True Love Update Monday 18 January 2021


True Love 18 January 2021: Neela telling Ashish that Avni’s father is a loser. She says her father is illegitimate, not Avni, he has left Aisha and Avni. He says you are right. She asks don’t you know him, think, Avni is ten years old, when you made movie with Aisha, its 11 years before, think who leaves such big success, she was in love, think hard, there would be someone in her life, I m sure you know about it. He says I don’t know. She says it means that coward has hidden his relation with Aisha infront of everyone, I promise I will find that loser, you remember I always told you that Avni coming in my life like this is not a coincidence, its a Karmic connection, I will get justice for Avni, I will expose her illegitimate father infront of the world, Avni deserves justice. He looks on.

Avni asks Asha what are you finding. Asha gives her photos and says I was successful and world was at my toes, I took a decision, I chose love over this success, else this would have not happened, no one would call you illegitimate. Avni says we can’t change it now. Asha says we can change it, don’t think you are failure, you can change this, you are special and born for big things, you have to succeed and earn such big name that no other Avni have to beg to any Dayavanti Mehta again, I heard everything. Avni says this is not possible, I was removed from fashion show, as I m illegitimate, I can never succeed, we will live silently.

Asha says no Avni, you will not do this, you will not live scared like me, face the fears, work hard, decision is tough, but you will walk on that path, I want to see you successful, it will clean the stain on my forehead, else I will never forgive you, this is the only way now. Avni hugs her. Asha says weakness is not to face fears, face your fears, promise me you will succeed and make my name shine. Avni promises that she will walk on difficult path and make Asha’s name shine. She hugs Asha. Asha prays for Avni’s success.

Avni and Ali go to the secret place. Ali says we will tell Aladin to get any project, you win it. She says its not easy, we should talk to Aladin. They see Neela. Neela greets them and says when I came here, I got rasgullas, we will share and have it. Ali gets glad. Avni looks at him. Ali says I like gulab jamun. Neela says whatever happened with Asha… Avni says we are happy, we don’t need your sympathy. Neela says fine, then have the rasgullas. Avni says we are not your friends. Neela gets a call and her phone falls. Phone gets on speaker. The girl Angie says I got a family, will you come to meet me. Neela says yes, I will meet your new family. Angie says I will get a complete family now, thanks. Angie says if you were here, we would have danced.

Neela says I can still dance. Angie plays music and dances, while Neela dances with Avni and Ali. She thanks Angie and says take care, I will come to meet you. Avni gets friendly with Neela. They have sweets. Avni says thanks for your support, but I will find my way myself. Neela says I know this, but remember if you have any problem, remember me, I will always be your friend. They have sweets. Avni and Ali come back. Avni says Neela made me meet Dayavanti, I think they know each other, I don’t want any connection with Dayavanti, I want to succeed by my hardwork. Ali asks what do you mean. Avni says successful person is one whom everyone knows, whose mumma is not locked in jail by wrong blame, for one who has no rules, to whom everyone agrees, one who has money is successful, I will become successful without anyone’s help, I promised my mum.

Fatima asks Asha why are you snatching Avni’s childhood, don’t do this. Asha says Avni is not ordinary girl, just success can clean this stain. Fatima says no, success is just by fate. Asha says no, success is by hardwork, Avni will earn a name. They cry. Aladin comes and flirts. He hugs Asha and Fatima wishing happy mothers day. Asha says its not mothers day. He says for me, every day is mothers day. He says I got help, but our Avni solved problem, Avni makes everyone hers.

He helps Asha in her work. He looks at Asha. Fatima asks why are you staring her. Aladin says my eyes are not less than scanner, baby is of 4 months, my medical advice is Asha needs rest, come and sit. He massages her legs. Asha says no. Aladin asks Fatima to make tea. Fatima asks shall I get snacks. Aladin says why not, I m not giving order, order is for servants, family is loved, I love you. Fatima goes. Aladin says you got swelling in feet, this is acupressure. Asha asks who are you. He says Aladin and jokes of marriage. Ashish comes and gets shocked seeing them.


Ashish getting shocked seeing Asha and Aladin. He asks Aladin to pay his fees for his service. Aladin says that’s not my fees. Ashish asks what’s your fees then. Aladin says this tea, its here. He says its best tea in the world. Ashish slaps him and asks him not to come again. Avni comes and sees Ashish. Aladin asks Fatima to send tea for him outside. Asha stops Aladin from going out. Ashish asks will you get any loafer come inside home. Asha asks by what right are you asking this. Fatima says Asha and Avni will decide. Ashish says its my house, I m the owner. Asha says I thought its my and Avni’s house. Ashish says I m sorry, I did not mean that, I said in anger.

Avni holds Asha’s hand and says we will pay you rent for this house, tell me the amount. Ashish asks her not to say this, you are my superstar, I m proud of you, congrats. Avni says thanks, and gets away. He says let me hug you once, please, you are the best daughter in the world. Avni turns face away. Ashish apologizes to Asha. He says sorry, I came to see your state, but….. He gives her a mangalsutra bead in hand and says I love you Ashudi, and I love you Avni. He leaves.

Ketan talks to Dayaben on call and says don’t worry, everything is fine, Neela is okay, I managed everything, your police station idea was great, now Asha and Avni can’t higher their head ever in their life. Ashish hears this and gets shocked. He asks why….. Ketan….. He starts beating Ketan. Ketan stops him and says enough, I m respecting you as I m younger to you, learn to behave like elder. Ashish asks what are you and Maa doing, you are spoiling my life, why are you doing this. Ketan says its Dharm yudh. Ashish says you also talk like Maa. Ketan says even my thinking is like Maa. Ashish says don’t do this, you don’t know Asha and Avni, you made them feel small, you have hurt them. Ketan asks can you see fear on my face. Ashish says I don’t want to see your face. He goes. Ketan says I will ruin them, I will fill fear in their hearts, they will stay in darkness all their life.

Ali and Avni talk to Aladin. Ali talks like dump. Aladin talks sweet to Ali and calls him intelligent. Ali smiles. Avni asks Aladin to find assignment for her as he is her agent. Aladin says I m finding it, and acts. He says I got a work, your life will change, we will get a gadget that will end all your problems, smile. Avni says we have to solve life problem. He asks why, you don’t believe in fate. She says I used to believe a lot before. He says I have seen your future, you are not an ordinary girl, you have special quality, you never lose, you have come to do big things and create history, its not a fairy tale. Avni laughs and says this will not raise your commission, find work. She goes. He says why don’t anyone take me serious.

Ketan gives Asha and Avni’s pics to goons and says they shouldn’t see tomorrow morning. He asks the goons to do work well. He says Maa will be happy with me. Avni and Kia are at home and talk about Ali. Kia says Sumi adopted a girl, Ali went to get icecreams. Avni says Ali is a good friend, mumma went to Sumi’s house to help her in adoption. Ali tries icecreams. Goons ask him address. Ali sees Asha and Avni’s pic with them and stops. He tells them wrong address. They go. Ali runs to home. Ali tells Avni about the goons. Avni asks him to take a breath and tell them clearly. Kia laughs on him. Ali says two goons can come here anytime, they had your and Asha’s pic, they were asking me the house address. The goons come there. The kids get tensed. The goons come inside the house. Avni, Ali and Kia hide. They see the goons breaking the windows.

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