place isn’t for children like her, she offers her some money.

Rani denies taking any idol as a begging. She quotes Raaj Mata in front of Swarna, Swarna enjoys her talks. She asks Rani how she would go to school if she works here. Rani says she would work after school. Swarna agrees to let her help in kitchen and she would pay her ten rupees. Rani calculates the amount of vegetables, flour, oil and medicines; it would cost thirty rupees. Swarna miss Gayatri and agrees to keep Rani for work.

Raaj Mata awaits Rani and says now she would come home to ask for food. She opens the grain box, it was empty. Tears fell of her eyes. A lady wasn’t ready to take Raaj Mata’s silver earrings, and agrees to give her rice for free. Raaj Mata asks her to keep these as mortgage if not as a payment of rice. She brings rice from inside, Raaj Mata’s tears fell off her eyes. The ladies ask her to work for some stitching work in a nearby factory.

Raaj Mata forbids her share it with Lakhan and Rani, she would surely go there.
The man takes Rani holding her hand, she questions if his real name is Juman or children just tease him with this name. Juman doesn’t reply her answers. Rani wonders how many rooms are there in this palace.

Kaal gets ready in his room, a needle pricks his hand. He remembers the curse of transgender to him. Juman tells Rani that Raja is the son of the king Kaal here. A maid sends Rani to clean the chair of Kaal. Rani takes the duster, and watches Bari Rani Maa and Kaal coming towards the table. She was afraid of the witch again.

Rani was hidden under the table.
Raaj Mata was worried for Rani.
Rani was happily going in the hall, when Raja comes to her confrontation. He asks what she is doing here, he won’t let her stay here. He puts forward his foot and let her fell with the bowls in hand. She wonders who will now pay for this. Raja drags her ears. Swarna comes there and seperates them both, both accuse each other. Swarna tells Raja to stop fighting Raja, she works her and would come here daily.

She forbids Rani to fight in the palace again, if someone teases her she must complain to her. She asks them both to shake hands, Rani forwards her hand that Raja finally takes. Swarna introduces Rani to Bindu and allows her to play with her. Swarna leaves. Raja tells Rani he is Yuvraj and she is his slave.  Raniinsists she is Rani, she isn’t anyone’s slave. He must not interfere in her work anymore. Raja tells her to stay inside the kitchen. Bindu cheers this is worth Raja’s confrontation.

Raaj Mata comes to the stitching centre. Raaj Mata had come for a job over there and goes to meet the manager. Kaal and Bari Rani Maa heads to the manager. She calls the manager, but he was in a hurry as they must be coming and orders her to hold the boxes to store. Raaj mata takes the boxes and was about to throw them over Kaal when a servant comes to help her. She was saved from a confrontation with Kaal or Bari Rani Maa. The manager takes them to the working area. Bari Rani Maa gives a motivational speech, she announces a special gift for the lady who will stitch the most dresses.

Raaj Mata was inside and asks why everyone is clapping, the lady tells her about the announcement. Raaj mata thinks she came to the right place in the right time. Bari Rani Maa and Kaal had left when Raaj Mata enters.

A lady stops Raaj Mata and guides her to fill a form for work. Rani comes home calling Raaj Mata inside and out of the house. Lakhan comes and questions where she had been, he looked for her all around. Rani tells him she was in school, did he look in the back ground of the school. She was practicing for race. She asks Raaj mata why she has been running around, doctor forbid her to work hard. Lakhan questions her instead, he tells Raaj mata he took some work to deliver letters to city. Rani goes to hug Lakhan. Raaj Mata goes to cook rice, Lakhan wonders if they hadn’t ended. All three vowed for the betterment of each other.

The tutor asks Bindia and Raja about Jeewan. He comes with hands in pocket to the room and takes a seat on couch. The tutor scolds him coming inside without any permission. Jeewan wonders why he would ask him, he is a prince of Amirkot and they only orders the servants. The tutor demands for the homework, Raja laughs and taunts if he can’t find it, he would have found it only if he would do it. Kaal comes in, Jeewan sits straight at once. Kaal inquires the tutor.

Jeewan steals Raja’s homework diary, Raja looks around for him and says this is his copy. Jeewan qualifies Raja is lying. The tutor says its Raja’s writing, it seems he is telling the truth. Kaal slaps Raja. He scolds Raja why he is so idiot, to let his younger brother dodge him. He punishes him to be a cock for the whole day, he must learn to live the worldly matters as well. Jeewan teases Raja.

Rani insists on Raaj mata she would drop her to temple, Raaj Mata takes her in and asks the Pandit for blessings for Rani. Pandit asks her name, Rani says Rani but Raaj Mata says Gayatri. She tells Rani her mother named her as Gayatri, she simply forgot her real name. The Pandit appreciates Rani Gayatri. Rani asks where Rani Gayatri is, but Raaj Mata hurries Pandit ji to bless her. Pandit ji gives them Prasad. Rani cheers and tells Raaj Mata she would tell Bholu as well that she was named after Rani Gayatri. Raaj mata forbids her, but Rani runs away saying she isn’t a good but a mischievous girl.

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