Anupama Starlife update Saturday December 2022

Anupama 31 December 2022: Anuj and Anupama travel in an auto feeling thrilled and behaving like teenagers. Raahon Me Unse Mulaqat Hogayi.. song plays in the background. Anu gets down near Shah house and wishes Anuj all the best. He says he will message her. She asks why. He says he is not the one who calls his family on work and asks her to go in as Kinjal needs her. Vanraj bumps with Anu and stands chatting. Anu feels insecure seeing that. Kavya also feels insecure seeing that and thinks they became friends from enemies. Vanraj ready for office asks Kinjal to use car if she wants to go out. Anu and Baa force-feed Kinjal. Baa then insists Kinjal to have her mother’s sent alkaline. Kinjal resists. Baa jokes she will have it else and opens bottle. Rakhi enters and insults Baa saying she sent alkaline water for her daughter and not poor beggars. Baa warns her to mind her tongue as they eat from their hard earned money and her father’s money. Rakhi warns if anyone touches her daughter’s food, she will not spare them. Anu asks her to take back her food. Rakhi asks if her daughter will eat thepla and fafda. Baa asks what is wrong in it, they will give her nutritious food. Anu says Kinjal is also their daughter and they know how to take care of her. Rakhi says she doesn’t trust them and will visit them often. Rakhi then asks Kinjal and Toshu to accompany her as she has booked Ahmedabad’s best gynecologist’s appointment who will treat Kinjal till her delivery. Toshu says he is busy with back to back meetings today and walks away. Rakhi says however a man busy is, he will find time for his baby; there is definitely some problem between Toshu and Kinjal. Kinjal says there is no problem and she has to visit gynec and not Toshu. Rakhi thinks something is really wrong.

Anu visits her dance school. Samar asks where was she as he was waiting for her since long. Anu says she visited Kinjal and Rakhi barged in there. Samar says there would be drama daily now. Anu says Rakhi will visit Shah house daily, Kinjal is stuck between Rakhi and Baa, Toshu is still adamant, she doesn’t know how to manage them. He says she needs to dance practice as she has tough competition at the contest. She says she will work hard and will make sure she fulfills Anuj’s dream wins the trophy. Samar says Anuj has one more dream which only she can complete. Anu asks how does he know. He says their chemistry shows off, he sensed she wanted to reveal something but stopped because of Kinjal. She encourages her to express her wishes to everyone before its too late. Anu says its okay, but.. Samar says there will be something going on in life and it never stops, she and Anuj are thriving for their happiness and should move ahead before life or fate gives up.Baa shyly watches at Bapuji while he is busy reading newspaper. Rakhi returns and taunts that she stares at her husband even at this age. Baa says why shouldn’t she as her husband is Gujrath’s Vinod Khanna and asks why did she return. Their nok jhok starts. Rakhi says since Kinjal didn’t visit a gynecologist, she brought the gynecologist home.

Baa shoos gynecologist and says a gynecologist who delivered Toshu, Samar, Pakhi will deliver Kinjal’s baby. Rakhi continues her nok jhok and sits saying she will go only after meeting Kinjal, thinks she can watch the drama because of her grandchild.Anu remembers Samar’s words while dance practicing and slips. Anuj returns and holds her and asks where is she lost, she would have fallen down if he had not held her. He says he will be with her forever and asks how was his meeting. He says his friend made him a business partner without any investment and he feels happy to make good relationships in years. She says its his hard work and says he will be a much bigger businessman than before soon. He flirts with her and she shies. He says people’s way of asking gifts is different, she sought his success instead of any materalistic gift. She says let us celebrate their small happiness. He asks how will they celebrate. She says he will go on a date with her. He happily agrees. Power goes. He switches on mobile torch and focuses it on her face. Rahon Me Unse Mulaqat Hogayi. song plays in the background. Kinjal walks in and requests Anu to accompany her to a gynecologist’s appointment. Anuj stands disappointed.

