Twist of Fate 3 Update – Wednesday 16 January 2019


Aaliya asks her to calm down and says we have to control this situation. She says it is time to be the savior and kick the enemy out of the house. Tanu asks what she is saying? Pragya thinks may be Munni lost her phone and this man found it. She thinks how I will contact her. Abhi and his family come to Pragya. He asks who are these kids and why they are calling you Maasi. Dadi says you have no nephew or niece, who are these kids?

Tanu comes and says you will not get answer from her and says she is silent as knows that she is fully trapped. Dadi asks did we ask you and says it is our family matter. Tanu says she is not Pragya, but her lookalike. Abhi asks her to stop her drama and asks her not to interfere.

Tanu says this girl is a fraud and betrayal. Dadi says we praise you with these words and warns her not to talk against her. Disha asks why Pragya di is silent and gets tensed.

Dadi says Aaliya and you have brought her here. She says we have kept you both at home as pragya said. Dasi says you gave them shelter and these naagins is spitting poison. She asks Pragya to slap Tanu.

Chutka asks why they are fighting. Pragya says nothing. Aaliya says she fooled us and made us believe that she is our Pragya Bhabhi, but we our confusion was cleared, we want to rectify our mistake. She tells that she is not Pragya, but her lookalike and playing big game with them.

Abhi asks her to shut up and says we don’t want certificate from you and says he knows them best. He says he will just talk to Pragya. Abhi asks her to say something. Pragya says she doesn’t know what to say. Ta nu says her tongue is stuck. Aaliya says what she will tell. Abhi asks her to tell truth and says he trusts her.

Pragya says she wants to tell truth and asks for sometime. Aaliya says she is standing quiet as she is not Pragya, but her lookalike. Pragya thinks what they want to proof, if they expose Munni then it will be problematic for them. She thinks how to stop them. She thinks she has no proofs.

Tanu telling Abhi that the woman in the house is not Pragya, but Munni. She asks him to ask villagers and says she kept us in dark and hidden truth from everyone. Pragya thinks where I am trapped. I can’t tell my truth, I need Munni to tell my truth. Disha thinks why Pragya is quiet.

Mitali thinks when she came here, she was illiterate villager. A woman is taking Munni to hospital and asks driver to drive fast. She asks her to tell her name and address. Munni takes chutka and chutki names. Woman prays for her and asks driver to drive fast.

Abhi says I will hear Pragya only now whom I trust. He asks her to tell and says they are killing your identity. He says I can touch you and says you are my Pragya, even if you have plastic surgery. He asks her to tell and says I know you have some helplessness.

Pragya thinks my helplessness is related to someone else helplessness. Aaliya says she will not say anything as she has become muted with her truth. She was behaving like Pragya, but when they came, she got tensed. She says she came to know that her face resembles with that of Pragya and that’s why did this.

She says she must have taken advantage and came infront of us as pragya. She says we met her on the same night when you made announcement in the concert. She says when we met her, we got much happy and thanked God, but we were unaware that she is not Pragya. Tanu says she started acting and told that she is weak. We fell in her words. Abhi recalls Munni’s different accent.

Aaliya says slowly she changed herself as Pragya and started talking like Pragya. Mitali says when she came here, she was silent, and used to talk to me in villager’s accent. Aaliya says she used to doubt when she called her aila etc. She says she got doubtful and started getting info about her. Tanu says she kept her kids in the hostel and says how can you be so heartless to keep kids in heartless. She says we brought kids here, so that they get their mausi and we get justice.

Aaliya asks Abhi to ask kids. Abhi says he don’t want to hear anything. Tanu says why she will tell anything, and says if she is Pragya then she would have made me quiet. Aaliya says you never doubted on her as you loves Pragya immensely, but she is Munni and not Pragya.

She has taken advantage of your goodness. She says don’t know what she could have done to this house financially. Tanu says she must have come here with some mission and says she might get your property and asks him to kick her. Aaliya says she has her eyes on property and asks him to kick her out. Pragya thinks they have trapped me badly, I can’t tell the truth until Munni comes back. She thinks to ask the old man where he got the phone. She goes to call on munni’s number.

