Twist of fate update Tuesday 22 November 2020


Twist of fate 22 December 2020: Beeji says that Pragya needs freedom from all relations. She asks Abhi to sign on the papers and says if you don’t sign on it, then Pragya couldn’t live. Purab asks what do you mean and asks where is she? Beeji says she is at home. Abhi says you are saying this?

He says he will divorce Pragya and sign on the papers only after talking to her. Beeji says she don’t want to meet you, and I won’t let you meet her. Abhi says I will meet her even if she don’t want to meet me. Beeji tries to stop her. Abhi says you can take Pragya’s decisions, but not mine. He walks off, although Tanu tries to stop him. Abhi is in car and thinks about Beeji’s words. He thinks Pragya wants to end all relations with me. He thinks about the time spent with her and their emotional, sad and happy moments. He thinks she can’t do this, she can’t do this with our love. Tanu gets tensed and thinks what will happen now.

Aaliya and Nikhil are having drink and says cheers. Aaliya says she got peace seeing Pragya’s face in kidnapper’s place. Nikhil says Tanu will call us now. Tanu thinks to call them. She calls them and says I called to give bad news. She says Abhi refused to sign on the papers and insisted to meet Pragya. Nikhil asks how can you let him go? Tanu says I tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen and went. Nikhil gets angry. Aaliya asks what is wrong with you. You couldn’t do a little work.

She asks her to get her signatures anyhow. Tanu says Abhi went already. She cuts the call seeing Dadi coming there. Dadi says you were talking to Nikhil naa. Tanu is relieved. Dadi asks if you are behind the divorce papers. Tanu says no, and says divorce papers are brought by Pragya’s dadi. Tanu says Abhi and Pragya’s relation have no future and life, I don’t need to do anything. She says just a wind is enough to end their relation. Dadi goes.

Abhi comes to Sarla’s house and asks where is Pragya? Beeji also comes there. She thinks he will not sign until he meets Pragya. She worries for Pragya. Pragya cries. Pari asks why you are crying? Pragya says if our dear ones are separated then it hurts. Pari asks are you talking about Abhi. Pragya recalls signing on the papers, when Nikhil threatened to kill Pari and kept knife on her neck. A fb is shown. Nikhil asks Pragya to sign on the papers fast and do not forget that knife is on her neck. Fb ends. Pari says Abhi must also be crying there. Pragya thinks if he loves me then he will not sign on the papers.

Tu Meri jaan hain plays…………….She is relieved and thinks Abhi will not sign as he is not helpless. She thanks Pari and says she will not cry now. Pari says you are looking like rockstar rocking wife. Pragya thinks Abhi will be sad though. She thinks to inform him somehow that she is kidnapped. She gets an idea.

Abhi asks them to call Pragya. Janki says Pragya went for shopping with Sarla. Abhi says you are lying and says Pragya might be crying somewhere sitting at a corner. He asks them to call Pragya and says he won’t go until she comes back. Abhi sees Pragya’s signature on Pragya and Bulbul’s pic. He says I thought this paper is not of Pragya, but it is hers only. He says if it was easy for her. She forgot love, and asks how can she forget that I love her so much. He cries. Pragya thinks God please show me way. Pari tells Pragya that she wants to go to washroom. Pragya calls goon and tells him that Pari wants to go to washroom. Goon refuses. Pragya says she can’t control and asks him to take her to washroom. Goon agrees. Pragya asks Pari not to get scared and go with goon.

Beeji tells Janki that she can’t see Abhi in this condition, and says she can’t let Pragya in danger. Abhi thinks this is Pragya’s sign, but why did she sign? He thinks she don’t care about my feelings…and went for shopping. Pragya calls Abhi from goon phone. Abhi sees unknown number and disconnects the call. Abhi thinks she has done wrong and don’t care about me. He says if she don’t care about me then I will also not care. If she wants my signs then she have to come to me.

Pragya calls Abhi. Abhi thinks insurance people have called and refuses to listen, says he is already troubled. Pragya says I am on the call. Abhi couldn’t hear her and disconnects the call. Goon comes and snatches phone from her hand. Pragya says she just wants to talk to her husband and inform him about something. Goon refuses and asks fellow goons not to inform Nikhil, else he will kill him. Abhi thinks it might be Pragya’s call and calls on that number. Goon picks the call and says he is a rope seller and insists him to buy. Abhi asks him hang himself, and if it is strong enough then only he will buy. Aaliya tells Tanu that their plan is successful because of her only. She says we have to careful and have to use your big weapon. Tanu asks what? Aaliya says your baby.

She says you have to take Abhi’s sign by using this baby as a weapon. She says Abhi is very emotionally disturbed as he thinks Pragya has sent those papers. She asks her to emotionally blackmail Abhi and make him sign on the papers. She says you have to make him realize that you and your baby are his family and Pragya is his enemy.

Purab tells Dadi that Pragya’s life is in danger and says why she will send the papers. Dadi says yes. Purab says whom to ask where is she? Dadi says I will talk to someone and if I comes to know then I will tell you. She goes. Purab thinks to keep an eye on Tanu until Dadi returns. Tanu thinks I have to stop this Laila and Majnu’s drama and have to start my drama. Purab tries to talk to Abhi, but he ignores him and goes to room. Tanu goes following Abhi.

