Twist of fate update Monday 4 May 2020

Twist of fate 4 May 2020: Aaliya shows Pragya’s hypnotism book and says Pragya is using hypnotism to control Daadi and Purab, else how would even he fall for her. Abhi says he was looking at her eyes and fell for her, will not look into her eyes again. Aaliya says she will look into your eyes even if you don’t and asks him to take care of Purab while she takes care of Pragya.

Rachna gets dizzy while walking on the road. Sarla sees her and holds her in time and asks what happened to her. She says she got dizzy. Sarla takes her to her home.

Abhi checks on net how hypnotism is done and thinks Aaliya is right, Chasmish used hypnotism on Purab first and then him to get details of his bank accounts, etc. He reads there are 10 ways to avoid hypnotism and reads one should not come in eye contact with the person. Pragya comes there with coffee. He says he does not need it and tries to avoid eye contact. He asks her to go from there as he has work. She asks to work then. He says he does not want to see her and asks to go from there. Pragya goes. He sips coffee and likes it.

Sarla asks Rachna why is she looking so weak and gives her juice to drink. Rachna says she takes care of every one, then why don’t she forgive Suresh. Sarla avoids her words and tries to go from there. Rachna holds her hand and asks not to act differently and asks why can’t thinks get normal like before. Suresh comes there drenched in rain and asks Rachana why did she come here. Rachna says aunty saw me out and brought me here.

Bulbul comes there drenched in rain just then, sees Suresh standing and slips. Suresh holds her. Sarla scolds Bulbul for being careless and asks her to go in. Suresh signals Rachna to come now. She tries to go out when Sarla stops her and gives her umbrella saying it is for Rachna, not to for him. Suresh takes her and goes.

Abhi reaches Purab’s home and knocks door. Purab opens the door and stands still. Abhi asks why is he surprised and starts beating him telling why did not he come back to him, etc., he asks him to beat him and says we both struggled together and were together till now, why can’t we be together now. He says he can’t stay without him. Purab hugs him and starts crying emotionally.

He says he does not have anyone except him and he coult not sleep well till now, but coult not get courage to meet him. He says it was all his fault and now when he came back, he promises he will marry Aaliya. Abhi says he cannot take decision alone and he has to take Aaliya and daadi’s permission. Abhi hugs him and thinks chashmish’s hypnotism effect is gone now, so Purab agreed for marriage. He thinks he wants to see chasmish’s face when she hears this news.

Taiji sees her family eating and enjoying in a room and says the called them for a meeting, but they are busy enjoying. Tauji says she should shake hands with Pragya, but dunno if she will. Taiji thinks these are waste people, she has to think something herself.

Pragya sees Bunty and Babli fighting and asks why are they fighting. Babli says Bunty took her pencil and she cannot do homework without it. Pragya takes pencil from Bunty and gives it to her. She goes in happily to complete her homework, while Bunty goes in angrily.

Mitali asks Aaliya when is she marrying Purab. Aaliya is busy thinking how to prove Pragya wrong in Daadi’s eyes and asks Mitali why is she troubling her. She sees Abhi coming with Purab. Abhi asks Purab not to look into her eyes, else she will hypnotise you. Abhi asks whose eyes. Abhi changes words and says in Aaliya’s eyes, he should look into Aaliya’s eyes while proposing. Abhi asks Aaliya to speak to Purab while he brings some important person.

Abhi forcefully brings Pragya out and asks Purab to carry on. Purab says he wants to talk Pragya alone. Abhi says Pragya that Purab is her dewar/brother-in-law and she should not mind speaking to him. Pragya goes in with Purab. Aaliya tries to stop, but Abhi stops her and says Purab now realized Pragya is responsible for his problems.

Pragya asks Purab why did he bring her in. Purab says he came to inform that he is marrying Aaliya. Pragya says he loves Bulbul but. He says he is doing it for Bulbul as he wants to save her and bulbul from Abhi Aaliya. Abhi thinks what is Purab talking to her since such a long time, what if she hypnotized him again. Purab on the other side says Aaliya controls Abhi and he can keep Aaliya and Abhi way from bulbul and her. He says once he gets married, nobody will know whom he loved. Abhi comes there and hears that sentence.


