Divya Drishti Starlife update Friday 23 February 2024

Divya Drishti 23 February 2024: Rakshit comes home. He sees Mahima. Mahima says I… Pisachini comes and says I need herbal oil to massage my baby. Raku what are you doing in the kitchen? You should be with me. I am so hurt after papa’s death. Drishti asks Mahima where are you going? She says Pisachini needs herbal oil. She whispers something into Drishti’s ear.

Rakshit looks at Pisachini massaging Patali’s head. He recalls everything she had done. Pisachini says are you feeling better?

Drishti says to Romi don’t worry. We will find a way out to get you better. Romi’s legs are frozen. He says I can only wait. Rakshit shoves a dagger towards Pisachini. Drishti stops him. Pisachini says who is it? Rakshit says I want to.. Drishti says come with me, Mr. Shergill. Drishti takes him to a room. Drishti says what were you doing? He says you are my wife. Everyone hugs him. Drishti says I am sorry ma. Divya says you behaved so bad with my sister. You were after Pisachini. Rakshit says I am sorry ma. Papa left us too. Mahima says the moment I saw you, I realized you have recalled everything. And I asked Drishti to keep an eye on you. Rakshit says I will kill her. Drishti ties his face. Mahima says someone who can stop her. Divya says we can’t kill her right. She didn’t attack us yet. She has a plan. There’s a secret why Patali is here.

Pisachini takes Patali to the underground room. She says your hair changed the color of the water. Kaal says tomorrow is a big day for Divya Drishti. Tonight is weak. Their powers would be weak tonight before sunrise. Kill them. Pisachini says we will the game of death.

Rakshit misbehaves with Mahima to pretend in front of Pisachini. Mahima says get out of this house. Pisachini and Patali walk out. Romi says why didn’t they react? Mahima says are they planning something big?

Drishti hugs Rakshit. He says don’t say anything. Drishti is in tears. Rakshit says I am sorry. She says you lost your memory. It wasn’t your mistake. Rakshit says I should have remembered my wife and my family. Drishti says it’s not your fault. Now you are back. Rakshit says papa left us and I couldn’t do anything. drishti says papa is always with us as our strength. Rakshit says what would I do without you? Drishti says you would still be the boring Rakshit. Rakshit kisses her forehead. Drishti says there is a problem? What would I say to Rocky now? Rakshit says who is Rocky? Drishti laughs and says it was Divya. Rakshit says you’re mine only.

Divya wakes up and sees her mom in her dream. She wakes up. Mahima says are you okay? You fainted in the corridor. Divya says I have to see di. Drishti faints too. Rakshit holds her. She says I saw mama. Divya, Drishti run to the lounge. Divya says I saw mama. Drishti says I did too. Mahima says what happened? Divya says it’s our birthday tomorrow. We saw our mom. Drishti hugs Divya. She recalls the dream when her mother said, that the night of their 25th birthday is dark and weakest for Divya Drishti. Romi asks Divya what is it? Divya tells him.

Pisachini asks Simran where is Rakshit? She says in his room. Rakshit plans the birthday with Mahima. Pisachini comes and says what are you doing here? Rakshit shouts on them. Rakshit says they don’t work when I ask them to do it. They didn’t even massage patali’s hair.

Drishti says did you remember it was our birthday? Divya says yes I did. But papa’s death and all this. Drishti says remember how papa would make us suja halwa cake. Divya says we only had it for 4 years. Drishti says I would blow the candles first this year. Divya says I would throw a grand party on your birthday next year. Divya says that’s what mama would say every year. And then keep us so busy that we won’t know where would the day go. Drishti says we would do the same to Patali and Pisacihini. We would keep them so busy the entire night would pass.

Patali breaks things in anger. She says I want to play right now. Rakshit says to play with me. You’re angry? We can play with the whole family. Patali says let’s go. Divya tells Romi we have to keep them stuck in things. Drishti says no one will tell the family about our weakness. Divya says we will find out Patali’s weakness. Romi says I wish I could help. Drishti says to keep an eye on things around you.

Rakshit rings Patali downstairs. He says where are those stupid girls? Mahima says don’t call them stupid. Rakshit says that Divya Drishti. Drishti comes and says did you recall anything? He says yes, that you should listen to my orders. Rakshit says my daughter wants to play. Divya says your daughter who turned 18 in a few moments. Rakshit says don’t say a word about my daughter. Pisachini told me the reality. She wants to play with you all. Drishti says we aren’t her toys. Rakshit says don’t go against me. You all have to play with her. Patali says okay I dont’ want to play. Drishti says she got scared already. Drishti says we are ready to play and beat her. Patali says I would play.

Patali falls down. Rakshit says you made my daughter fall Drishti. How dare you. Pisachini picks Patali. Rakshit says would make a team and defeat them. Rakshit says we will win. Romi recalls he saw Patali falling. He says heart, she doesn’t have a heart.

Rashi brings bat ball and wickets. Pisachini says Romi would be the second stumps. Romi says shut up. Pisachini floats it. Drishti says stop it. Rakshit says let’s play. Start the game. Divya says heads is ours. Patali says I want heads. Drishti says she would want Rakshit’s head someday. Drishti bowls. Romi screams. Everyone runs to him. He whispers to Drishti she doesn’t have a heart. Patali bats. Her ball hits Drishti. Drishti runs out. Simran takes Patali’s catch. Rakshit says this is cheating. Divya says to Rakshit Drishti went inside.

Drishti comes to Patali’s room. She says she has to know her weakness. There must be something here. Rakshit comes there. drishti says you scared me. We have to find something here. Romi told me she doesn’t have a heart.

Patali says to Mahima you would bat now. And this Ojawani would bowl. Come on. If you don’t bold her, you would get a punishment. If she is bold, she will be punished. Ojaswani deliberately drops the catch so Mahima isn’t punished. Patali says you would be punished now.

Rakshit says her heart is outside her body. It must be somewhere in this room. They hear a beat from the mirror. Rakshit uses his ring to see what’s behind the mirror. there is a door. Rakshit says it’s the way to somewhere. Raksshit opens the door. Patali floats Ojaswani. She drops her in the water. Mahima says stop it. Patali laughs. Everyone screams. divya says stop it. Pisachini says if you do magic, I would drown them all. Pisachini says where is Drishti? Where did Rakshit go? Patali says where are they? They go inside.

Rakshit and Divya walk inside the door. They hang, there is fire under them. Drishti says we have to hold it tight. Rakshit says what is happening here? Rakshit says her heart is somewhere here. Drishti sees something coming.

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