Abhi comes to his room and thinks what happened to you Pragya. When I asked for divorce, you didn’t give. You have promised to be with me forever and now left me. He recalls their marriage and says I remember all the moments which we have lived. He says I have remembered your good things, now I will keep these papers with me, so that I remember your betrayal also. This betrayal will keep me away from your black magic. Pragya thinks I am missing you. Abhi feels her just as wind is blown. He says you are not here, but your feel is still here. Tu Meri Jaan hai plays……………


Tanu thinks when Abhi will get out of his room and when I will talk to him. She starts acting as if she is getting pain. Abhi comes out hearing her screams. Tanu says baby has kicked me. Abhi says I will call doctor. Tanu asks him to go and care for Pragya. She emotionally blackmail him and asks why you are calling Doctor when you don’t want to give name to this baby. She says I should go and give birth to baby in orphanage. Abhi asks her to shut up. Tanu says when you will see Pragya’s truth. She called me characterless. She asks did you get answer from her. She says Pragya doesn’t respect you or the relation. She says you haven’t believed on Pragya and her Dadi. She says you must have known that it is her signature only. She asks her not to trouble her baby and her for Pragya who is not his. She takes the papers and asks him to sign on it. She asks him to sign and save his self respect.

Dadi comes to Sarla’s house and insists to talk to Pragya or Sarla. Beeji says Sarla is resting. Dadi says I want to see Sarla. Beeji refuses and asks her to make herself understand. She finally tells Dadi that Pragya is kidnapped and Nikhil asked her to get the papers signed on the papers else they will kill her. Dadi cries and asks God, why is he doing this. She asks Beeji, why didn’t you tell me this. Beeji says I was afraid, if I tell you anything then they will kill Pragya. She asks Dadi to save Pragya. Dadi prays to God to save Abhi. Tanu asks Abhi to show to Pragya that he can live without her, and says we will love you so much that you will forget her. Abhi says you are saying right. When she don’t bother to meet me and sent these divorce papers, then I will also send these divorce papers. He signs on the papers. Tanu gets happy and hugs him. She says everything will be fine now.

Abhi thinking about Pragya while a song plays…. A fb is shown of their marriage. Akash tells Purab that they didn’t know where is Dadi. Dadi comes back home. Akash says we were waiting for you. He asks did you come to know where is Pragya? Dadi goes to Tanu’s room without answering them. She slaps Tanu. Tanu is shocked. Dadi says I told you if you are behind Pragya’s kidnapping then I will not spare you. She asks how dare you to kidnap Pragya. Tanu thinks may be Sarla or Beeji told her. Dadi says I understood when Beeji brought divorce papers home. She says Pragya have risked her life and sacrificed her sister for this marriage, and will not break her marriage with Abhi. She says Pragya can give life, but can’t leave Abhi. She says you and Nikhil can do this.

She says you have trapped her and made her helpless, but I am not helpless and will expose you. She says you have to face me to reach Abhi. She says you can’t give his name to Abhi, or marry him.

She says I won’t let your reflection reach Abhi, and says until I am alive I won’t let you marry him. She says when I see you for the first time, I thought you are not a good human being. She says God has listened to me and send Pragya in his life. She says you are so bad, that even Pragya’s goodness can’t change you. She asks her to get drown and die. Tanu holds her head and feel bored of her lecture. Dadi says you have broken Pragya’s home and says you have nothing like a woman. God has given you good face, given you baby, but didn’t give you motherly love.

She says I came to know about your secret when Pragya told me. Tanu is shocked to know that Dadi knows about her secret. Dadi says yes, I know you. I brought her here and gave her strength to fight for her right. Tanu asks how can you do wrong with Aaliya. Dadi says she was wrong and have been supporting wrong people.

Tanu says Aaliya wasn’t wrong, Abhi had snatched her love. Dadi says Purab never loved her. She says Aaliya had killed Bulbul. She asks her to understand that Abhi is Pragya’s husband and asks her not to separate them. She says it is your mistake, Abhi can’t be yours. Tanu makes bored faces, and says I will make Pragya’s love out of his heart. He says Abhi will love his baby after marriage. She reminds that Abhi loved her before Pragya. Dadi says it was his mistake and says I will tell him everything and won’t let him sign on the divorce papers. Tanu asks why you are joking? She shows her divorce papers and snatches from her hand.

She says Abhi has signed on the divorce papers and will not believe on you. She says divorce is done. Abhi has kicked her out of his life. Dadi says you must have taken this signature by betrayal. Tanu says she has emotionally blackmail Abhi and got his signatures. She says she is going to show the papers to Pragya and see her in pain.

Nikhil comes to Pragya and says he wants to have a proper celebration, but cake shop was closed and that’s why he brought chocolates. Pragya is clueless. Nikhil says I will tell you story and says you have given me a happiness like a Santa. Goon comes and says Pari is crying as chocolate fell from her hand. Nikhil asks him to go and tells Pragya that Abhi has signed on the divorce papers.

Pragya refuses to believe. Nikhil shows his signatures in his phone and says it wasn’t easy to take the signs. He says Abhi have to believe as you has signed on it. He says you are going to lose and asks her to have chocolates. He says I am going to Tanu for the celebration, and says I have to do lot of work. He asks her to play the game, how to reach the chocolate. He says Tanu, Aaliya and many people are waiting. Pragya asks if Aaliya is with you. Nikhil says she is not in India, but I will call her and celebrate with her. Pragya gets teary eyes while the song hamari adhuri plays……………….Abhi is also sad and cries.

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