Abhi tells Pragya and Purab that their meeting time is over and says he is just joking. He says Purab that everyone is waiting for you. Purab goes out. Abhi asks Pragya if she enjoyed speaking to Purab and says her attitute and ego has not changed a bit.

He says he knows she was trying to convince Purab not to marry Pragya and asks if Purab did not see in your eyes and you could not hypnotize him. Pragya surprisingly hears hypnotization from Abhi.

Daadi asks Purab if he called the whole family. Purab says yes and says he rejected Aaliya’s proposal as he fell in love with a girl, but she ditched him. He apologizes Aaliya and requests if she will marry him. Aaliya sees Pragya’s shocking face and accepts his proposal by hugging him. Mitali congratulates him and asks who is the girl for whom you ditched Aaliya. Aaliya and taijai also insists. Abhi says Pragya and then asks Pragya to ask Purab who the girl is. Pragya stands silently. Abhi says she must be someone who was behding Purab’s money and ditched him for someone more richer than him.

He then says whoever she is, he is happy that his friend is back and Aaliya got back her love. Daadi says Pragya is the reason for the happiness of our house and curses the girl who ditched Purab. Abhi says yes and says Purab whoever ditched you, I will ruin her. He asks Purab and Aaliya to get blessings from Pragya as she is elder in relationship.

Daadi says for the first time, she liked his idea. Purab and Aaliya hesitantly touch Pragya’s feet and take her blessings. Abhi asks Pragya if she is feeling bad that her boyfriend touched his feet and says it is her defeat today and she cannot win against him. He says once Purab and Aaliya get married, he will ditch her.

Pragya thinks how can Purab marry Bulbul, what will happen to them, Neither Purab nor Bulbul can stay happy without each other.

Aaliya thanks Abhi that he convinced Purab to marry her and says Pragya was very jealous seeing them and now she will destroy Pragya’s image in daadi’s eyes. They see pragya going out in a hurry telling taiji that she is going to her mother’s house and Aaliya says she must be going to burn Purab’s pics and love letters.

Mitali scolds her children for drenching in rain and says they will fall ill. Raj says he will get them medicine. Mitali says he will take them to govt hospital. Taiju comes there and says if Purab marries Aaliya, Abhi will be behind him and they will lose chance of extracting money from Abhi, who will lend us help. Akash comes there and says he will help her as he is strong and goes to gym. Raj and Mitali laugh hearing that.

Pragya reaches Sarla’s house and informs Bulbul about Purab’s marriage with Aaliya. Bulbul says it is good he is marrying Aaliya. Pragya asks if she is doing it for her. Bulbul says yes and says she cannot see her in trouble, once Purab marries Aaliya, Abhi will accept you and I want the same. Pragya emotionally hugs her and says she is doing such a big sacrifice for her and apologizes her for not helping her in uniting her with Purab. Bulbul says there is not like love, if it would have been there, she would have been with Suersh and not Purab.

She says when she closes eyes, everything looks good, but when she opens eyes, she feels pain and loves always makes a person weak and she is not weak. She says once Purab and Aaliya will marry, nothing will happen to her and Abhi’s relationship. Sarla hears that and asks what will happen to their relationship.

Aaliya says Purab that she told him she will not let him to be with a cheap girl and says she gets what she needs and asks how is her plan. She says she trapped Pragya and will ruin her life now. Purab asks her not to speak bad about Pragya. Aaliya asks she would have told not to marry me. Purab says think whatever you can. Aaliya says when she can trap that cheapster for my love, think what can I do to her. Daadi hears their conversation and asks which girl she is talking about, Abhi is married to Pragya now, who is the other girl.

Bulbul says Sarla that she has promised Pragya that she will go to Siddhi vinayak temple weekly to save her life. Sarla asks Pragya why does she think so much, Abhi loves you so much and cares for you, says all her bad days are gone now and she will get only happiness. She asks why did you come without Abhi and says she will call him and scold him. She calls Abhi and asks where is he. Abhi is with Tanu and does not reply anything. Sarla says she sent Pragya alone and now she will not send her alone. Abhi says ok, you keep her with you. Sarla is shocked to hear that.

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