Twist of fate update Sunday 20 December 2020

Twist of fate 20 December 2020:  Purab brings Dr. Sheela to Mehra house. She checks the reports. Abhi asks which is original and which is fake. Dr. Sheela says Pragya’s report is true and Tanu’s report is fake. Nikhil thinks I should leave from here, else Abhi will kill me.

Purab stops Nikhil and says not today, until Tanu takes your name. Pragya thanks Dr. Sheela for supporting the truth. She tells Abhi that now Doctor has confirmed. She says Dr. Sheela is her old friend, but they were out of touch. Dr. Sheela tells that Pragya told me everything and I assured her that I will help her to bring Tanu’s lie. Everyone hears carefully. Mitali thinks what will happen to Tanu now. Dadi asks Tanu why did she betray Abhi and everyone, and calls her shameless.

She asks her why she is sticking someone’s sin on Abhi’s face. Tanu tries to speak. Dadi says if you try to prove your point on sitting burning pan then also I will not believe you. She says this baby is of someone’s sin, and you made Abhi feel guilty. She says Abhi has ruined his married life for you. He loves Pragya and agreed to leave her. You have fooled and betrayed him. She says you tried to get name for your illegitimate baby.

Pragya thinks Abhi will be broken now. Tanu asks Abhi to believe her, and says this baby is ours. Abhi asks what about the report. He says blood sample can’t be wrong. He says I had relation with you even after marriage, but you have betrayed me. Tanu maintains that she has never betrayed him. Abhi says you know that I am emotional about this baby and that’s why took advantage of my guilt.

He says now we have no relation and asks her to get out. Tanu asks Abhi to believe her and says she is lying, and says where I will go? Abhi says now you will not tell anything. I will get more angry if you keep on lying. He folds his hand and asks her to go. He says I don’t want to punish you, but will punish myself as I have sacrificed my life for you. He says you are my life’s biggest mistake, and now I will rectify it. He asks her to get out. Tanu asks Dr. Sheela, why she is ruining her life and asks her to tell truth that her DNA report is truth. She asks her to think about her child and tell the truth.

Dr. Sheela gets worried and says I can’t lie anymore. She says I can’t play with a life. She apologizes to Pragya and says I can’t support you in this, as this is a matter of a child. She apologizes to everyone and says whatever I said was a lie….Everyone is shocked. Dr. Sheela says Tanu’s report is truth and says this baby is of Abhi. Pragya gets shocked and asks Dr. Sheela why she is lying. Dr. Sheela says I can’t repay your favors with someone life. Nikhil gets happy and smiles. Tanu smirks. Dr. Sheela says as a doctor, I certify that Tanu’s baby is of Abhi. She says Pragya’s report is fake. Abhi says this is a matter of someone’s life.

Dr. Sheela says I know how it feels when a child is far away from a mum. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is a liar. She says Pragya and her cunning face is right infront of everyone. She says this baby is of Abhi’s blood. She asks Pragya, why did you do this? She tells Dr. Sheela, why did she do this? If she didn’t want to help her then why did she do this. Dr. Sheela apologizes.

Tanu says Pragya is a liar and money pujaran. She says Pragya don’t want to give share to my son and that’s why she is doing this. She says this baby is our love child, and until he is with us, nobody can separate us. She acts and says I am tired to fight with you. Nikhil speaks up and says I was leaving, but Abhi stopped me. He tells Pragya that she should feel shame, for torturing a pregnant lady, and for trying to separate Abhi and Tanu. Abhi goes angrily.

Abhi thinks whom to believe and gets tensed. Nikhil asks Tanu, how did she get the wound? Tanu says file fell down on her. Tanu says Pragya can’t show her face to anyone. Pragya comes there and says one day Abhi will know that this baby is of Nikhil and not his. Tanu asks her not to spoil her mood and says I was doubtful when you let Abhi signed the contract.

She says I kept eye on you, and followed you. I saw you going to the hospital. A fb is shown, Tanu gives money to Nurse and comes to know about her plan. She says I made my plan and answered you. She says how can you prove that Nikhil’s baby is of Abhi, and until when. Tanu says until I get what I wants. Nikhil threatens Pragya and asks her to start packing her bags. He says bad will happen with you. Tanu asks her to take her specs. Nikhil says only one thing will be here, and says our love child.

Tanu asks Pragya to go, and says Abhi said that DNA report can’t be fake. Nikhil says it is proved now that my child is of Abhi, and laugh shamelessly. Tanu says my child will get all Abhi’s wealth now. Nikhil says it is time to celebrate and asks Pragya to go, else her half blood will burn now, as half blood is already burnt down. Pragya thinks how I will prove Tanu’s truth now and gets sad. She comes back to room and sees Abhi sad. She thinks may be Abhi understands me.

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