Kinjal tells Anupama and Anuj if they have any plan, she will manage to the gynecologist’s appointment alone. Anuj says its okay and asks Anu to accompany Kinjal and messages Anu that he will wait for her for dinner. At Shah, Vanraj with Kavya and Toshu returns from office. Rakhi says she was waiting for him. Kavya asks why is she waiting for him. Vanraj says this trouble is waiting for them all. Rakhi asks him if he snatched signing authority from Malvika or not. Vanraj frowns hearing that. Rakhi taunts he hasn’t become a rich man then and is still a small employee in a big company. Kavya asks f she is insulting her husband. Rakhi says she is just showing his place and truth is his time hasn’t come yet. Vanraj says people like her get a time, he will get an era; he taunts her that this is his house and Kinjal is his bahu and he can ban her entry in his house via Kinjal, so now she should shut her mouth. He asks Baa when will Kinjal return to kick Rakhi out. Baa says she has gone to a doctor with Anupama. Bapuji hearing their conversation thinks Kinjal’s responsibility will bring Anupama to this house and hopes Anus’s happiness doesn’t ruin because of this. Rakhi, addressing Vanraj as Dadaji, says his sheen in the business world will end soon as Anuj Kapadia is returning in the business world. Vanraj says time has changed. Rakhi says Anuj is a king of the business world and soon Anuj will be on the throne with his lady luck Anupama and Vanraj will be poor courtesan.

Anuj prepares dinner for Anupama and thinks if he cannot go out on a date, he can at home itself. He checks time and thinks there must be a crowd at doctor’s clinic. Doctor checks Kinjal and reveals that Kinjal is weak and may face pregnancy-related complications, so she should take care of her diet and rest. Kinjal gets tensed hearing that and says she takes care of herself well. Anu calms her down and says mind is stronger than body and controls it, she shouldn’t bother about small issues during pregnancy. Doctor suggests her to keep herself happy and visit her even if she feels a slightest abdominal pain. Anu assures to take care of Anu. Doctor says she knows Kinjal doesn’t have to worry with Anu’s care. Anuj gets restless waiting for Anu. Vanraj calls him and says he called him to wish him all the best as he heard he had a few business meeting, he feels bad for him and can ask Malvika to invest in his startup like he did earlier. Anuj says thanks but not thanks and asks who told he is wandering. Vanraj says still he can fund his business and grins disconnecting call.

Toshu remembers the the recent arguments at home. Samar walks in and says he wants to request him not to become like Mr Shah; he cannot understand his situation as he doesn’t know how it feels becoming a father, but he can understand bhabhi’s pain as he has seen mummy suffering alone, he should hold her hand and comfort her at least; he knows how bhabhi fought with her mother to marry him and faced so many difficulties just because she loves him, she took care of the whole family in mummy’s absence; I can support bhabhi as a kid, devar/BIL, or friend, but nobody can take a husband’s place, so he should be with bhabhi and support her. Toshu silently listens to him.Anu messages Anuj that it will take time for the reports, so she will drop Kinjal home and then return. Anuj feels more restless waiting for her. Anu informs Kinjal that Rakhi is at home, but she shouldn’t worry. Kinjal asks how she felt during her pregnancy. Anu says just like she was feeling, she was very nervous; earlier they didn’t have internet and the knowledge bank was their MIL; now girls plan their pregnancy, but during her times they get pregnant after marriage. Kinjal asks if she found out about her pregnancy with home test. Anu says there was nothing of that sort during her times and says a mother experiences her motherhood just when a life starts growing in her womb and continuously shares her lenghtly moral gyaan. Kinjal feels good hearing her advice. Anu says Kinjal shouldn’t worry as she and whole family is with her and soon Toshu will also be with her. Kinjal says not only baby, even a mother needs a mother and asks if she will be with her. Anu says she will and shares gyaan again. Kinjal misses Toshu. Anu says she need not worry as she and Toshu will not this journey and will walk along holding each other’s hands.

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