Twist of fate update Friday 30 December 2022

Twist of fate 30 December 2022:  Ranbir tries to talk to Prachi. Prachi says you are a bad dancer and also a bad student. He asks if I am going to open dance academy here. Prachi says if you don’t want me to be happy. Ranbir says not this way.

Prachi asks if he is happy, sad or confused? She says she is trying to be happy in life and asks him to act to be happy. Ranbir asks if she is really happy. Prachi says you are confusing me now. Ranbir asks her to go. Prachi says you are looking good in these clothes. Ranbir says you are looking bad in this. Prachi says it doesn’t matter. Ranbir asks when I kissed you, doesn’t it affect you. Prachi turns and says it had an affect and tells that she got saved. She thinks she needs to hear, what her heart heard. She comes to Rhea’s room. Shahana comes behind her.

Prachi asks her to search proofs against Rhea. They begin searching. Just then Rhea comes there. Prachi and Shahana start playing with pillows. Rhea comes there and asks why are they playing in her room. Shahana says you will not say anything. Prachi says you will understand and says they have childishness inside them. She asks if Mihika is not coming. Rhea says she will come, but late. She asks her to give her phone which is on table. Prachi asks if this is your phone. Rhea says yes, when it is my room, it is my phone. Prachi hesitates to give her phone. Rhea takes her phone back. Shahana says Dida is calling me and goes out. Prachi goes behind her. Rhea gets doubtful on Prachi.

Shahana tells that they shall go and tell the truth to everyone. Prachi says we can’t take big risk, and says lets see what to do. Pallavi says ring ceremony mahurat came, and asks Prachi to come. She reminds her requests that engagement shall happen on engagement day and not drama shall happen. Prachi goes behind her.
Pandit ji asks Aaliya to call Prachi.

Aaliya says I will go and see her. Dida says don’t know what pallavi’s mother had it to give her birth, and says if she had known then would have eaten the same thing. Vikram asks why are you telling me this? Ranbir thinks to beat up Sid and thinks he can’t do this. He thinks what is he thinking? Aryan asks Ranbir to come and says engagement is happening there. Ranbir says I am not going there. Aryan says you are right, when they make each other wear the ring, if you stay here, then you can hide your tears. He says they are good couple. Ranbir asks if nobody will see me. Aryan says if you fall down while crying then people might see you. Ranbir says yes.

Aryan asks him to come. They go near the stage. Prachi comes there with Pallavi, Aaliya and Shahana. Ranbir thinks what is this Prachi, if you have ego, anger or arrogance that you are letting it happen. He thinks why don’t you stop all this. Prachi says you shall stop it, shall tell that this marriage can’t happen and his Prachi can’t become of anyone else.

Ranbir thinks he can’t do this. Prachi thinks we are married, tell everyone that your Prachi is yours. Pallavi asks Prachi to sit. Prachi sits on the sofa. Pallavi asks Sid to sit. Sid sits beside her. Shahana tells Aryan that Ranbir loves Prachi and is married to her, but staring at her as if he is seeing a stranger. Aryan says he made her stranger, how he will make her his.

Pandit ji recites the mantras while Pallavi does Sid and Prachi’s aarti. Music plays…Pallavi asks Vikram to give the ring. Vikram gives the ring. Pallavi shows ring box to Sid. Sid hesitantly takes a ring in his hand. Pallavi then shows the box to Prachi. Prachi takes the ring in her hand. Ranbir gets teary eyes. Prachi thinks of Sid’s words that Mihika is in danger, and Rhea and Aaliya had kidnapped her. Prachi recalls Rhea’s words that very soon she will be out from Ranbir and her life. Pandit ji asks Sid to make her wear the ring. Sid and Prachi get up from sofa. Pandit ji says auspicious mahurat is ending. Prachi forwards her hand to wear the ring. Sid drops the ring on the floor and it roll over and stop near Ranbir. Ranbir picks the ring and goes to Prachi and Sid.

Song plays….Ranbir asks Sid to take the ring and make Prachi wear it. Prachi says stop it Ranbir, this shall not happen, we both love each other and are made for each other. She says stop this engagement and marriage. Rhea asks them to just hurry up. Prachi holds Ranbir’s hand. Rhea asks what the hell you are doing? Prachi slaps her and says all this is happening because of her conspiracy and cheap trick. She says because of Rhea, Sid had to lie that Ranbir’s baby is of him. Ranbir looks at Rhea. Pallavi asks what are you saying? Prachi says I am saying the truth and asks Rhea to say, else she will say. Rhea says it is Prachi’s drama, everyone saw DNA report and sid had confessed that Prachi’s baby is his. Prachi says he had lied and the reason is you.

