Twist of fate update Monday 21 December 2020

Twist of fate 21 December 2020: Pragya finds abhi sitting sullenly, with his back towards the door, and progresses inside hesitantly. she places a hand on his shoulder. he is disturbed. she asks him to listen once. he asks why is she here.

she says that she wishes to say something. he asks whats left to be heard or said, and asks if what happened downstairs wasnt enough. she asks him to listen to her once. he asks why should he, as if what he did after hearing to her wasnt enough insulting. he asks why she did so, and that she has enemity with tani, which is understandable, but what enemity she has with him. she asks how can he even suggest that. he asks how could she not think what he shall go through, as he called his own child illegitimate and bad blood, thinking that it belongs to someone else. she tries to talk to him, but he shuts her up, asking her to merely listen and not say a word. he asks if she actually cares for her,

as she doesnt, and she is highly selfish and thinks only for herself and her bright future, and she is ready to risk his child’s future for hers. he says that he cant imagine she could do it, as she isnt what he thought she is, as she could have sacrificed her happiness, but she doesnt care for relations, who only knows how to torture people, and since she cares little, then he too doesnt want to bear any relation with her. she is shocked and asks whats he saying, as she is his wife, and why would she mean his harm. he asks what if she is the wife, he wouldnt act as a puppet and comply to everything she says, without reasoning. he says that she misued her status as his wife, and hence he ends all relations with her today, be it marriage, friendship, professional or any other.

she is aghast. he says that she had given him fake divorce papers, but he shall present her real ones, with signatures. she is aghast and distraught as he hastily walks out. she is then jerked into reality, and understands that she has been dreaming this sequences and is still standing out only. she is thankful that it was just a dream but thinks what if it becomes a reality and if she talks right now, he might just call off every relation, and hence she needs to talk to someone else, instead of him.

she leaves from there. he turns around instinctively, and then goes out, wondering why he felt pragya was here, and maybe he still loves her only, and hence misses her. he fervently wishes that she had talked to him, and vice versa so that they could have cleared the confusion as to why she feels tanu’s child isnt his. he paces around nervously, thinking that he cant remember when they made love, and never doubted tanu, since she told him but maybe there is sense in what pragya says, because there were two DNA certificates, and that too on the same day, from the same doctor and in the same hospital, and if its pragya’s friend, who turned her foe now. he decides to find for himself whats the truth, instead of speculating.

MEanwhile, Granny talks with the boys, as to how pragya’s attempt at unfoiling tanu failed yet again in front of abhi, and she was branded a liar by her own friend, and wonder how long would this continue, and why did sheena betray her. Granny says that whats done is done. she wonders what they need to do now, and that they should tell abhi that they are with pragya, and her reports are accurate. they agree on it, but wonder how to. Purab says that they have planned enough, and now pragya is in trouble, because of what she has had to do, and that they have never spoken to him, due to lack opf evidence, but their silence merely aggravated the problem.

he says that he shall spill it all out to him. she asks him not to act rash in anger, and what if abhi reprimands him. he says that its okay, but he cant bear to see pragya like this even at the cost of his friendship. he leaves hastily. they deliberate that they dont have any other option, other than this. she decides to go and stand outside abhi’s room, to see where the discussion is going and intervene if necessary, to handle it. they comply and rush out too.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
PRagya, while driving, remembers how the friend lied and is upset. she says that she cant do this, then why she helped tanu, and decides to talk to her and find out. she stops the car and gets out.

Scene 3:
Location: Sheena’s residence
Pragya arrives at sheena’s place, and she opens the door and stands tensed seeing her. she walks in enraged. then she confronts the doctor as to how and why she did it, and if she sold her integrity for money, and then points out why she had wanted this so desperately, and after such problems, they were uniting, but she ruined it. she is asked to leave immediately. but pragya insists for an answer, and saays that she had helped sheena when she had wanted it so desperately. she asks what would happen when her mother knows, what sheena did. sheena asks her to go, as she wont explain at all. she is distressed.

pragya asks if she did this for money, and she shouldnt have betrayed her, and that she wouldnt be able to trust anyone now. sheena says that she didnt do anything, that she is being accused of. pragya asks why then. sheena says that she had no other option, as her child has been kidnapped, and they threatened to kill her, if she didnt side with tanu. as she goes on a motherly rant, as to how she couldnt have allowed them to hurt pari, pragya is shocked to know the reason.

she consoels her, saying that she should have thought that she must have been so helpless to have done this, and apologises for not understanding. sheena breaks down, and pragya says that its fine, as she did absolutely right, and she wouldnt have been able to forgive herself, had she risked pari’s life. sheena then explains how she was kidnapped. pragya asks why wasnt she told. sheena says that she didnt want to bother her. she is distressed. sheena says that then she got the call, from someone, to ask her to falsify pragya’s reports and say that tanu’s were right. pragya listens on intently.

sheena is tensed if anything shall happen to pari. pragya assures her that she shall bring pari back. sheena thanks her and says that when she finds pari, and gets her back, she shall tell the truth to abhi. pragya says that she knows who did it and shall get pari back anyhow. she thinks that this must definitely be nikhil’s work, and she shall have to go there, to find some clue, which shall definitely be there, if he has done it.

