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Love will never lie 4 May 2020: mauli comes outside to the car. She remember her past birthdays when her car used to be filled with balloons and rose. She was heartbroken and gets into the car, crying. She hears a Muslim Calling of Prayer and gets the car stopped at a Dargah. Inside, she gets a shawl to cover herself to walk inside.

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There, Nandini feed the poor at temple and requests the people to pray for her friend Mauli. Mauli watch a couple talking to each other, thinks about herself and Kunal and walks ahead blindly. A man at the Dargah blesses Mauli and asks what’s that she is hiding at heart? It reflects through her eyes. Mauli hopelessly says she is all alone in the whole world, no companion or friend. It feels she has reached some desert. Tears fell off Mauli’s eyes who stand there for a while, then leaves the Dargah.

In the temple, Nandini prays that Mauli gets the strength to recover from what she has been suffering from.
Mauli was crossing the Dargah’s hall. A chandelier was about to fell off but was pulled by a man. People gather around. The old man comes to Mauli and assures that someone is surely praying for her, she isn’t alone. She needs to be patient, and good times will surely return.

Nandini looks around at the party arrangements of Mauli. She recalls their past together. Kunal comes to her with a smile. Nandini asks how the decoration is. Will Mauli like it? Kunal was sure she will like it. He asks where Nandini had gone in the morning. Nandini replies she went to temple, she always visit temple for Mauli on her birthday, and this year it was even important. She hurt Mauli this time. Kunal says Dida and Mamma must have left, Nandini must leave now.

In the car, Mauli asks Dida where they are headed, they kidnapped her from clinic. Dida assures it’s only a silent dinner. Nandini just left the hall. Kunal notices his phone had no network, only then he gets Mamma’s call that they have almost reached. Kunal tries to stop Nandini. Mauli comes inside with Mamma, Dida and Pramilla. Nandini was walking across the same corridor from opposite direction. She was about to open the door of the hall, Mauli pushes the door from the other side. Kunal held his breath.

Mauli and Nandini open the door at the same time, from opposite sides. Nandini hides behind the door at once while Mauli comes inside with Dida, Mamma and Pramilla. The lights of the hall goes out at once. A spot light fell over Mauli and party poppers shower over her. Kunal was relieved as Mauli laughs enjoying the moment. Nandini smiles watching her happy. A screen plays the message of Mauli’s birthday. They walk inside. Nandini gets a chance to walk out of the hall but stand there.

The screen now played Mauli’s photo collection which she enjoys cheerfully. Kunal notices Nandini still outside and nods at her thankfully. Nandini walks away. After the screenplay, Mauli looks around at the arrangement. Mayank comes inside wishing Mauli and had brought a gift for her. Mauli finds a napkin under a table and goes to pick it up. Kunal spots a bracelet, walks towards Mauli and hides the bracelet. He mocks as if he was also about to pick up the napkin. Dida asks Mauli if she liked the arrangement, Kunal did this. Mauli tells Dida it’s all beautiful, then silently tells Kunal it is exactly like the beautiful lie which fancies the eyes, but has no meaning.

A waiter serves the cake. Mauli cuts it, and gives a bite each to Mamma, Dida, Mayank, and Pramilla and in the end to Kunal as well, but with blank eyes and emotions. Mauli thanks everyone for making the day so special for her, everything here is perfect. She thinks its not perfect, yet being perfect in all aspects. She says that today a new Mauli has taken birth, a sensible and mature Mauli. She says a little pain is missing in this pleasure and Dida recognizes this pain very well. She goes to get the Champaign.

Nandini returns home and finds the angel girl left on the table. She thinks its better Mauli gets the gift today.
The family enjoys drinking together. Everyone notices that Mauli was already drunk above limits. Kunal tries to stop her. Mauli asks so what? Its her birthday, and she deserves this much on the day. It’s a perfect combination, his shame and her pain. She names another drink to both. She says Kunal did a lot for her today, can he dance with her as well? She asks for some music, and tells Kunal it will be their last dance together, for old times’ sake.

Mauli does the opening steps, then brings Kunal under spotlight. They dance on ‘Kamli’. Everyone clap for them after the dance. Nandini leaves the hall but Mauli spots her and follows her outside. She stops Nandini in the gardens who was shocked to see her. Mauli asks if Nandini remembered her birthday? Her best friend’s birthday? Or Sotan’s (second woman)? Nandini says she didn’t want to ruin her birthday. Mauli asks if she came to wish her, then go on. She stood with a wide smile on her face.

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