Doctor tells Nurse that it was a major accident. Munni tries to speak. Nurse asks her to relax. Munni says my kids. She asks nurse to call on some number. Nurse calls on Pragya’s number and says it is busy. Doctor scolds Nurse and says patient is not stable.

Munni says she needs to talk. Pragya thinks old man is not picking the call and thinks what to tell to Abhi. Aaliya says her silence is the proof of her lie. She says I will show some proofs that will prove that she is Munni. She goes to get the proofs. Tanu smirks and looks at Pragya. Aaliya gets the file and thinks now we have to pull your lagaam. She gets the newspaper and calls Dr. Sheela. She says I need to talk to you and asks her to talk to Munni as she is unwell. Dr. Sheela says ok.

Tanu says you have challenged me. I will enjoy now, I couldn’t see Pragya dying, but will enjoy your humiliation. Dadi telling that whenever something good happens, they try to ruin everything. Dasi says they have ruined everything.

Dadi says she is our Pragya and says she can’t see the happenings. Tanu thinks this is her life’s best moment, Munni will be far from Abhi now. Mitali comes to Tanu and says you have won lottery and says if you gets successful to prove Pragya as Munni then you will get Abhi. She asks did you know this since before and asks if she planned this. Tanu asks her to be thankful to her as she saved them from Munni’s betrayal.

Pragya thinks she can’t risk Munni or kids’ life. Disha asks Pragya why she is silent and says I have seen you fighting for family and Abhi and says your love for him can never be wrong. Pragya says she is helpless right now and can’t break the promise made to someone.

Disha asks her not to risk her life for someone else. Pragya says sometimes we have to think about someone who helps us and says this person supported me in my bad times and says she trusts her kumkum.

Pragya asks her not to tell anything. Tanu comes there and says Munni might be trying to convince you and asks her to be far from her and never trust her. Disha gets angry, but Pragya stops her. Tanu asks pragya to see house for last time and says just as Aaliya shows proofs then your game is over.

Pragya says she can tell that they have brought her here as Pragya. Tanu says nobody will believe her as this world works on proofs. Aaliya brings the proof and says everything will be clear after this. She says everything will be cleared that she is Munni and not Pragya. She show her Adhhar card, ration card as Munni Shiv Kumar.

She shows the newspaper in which Munni’s tamasha news is published. Abhi says these can be fake too and asks what do you want that I shall call her munni. Aaliya says if you think that these papers are fabricated then I have another idea too. She tells that munni knows a doctor and she is her dear friend. She says she will call her on video call and says lets see what she calls her.

Mitali thinks if Doctor gives statement then….Pragya thinks who is this doctor. Disha is tensed. She calls Dr. Sheela. Dr. Sheela calls Munni to Pragya and asks if she is fine and asks about Chutka and Chutki. Mitali sees newspaper and says she is like Pragya. Pragya thinks she is feeling helpless today. Aaliya coughs and says your last drama is over, now you must have understood that I can kick you out and threatens her taking kids name.

Pragya asks her not to look at the kids. Aaliya shows that the kids are gone. She threatens Pragya and says if you don’t tell that you are Munno then you can’t meet them permanently. Tanu takes kids outside. Kids ask where you are taking us. Tanu asks them to sit in car and threatens to light the car on fire. Kids gets afraid. She then threatens to kill Munni and asks kids to sit silently.

Aaliya asks her to tell what is more important Abhi or her sister’s kids. Dadi says she doesn’t know whom to believe. Abhi says he also don’t know. Mitali tells that she heard Pragya talking to someone and said don’t cry Munni.

Aaliya emotionally blackmails her and says what you will tell to your dead sister. She says she made Abhi doubted on her. Pragya thinks what to do, whom to save. Munni’s family or her family.

Dadi asks Pragya what is happening and says I have seen you going through lot. She says Aaliya and Tanu have said much and you are silent. She asks her to tell if she is truthful and says truth can be weak and small, but it raises his voice. She says your silent is saying that you have accepted that you are not Pragya. Aaliya smirks. Pragya is tensed.


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