Twist of fate update Friday 8 May 2020

Twist of fate 8 May 2020: Daadi says only Abhi can check Pragya’s bag. Abhi takes her clutch bag and checks it. He sees an oldman’s pic and asks who is this. She says he is our guruji and we all obey him. Abhi says whole world keeps his pic, but she is keeping some oldman’s pic.

He sees 360 Rs and asks why she is having so less money. She says that is enough for her. He asks why she is not keeping credit card. She says she does not need it. He taunts her for her poor financial status and says now that she is married to him, he will gift her a credit card.

He takes a ring and says he found it. Everyone shockingly sees them. Abhi asks why did she steal the ring. Akash checks it and says it is a normal ring, not even a gold one. Abhi asks Aaliya why did she buy a cheap ring for her engagement. Aaliya says she bought diamond ring. Abhi says daadi he told his wife is innocent and apologizes Pragya. He starts his drama and says since she bought it, it is precious than diamond ring for him and makes her wear it. Sarla and daadi get happy seeing that. Tanu gets annoyed. Abhi looks at Pragya’s her eyes and thinks why is she looking his eyes.

Mitali asks Aaliya if that bag was really Pragya’s as she did not add ring in that bag. Aaliya asks then which bag she add ring in. Mitali shows Bulbul’s bag and says it is in that bag. She calls Tanu who says she wants Pragya to be caught red-handed and not Bulbul. Purab comes there and hears their conversation, he thinks they planned to insult Pragya. Aaliya sees Purab and asks him to find the ring soon.

Daadi scolds Abhi for alleging Pragya falsely and asks him to go and console her and get a smile on her face, else she will to Ludhiana. Abhi says he will make Pragya smile, thinks looks weird on Pragya’s face. He asks Pragya to smile as it is daadi’s wish, she does not, he says she is expert in showing expressions, etc. Pragya sees Daadi and smiles. Abhi says she should have been an actor than teacher.

Servant tries to check Bulbul’s bag. Purab stops him and says he will check her bag as she is a family member. Aaliya sees that and says now she can teach a lesson to her. Purab finds a ring in Bulbul’s bag and says she does not know how she got it. Purab says it is a plan to trap her and Pragya and knows how to save her. He hides ring between his finger and says ring is not in this bag. Aaliya and Tanu say how can it be, it should be in this itself. Bulbul asks they are saying as if she stole it.

Tanu says she is the last person to check, so she said that. Mitali says only Tanu’s bag has to be checked. Tanu says she is Aaliya’s best friend, so why will she steal ring. Daadi says even Pragya was innocent, but they checked her bag, guests will feel they are being partial to her, so they should check her bags. Abhi shows Tanu’s money and credit cards and says she should also be like her. Puran drops ring in Tanu’s bag and ring falls down on the ground.

Everyone are shocked to see ring in Tanu’s bag. Daadi scolds Tanu for stealing her bestfriend’s ring and scolds Abhi also for taking Tanu’s side. Aaliya starts her drama and says she dropped ring in Tanu’s bag by mistake while showing it to her. Abhi asks her to apologize Tanu. She hugs Tanu and says it is all because of Pragya and she will insult Pragya in front of everyone soon. She then apologizes daadi for her mistake.

Daadi apologizes the guests on Aaliya’s behalf and asks to complete engagement ritual. Pragya gives engagement ring to Purab and he sadly looks at Bulbul and makes Aaliya wear the ring. Everyone claps while Bulbul cries. Aaliya looks at Pragya and makes Purab wear the ring and hugs him. They both then touch Daadi’s feet. Pragya gets sad seeing Bulbul crying.

Tanu is confused and angry about Aaliya’s ring found in her bag. Purab comes and asks why did she steal the ring. She says Aaliya herself admitted that she kept ring in her bag by mistake. Purab says it is good Abhi did not marry her. Tanu says she will get back Abhi, but he will not get the his love back. Pragya and Bulbul hear that and get sad.

Andy praises Abhi that he is looking dashing in his designed shirt. He sees Pragya, hugs her and praises even her that she looks pretty in every colour. Tanu comes there and asks Abhi to come with her. Andy taunts her that even if she is not related to Abhi now, they can be friends and goes from there. Pragya leaves after him. Tanu fights with Abhi for not protecting her and they part ways. Cousin daadi taunts Tanu that she should not have stolen the ring and try to separate Aaliya from Purab. They say they know she has fought with her boyfriend and asks her to take Pragya’a advice as she is very cultured. Tanu gets annoyed hearing that.

She thinks it is Abhi’s mistake that people are asking to take advice from Pragya. She clashes with Pragya and starts scolding her that because of her Abhi is ignoring her and says today she escaped from being humiliated for stealing ring and says she will break her marriage soon. Pragya says her marriage is just a joke and is based on betrayal, etc. Tanu says she can feel her pain. Pragya says she is not feeling pain and does not care where is with whom Abhi is, she just cares about her family and asks why did she let her marry Abhi. Tanu asks her to shut up and and asks if she knows how to be beautiful and says she cannot be like her. Pragya says she does not want to be like her, though she is pretty and people run around her. She is happy that she teaches children truth of life, she cares for the whole family and not like Tanu who is just worried about herself. She says she is not fool like her who is having an extramarital affair with a married man. Tanu is annoyed hearing that.

Abhi’s Daadi enjoys food with her cousins and Pragya’s daadi happily. Daadi asks her Cousins meet her often. Cousins say now that Pragya has come, they will come often. They see Abhi and say they will have to find a bahu like Pragya for their grandsons. Abhi asks them not to do that mistake and then says nobody can be like Pragya. They call Pragya and ask if she had food. She says no. They scold Abhi for not taking care of her and asks him to feed food from his hand and to start from sweets.

Abhi thinks he is trapped between Tanu and Pragya. He sprinkles chilli powder on sweets and feeds it to Pragya. Cousin daadis then ask Pragya to feed Abhi. Abhi says he just had food, but hesitantly has sweets from Pragya’s hand and starts making weird faces eating chilli powder. Daadis ask he is making faces as if he is eating chilli and asks Pragya to feed him more chilli sprinkled sweets. Abhi eats it with great difficulty. Once daadis go, he starts shouting for water. Pragya gives her water and asks if sweets taste hot for him. He scolds her and asks her to go from there.

Mitali is busy talking to Tanu. She sees Aaliya and tries to escape, but Aaliya catches her. Mitali swears on her children and says she for sure added ring in Pragya’s bag. Aaliya says it was her mistake to take help from Mitali and asks her to find out who added ring in Tanu’s bag. She reminisces Purab checking Bulbul’s bag and thinks Purab must have added ring and thinks why would he save Bulbul and gets confused.

Pragya sees Abhi enjoying alcohol with his friends and asks why is he drinking alcohol. He asks if she does not drink and says he knows she drinks blood. Pragya requests him not to drink in front of Sarla. Abhi says he drank with daadi. She says that was different. Abhi says when his daadi does not mind, why should he care about others. He says he started drinking since she came in his life. She asks him not to come in front her family after drinking. Abhi gets annoyed that Pragya is commanding him and sprinkles alcohol on his clothes. Tanu sees that and asks what is he doing. He says he will insult Pragya in front of her family as she insulted Tanu.

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