Twist of fate update Tuesday 5 May 2020

Twist of fate 5 May 2020: Sarla ask Abhi how can he send her alone and she will not send her until he comes back. Abhi asks her to keep her. Sarla says what does he mean.

Abhi says she went to police station without informing and now went to her home alone, if he should think that she eloped, says he will come to meet her but not Pragya. Sarla says he took her breath with his joke. He says she started first and says he cannot come today as he has work and to send Pragya alone this time. Sarla agrees. Tanu says Abhi he would have send Pragya home permanently.

Aaliya says daadi that Abhi’s fan used to pester him a lot and they had to bear her as she was investor’s daughter, so she hurriedly arranged Pragya and Abhi’s marriage. Daadi says she did right by getting them marrying.

Raj asks Mitali if she is free tonight. She gets happy and asks if he is taking her to a restaurant for dinner. He says it is hiss friend’s party. She gets angry and starts quarreling with him. She asks he even does not come to her friend’s parties. Raj says there people try to downgrade each other. Mitali says he ruined her life and now trying to ruin her children’s life. She angrily walks down, sees Pragya coming and asks how she manages so many men at once. Pragya asks what does she mean. She asks her to give tips to handle Raj. Pragya gets annoyed and walks from there.

Pragya gets into her room. Abhi sees her coming and asks if she is jealous about Purab and Aaliya’s marriage and had gone to her mother’s house to burn Purab’s letters and memories. He asks if she is feeling bad that Purab had to touch his feet. She says she is feeling bad about him that he is forcefully getting married to Aaliya who does not love her. Abhi says he will be happy if he marries Aaliya and gets out of Pragya’s hangover. Pragya says he is ruining his sister’s life. He says she is ruining his whole family’s life and he will inform everything to Daadi and will have to answer her, says he betrayed Purab. Pragya says she did not betray Purab and does not love him. Abhi says she loves herself and money and cannot love anyone, he will ruin her life and make her repent for her decision.

Tannu congratulates Aaliya for getting back Purab and asks her a party. Aaliya says she will give party after engagement. Tannu asks her to marry soon after engagement as she wants to kick Pragya out of Abhi’s life. Aaliya says she is in a hurry than her and will kick Pragya soon.

Daadi asks Pragya about engagement arrangements. Pragya says she has arranged everything. Mitali hears their conversation and thinks Pragya is taking over the whole house, she should stop her. Aaliya comes there and starts cribbing that her friends does not want to help her in engagement shopping. Daadi says she has a magic wand to help her and asks Pragya to help Aaliya. Aaliya thanks daadi for her suggestion and takes Pragya with her.

Aaliya and Pragya reach a boutique. Aaliya says Pragya that she can shop herself and to just stand there. Boutique’s owner/designer sees Aaliya and says he is sorry about Abhi marrying an ugly girl. He sees Pragya standing there, thinks her as Aaliya’s assistant and asks her to go away from there. His assistant sees that and tells that she is Abhi’s wife. Owner changes his tone and starts praising Pragya and says she is very pretty, gives her a dress and says Abhi will remarry her if he sees her in this dress. Once Pragya goes, he asks Aaliya why did not she inform him that Pragya is Abhi’s wife.

Abhi comes there with Tanu. Designer congratulates him for his marriage and asks if he has come to look how pretty she looks in his designed dress. Abhi gets confused that he is talking about Tanu and says yes. Designer then says Tanu that he feels sorry for her and says Abhi has come with his wife.

Pragya wears designer’s dress and feels shy looking at its revealing look. Light goes off just then. Abhi thinks her as Tanu and hugs her tightly.

Abhi enters the boutqiue’s changing room where Pragya is changing her clothes, thinks she is Tanu and hugs her tightly from behind. Tanu hears his voice from changing room and is shocked to see him hugging Pragya. She shouts at him.

Abhi is suprised that lady is not Tanu. Pragya runs from there. Designer says Tanu that he designed favourite coloured gown. Abhi comes there and tries to console Abhi. She says he was with Pragya inside. He says he did not know about it. Tanu angrily goes from there. Abhi sees Pragya and scolds her for not informing her that she was in changing room. She says he held her mouth. He says he has to wash his hand now. She says she has to wash her face now. He asks her to go and drown in river.

Tanu informs changing room incident to Aaliya and asks why did Pragya come here. Aaliya asks her to relax. Boutique owner says gives Aaliya bill. Aaliya asks for discount. He says 20% discount. She says she needs 40% discount as other designers are ready to give 50% discount. He agrees. She asks him to give both discounted and nondiscounted bills. Tanu asks why does she need 2 bills. She says wait and watch.

People scold shopkeeper for selling defective clothes to them and ask him to refund their money. They see Suresh and ask him to take care of shopkeeper. Shopkeeper asks them not to call him. People say Suresh will take him to consumer court. Suresh does not reply anything and goes from there. Bulbul watches the incident silently.

Aaliya and Pragya reach home. Aaliya asks to take 50% bags and rest she will take and thinks she is trapped now. Pragya gives gifts to all the family members who like it. Aaliya says Pragya selected all the clothes and asks bills. She asks Pragya bill and says it is in her bag. She checks bills and asks why why did she buy cheap 40% discounted clothes for her family. Mitali and Taiji then change their tone and say they did not like their gifts.

She starts her drama and asks she would have told her or Abhi if she needed money than getting discount. She takes out money from Pragya’s purse and asks why did she take this money. Pragya says she does not know. Daadi asks why did she do this. Pragya is in a shock and does not reply anything. Daadi says Pragya wants to show us how to save money and stop overspending and asks Aaliya to learn from Pragya. She says bahu should be like Pragya who knows to save money and scoldss Taiji and Mitali for changing their tone and says they could not have bought same clothes with same money. She asks them also to learn from Pragya. Aaliya gets annoyed seeing her plan failed.

Pragya gets into the bathroom for a bath. Abhi comes and says he wants to see and then says he will see how will she bath before him. Pragya says she has to go uot with Daadi. He asks not to frighten her by taking daadi’s name and says he will not go. He starts taking out his clothes and asks her to bath with him. She gets shy and trie3s to go out from there, but slips and falls in bath tub. Abhi asks her why did she come into bathroom instead of drowning in river and starts taunting her. They both look into each other’s eyes. Allah wariyaan… song plays in the backtground. He asks her to stop doing pooja pat and start working out as she falls often. Pragya gets up and goes out shyingly while he taunts her.

Bulbul sees Purab’s car and starts searching her. Purab comes from behind and calls her.

Abhi gets ready after bath and says she wanted a chance to touch her. She starts sneezing and says what rubbish he is talking and starts blubbering that she is not afraid of her and says he does not have brains, etc. Abhi says he is doing it to torture her. She asks him to stop his drama. Abhi thinks he should not see in her eyes and get hypnotized. He gives her hot water and says he does not want to get ill from her baceteria. She thanks him and drinks hot water. He thinks why is he looking in her eyes, why is he becoming a good guy

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