Scene 4:
Location: Nikhil’s residence
Tanu and her boyfriend are amused at the plight of pragya when the doctor betrayed her. she says that it would have been best had abhi hit her. he says that pragya shall cry forever, once abhi signs the will in the child’s name. tanu is boggled how did this happen. he says that he was behind it, and reminds her not to underestimate him. he then says that he wants her to meet someone. she is highly curious, while he deliberately opens the door late and reveals that its aliya, who had kidnapped the daughter.

tanu expresses happiness at seeing her, and then asks how she managed it. aliya says that when she received tanu’s distressed call, after having landed in hot waters, and wanting help from anywhere, she refused her on face. but then she thought oevr it, she realised that pragya had made her so desperate, that she did this for pragya’s defeat but not for her win. tanu says that its okay, and they aliya welcomes her in. tanu is very curious to know of their co ordination and the plan.

nikhil then points out their entire strategy, and called up aliya to have a defensive strategy. she says that tanu wouldnt have been believed, as only the doctor could have confirmed to the truth. ALiya tells them that she knew if not a friend, a mother would definitely do what they want her to do, and hence thought of the kidnapping plan, so that the doctor is forced to say what they wanted.

Scene 5:
Location: Abhi’s residence
Abhi is tensed, when purab comes in, and says that he wishes to talk. abhi says that he knows what he wishes to say, that pragya is right and tanu is falsifying evidence and that he should trust pragya. granny arrives and stands outside. abhi says that he knows what purab wants him to do and understand, and believe, but why should he listen to him. outside, granny finds that abhi is enraged, and thinks that she shall have to do in.

but they they decide to wait for somemore time. Inside, abhi tells purab that he thinks pragya is right, and he is taken aback, by surprise. pointing out how the doctor changed statements, abhi says that she is definitely betraying someone. he hopes that its tanu, but they need evidence, and that he shall get another DNA test if necessary. he says that he can instinctively feel pragya is right, as sheena had tears when she falsified pragya.

purab is overwhelmed. he says that tanu was behaving weird. he says that if tanu is lying, then how can they get to it, and if tanu is saying the truth, then why does she need evidence to strengthen her stance. Purab is tensed. abhi says that he shall get to the bottom of this, and find out whats the truth. Outside, they are very happy that abhi is finally turning in pragya’s favour. Purab turns around.

Aaliya tells Nikhil to take care of Dr. Sheela’s daughter and asks him to keep her until Dr. Sheela agrees to shift to other city. Nikhil says okay, I will handle. Tanu praises herself for calling Aaliya and asking for her help. Nikhil and Tanu starts arguing like husband and wife. Aaliya asks them to stop their fighting as husband and wife. Tanu says Nikhil can’t be a good husband and says she will become Abhi’s wife.

She says her baby is her strength. Nikhil reminds her that he has given her baby. They argue again. Purab tells Dadi that Pragya is not in the house. Pragya comes to Nikhil’s house and sees it locked. She recalls Nikhil telling Tanu that his keeps keys in the vase. Pragya gets inside the house and checks for the proofs.

Nikhil thinks he will sleep peacefully today after switching off phone. Pragya thinks Nikhil is very clever. Nikhil comes home, looks for the keys and thinks if thief has entered home. Just then he hears phone bell, but then gets the keys.

Pragya picks Dadi and Purab’s call and says she is fine. She sees Nikhil coming and switches off her phone. Tanu calls Nikhil. Nikhil asks where is Pragya? Tanu says she must have gone to her mum’s place to cry. Nikhil asks Tanu to go and provoked Abhi against Pragya, so much so that he kicks Pragya out of the house.

Tanu says okay. Pragya is hiding in his house and thinks do what you wants? Pragya thinks you people don’t know what I will do with you both. Nikhil thinks he is feeling strange today and heard some noise. He checks, but Pragya is hiding. Nikhil gets goon’s call, who asks him to come as the girl is crying a lot. Nikhil scolds him and says I would have hired an Aaya instead. He says I will be coming. Pragya thinks she will get some clue and follows Nikhil.

Abhi tries calling Pragya and thinks her phone is off. Tanu comes to Abhi, says Pragya has betrayed your trust, and tried to provoke you against me. She says why did Pragya tried to spoil your baby’s future and called him illegitimate. Abhi asks her to leave him alone and says he is having headache. Tanu says I will massage your head. Abhi says you have many favors on me and asks her to just go. Abhi thinks where is Pragya? He thinks why did she go? He thinks I couldn’t figure out what is right. Pragya reaches the place and thinks to inform Purab but the network is not there. Pragya thinks she shall not waste time and go behind Nikhil. Nikhil turns to look. Pragya hides. Nikhil asks the goon, where is the girl. Goon says she is in the room.

Nikhil goes inside and scolds the goon for tying girl’s hand. Pragya looks at Pari. Nikhil talks to her nicely and asks what is her name. She says she is Pari. Nikhil says he will make her meet her mummy and says tomorrow is no school. Pari gets happy. Pragya thinks apologetic and says she will unite her with mum. Abhi comes to Dr. Sheela’s house and says he needs to talk to her. Dr. Sheela refuses to talk to him and closes the door on his face. She recalls her conversation with Pragya and thinks I can’t tell him anything.

Nikhil convinces the girl to keep quiet and asks the goon to open her hands. He asks goon to take care of Pari and not to call him again. Goon says I will handle everything. Nikhil threatens him. He thinks Pragya might be thinking why did Dr. sheetal have done this with her and Dr. Sheela might be thinking why did she keep friendship with Pragya. He is about to see Pragya, but just then goon asks Nikhil to have food (strange). Nikhil refuses and goes. Pragya thinks she will get Pari freed and then expose Nikhil and Tanu.

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