True Love Update Tuesday 19 January 2021

True Love 19 January 2021: Meethi proposes to make another dish for Maiya and she agrees. Malvika goes to help with Gumpti and Rani comes home from school. Rani comes and tells story about the school and the prayer hall. She runs and bumps into Nandini who is taking some stuff won’t tell Rani about it. Rani leaves on saying to her that you are a bad person as you didn’t ask on how my first day was. Rani leaves while Nandini has to go her way as well.

Akash is going in his car and is talking to Jogi about work. He gets a call from Vishnu who tells him about the Khana’s plan. Akash says that Khana will not want the negative publicity of the company while Jogi says that this time Khana might be onto something. Vishnu further tells them that about the journalist Khana wants to avoid named Aslam Khan. Jogi says that this Aslam Khan might know something, AKash says that he will invite Aslam Khan himself.

Vishnu tells Khana that every journalist has been invited and Khana says that the time has come when the truth if Akash comes in front of everyone. He leaves on saying that when something like this happens the person partly dies. Meethi is with Rani sleeping with her when Akash comes and joins them as well. Meethi wakes up and says that Rani was sad as Nandini scolded her and explains what happened. Akash says to Meethi that don’t go against Maiya while Meethi says that this time Maiya is right. Akash agrees and goes to change his clothes. Nandini standing on the door says that my last trick remains.

Gumpti is making a food in the kitchen and she leaves for a moment when Nandini goes and mixes something in the dish. Later Meethi is feeding Rani and Akash when the rest of them come as well. Nandini standing behind a curtain says that beside Akash and Maiya everyone is eating the capsicum dish in which I mixed a sleeping drug. She says that when the drug kicks in I will do something no one will even think about. Everyone at the table enjoys the dish while Nandini is waiting by lying in her bed.

Everyone at the house goes to sleep when Nandini wakes up. She gets up from her bed and comes to Maiya’s room. She throws fuel around the room and while standing at the door she lights it up and closes the door. As the heat rises Maiya wakes up and sees the fire and gets scared. Nandini is already outside her room with a blanket in her hand. Maiya calls for Akash for help when Nandini outside says that she is coming for her help.Akash wakes up and runs for her help, Nandini comes in and helps Maiya get covered up and escape. Akash outside asks Maiya how it happened when Nandini gets her sari burned and when Akash puts it out she faints.

Nandini wakes up. Meethi is standing there only and is concerned for her. she turns to go but Nandini’s alarm clock starts ringing. Nandini points out that it is 10 am already. I must leave or Maiyya wont spare me. meethi tells her against it as she has saved Maiyya’s life. She wont throw you out of this house. You can stay here. Nandini starts laughing. You really think I will risk my life to save that Maiyya? I don’t care about that oldie. I don’t care if she dies today or tomorrow. meethi is confused. Nandini explains it to her that Maiyya had given her a deadline of 10 am. I had only one way to make place for myself in her heart. I did a small drama of saving her life and see here I am! It is 10:05 am and I am still inside this house. Maiyya dint throw me out of the house and now she herself will not let me go anywhere. You remember what I had told you yesterday? Meethi recalls Nandini’s challenge. There was a reason of stepping in that fire to save that oldie. I got her support and Akash’s sympathy as well. You must wait and watch how I snatch your Akash from your now. Meethi is disgusted with her for stooping so low. It was my mistake to let you stay here. Everyone had told me against it but I cannot let you stay here anymore after what you did with Maiyya today. you can do something similar with Akash as well. I cant take such a big risk. I will do downstairs and make it clear.

Nandini tells her to stop. Don’t give me this truth logic. I can go to any extent to get what I want. Only lies sell in this world. It will take years to prove truth. You can do whatever you want to but I will snatch my Akash from you eventually. She enjoys scaring Meethi. chameli can get any man, married or unmarried, when she wants something. Meethi makes it clear to her that she isn’t scared of anyone and not even of losing her love but it is very important to stop her foolishness. Your madness could cost Maiyya her life today and might be a risk for Akash and Rani too. I cannot take such a big risk with you. When it comes to Akash or any member of my family then I will have to stop you. I wont forgive you for what you did today. you will be surely punished for it. nandini warns her that her trick might turn against her as she has no proof against her.

Akash’s sympathy for me will increase in that case. Meethi holds her wounded hand and Nandini is in pain. Meethi realises her mistake and frees her hand. Nandini calls out for Akash and cries.
Akash comes there and is all concerned. Nandini lies that Meethi’s touched her wounded hand by mistake. It pained so much that I couldn’t stop myself from screaming. Meethi is not at fault. It happened by mistake. He suggests calling doc and Maiyya too tells him to do it but Nandini tells them to let it be. The touch was unintentional but I couldn’t bear the pain. Maiyya tells Meethi to be a little careful. Meethi tells them that its a drama. You were about to throw her in the morning so she did all this to safeguard her place in the house. Its all a ploy. You were right Maiyya. I should have listened to you. This woman is not worthy of staying in this house. Akash takes Nandini’s side. she could have lost her life in the process.

Meethi tells him that Nandini herself told her all this. she wants to separate you and me. nandini agrees that Meethi is right. I said this as I saw hatred, mistrust in her eyes for myself. I realised that she thinks that I have come here to separate you two. I thought to take all the blame on myself so that I can go away from this house as no one is happy over the fact that I am staying here. Only my Rani is happy. I should leave from this house in that case. She gets up but Meethi stops her. you wont leave this house like this. I will make preps for your departure. You are hurt so I will set everything for you. You can rest here till then. I should call police and they will fix your shelter behind the bars. Nandini gets scared. Akash tries to dissuade Meethi from involving the police in household matters but she stays put. Someone has done it, if not Nandini. It is important for us to know the truth. Meethi calls the police station while Akash walks away from there.
Police takes Maiyya’s and everyone’s statement. Meethi adds that only Akash and Maiyya were awake at that time. I think that Nandini had mixed something in our food. I, Mauli ji, Gomti Mausi and Rani were all sleeping. Inspector wonders why Nandini would do something like this.

Meanwhile, one of the constables finds a cloth that smells of kerosene. Inspector wants to know the reason as to why Meethi feels Nandini is behind all this. meethi replies that Nandini said all this to her on her own. She told me that she has done all this intentionally. Inspector is surprised. No criminal ever confesses their crime. Who is this Nandini and what is her relation with your family? Akash tells him to prove it first that Nandini is behind all this. we will tell you everyone in case it is necessary.

Constables come back with proof – cloth, kerosene. All the stuff has been found in Mauli’s room. Mauli pleads her innocence but in vain. Nandini lies that she had seen kerosene container in Mauli’s hand yesterday. I had even asked her what she will do with it but she told me that she will use it to clean the stains on the curtains. Mauli blames Nandini but Maiyya slaps Mauli. Nandini saved me. I made a big mistake by bringing you here. Police arrests Mauli who pleads Meethi for help. Mauli warns Nandini before going out of the house. You don’t know who you have messed up with. I will not spare you. Nandini tells her to get out of the jail first. I have learnt all this from you only. You only had shown me the way. Mauli recalls her own words of using anyone she has to to gain Akash. Epi ends on Meethi’s shocked face.

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