Rhea saying that you all have heard the truth and saw DNA report. She says Sid had confessed that the baby is of him. Prachi says he had lied and you are the reason. Aaliya says Sid, Rhea and everyone are liars, and Prachi is the epitome of truth, we shall touch her feet and says don’t know from where she came. Shahana says she came with Prachi, but the difference is Prachi is truthful like her mother and Rhea is liar like you. Pallavi shouts at Shahana asking her to shut up. Shahana says I am sorry, but I have to tell the truth today. Ranbir asks Prachi why did you say that Sid is lying about the baby. Aaliya threatens Sid that if he speaks the truth then she will get Mihika killed.

Prachi asks everyone to see that Aaliya is threatening Sid and tells that she has kidnapped Mihika and can do anything with her. Rhea says she is lying. Ranbir asks where is Mihika, you have brought her here and Dida has accepted her, and asks where is Mihika right now. Prachi says if she wanted then would have brought her by now. She says Rhea had problem with me always, when I came back here, she thought that I am snatching you from her and says her problems increased when she came to know that you always loved me. She says Rhea has problem with my pregnancy and when she came to know that Mummy would have accepted me, then…

Pallavi says she just wants family happiness. Prachi tells that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. Ranbir says Prachi can never lie. Rhea asks her not to be blinded and says the baby is of Sid. Sid says it is not my baby, I am saying this now as I want to save Mihika, they have kidnapped her. He says Aaliya buji was threatening me that she will get her killed if I tell truth to you all. Aaliya says he is lying. Shahana makes Aaliya fall down.

Rhea asks Shahana, how dare you? Ranbir asks Aryan to call Police. Pallavi asks how dare you to get Mihika kidnapped. Vikram says Mihika is part of the family. Dida says your game is over. Wendy says handover them to me, see what I do with them. Ranbir says we made you part of the house, but you are not suitable to become a human. He holds Prachi’s hand and makes her wear ring, much to Rhea’s horror. Rhea pushes her and Prachi falls down on the sofa. It turns out to be Prachi’s imagination as she shouts. Prachi says I felt as if I saw cockroach here. Rhea asks Ranbir if he brought the ring. Ranbir says yes. He goes to Prachi and touches the aarti by mistake.

He tells that he has lost the ring as he got scared of cockroach. Everyone search for the ring. Ranbir says I will get another ring be made. Rhea asks if you know the size. Ranbir says I know. He goes and orders ring for Prachi. Aryan says you are very stubborn, I didn’t know that you are thief. He says I have seen that ring had fallen there, and says I saw the thief too. A fb is shown, Ranbir finds the ring and picks it silently. Fb ends. Ranbir asks if you are drunk. Aryan asks him to show the ring. Ranbir says it is something else, and says I am not in a mood.

Aryan takes out ring from his pocket and asks him to tell truth. Ranbir accepts that he stole it so that Prachi and Sid’s engagement will stop. He says new ring is for Prachi and me. Aryan asks him to tell what is in his mind? Ranbir says I will tell you. He gets a call and goes.

Shahana tells Prachi that she is happy that ring is lost and tells that she don’t want to make anyone wear the ring, but wants just Ranbir to wear it. Rhea comes there and says you both makes good stories, and says that ring is misplaced and says Ranbir came for rescue and arranged another ring. She says Ranbir don’t want to stay with you even for a minute. She says he arranged ring as if it is his own engagement, this is his desperation to separate himself from you, he wants Sid and you to get married and leave from here. Shahana taunts Rhea. Rhea says my mood is good, and I am forgiving you for today. She says the truth will not change with gossip or snide remarks. She says Ranbir wants to get rid of Prachi. She goes. Shahana goes behind her and tells Rhea that Ranbir kissed Prachi and don’t want her to go away from him. She says the world will change and you can’t do anything. Rhea promises that she will punish her for her doings, but don’t want to spoil your engagement, and is eager to throw you out from here.

Shahana asks Prachi why didn’t she tell the truth? Prachi says we can’t tell now, as this time is not right. Shahana says we shall not reply to Rhea. Prachi says we shall take slow moves. She thinks to act with Rhea.

Rhea goes to her room and says she is so tired. Prachi thinks this tiredness is due to pregnancy, she couldn’t take rest due to functions. Rhea’s phone rings. Prachi sees her attending the call and hears her. Rhea says I called and like to book deep tissue massage for tomorrow, Swedish one in the afternoon. Prachi is shocked. Rhea hears the sound and turns to look back. Prachi sits down and Rhea doesn’t see her. Prachi getsup and goes.

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