True Love Update Thursday 14 January 2021


True Love 14 January 2021: Mukta brings Rabina to the hospital and tries to calm her down. Mukta says that Vishnu works in the same hospital and I will try to contact him. Meethi tells Damini that she will come with her to the doctor, Damini asks about Rani and then says that I am proud of you. She asks how many days Nandini will stay with you while Meethi hears something and cancels the call. She sees Malvika playing cards with Rani, Rani tells everything to Meethi and she scolds Malvika. She tells Rani that this is bad and you will not play this ever again. She says to Rani to come and play with me if you are bored and when Rani leaves she tells Malvika to stay away from her daughter.

Mukta ask for Vishnu while Mukta says that my husband works here and his name is Vishnu. The man comes and says that he is the only Vishnu here. Meethi calls Vishnu about admitting Rani to school and explains what happened today. Vishnu gets a call and says that I was busy in work at the hospital and says that I am still in the hospital. Mukta says that she is also busy and will call later. A man comes and tells Vishnu that Mr.Khana is busy and can’t meet you today.

Rani is playing ludo with Meethi when Nandini decides to play for her. Nandini starts to play and loses and Rani claps while Nandini scolds her. Meethi says that Rani is a kid and let her be innocent and she knows only to play not win. Rani calls Nandini foolish and Nandini says that I am leaving Rani here. Meethi stops her and says that don’t do this and asks if she is teaching anything wrong to Rani. Nandini talks rudely and says that I am leaving. Rani says that I will do whatever you say while Nandini says that should I leave with Rani. Meethi says that don’t leave with Rani as I can’t leave her and neither can Akash.
Rani comes and apologizes to her and Nandini says that I will stay here and won’t leave. Meethi goes with Rani to eat lunch. Meethi is feeding lunch to Rani when Akash comes and tells about the admission of the Rani in a school. He says that both the parents must be there for that as the principle must be there. Meethi says that this is such good news and Akash tells Rani to get eat and get dressed up. Nandini thanks AKash and just he asks Meethi of what she is thinking and says that both mom and dad must go. Nandini is getting ready when Rani asks if you also come while Nandini says that both mom and dad are going.

Nandini comes to Meethi’s room and Meethi is also getting ready. Nandini says that I should go and says that I must do something. She knocks on the door and starts to help Meethi in dressing up and says that I don’t know how I will return theses favors of yours. Nandini says that the only regret is that even being a mother I can’t go with Rani but you will which is right. She says that you can speak in English but I can’t and if I go Rani might be embarrassed. Meethi says that there are faults in everyone and if you don’t know doesn’t mean that you are a bad mother and says that you will with Rani. Nandini says that AKash will mind but Meethi says that I will tell him. Nandini tells her to come with them while Meethi says that I have to go with Damini. She hugs with Meethi and says that today I am fulfilling the role of Rani’s mother and tomorrow Aksah will be mine.

Rani is asking Akash about how the school is when Meethi and Nandini come down. Nandini says that I have to go to your school that’s why I must look good. Maiya says that are you mad let Meethi go, Meethi tells Akash to go with Nandini as this is a great day for the parents. Akash says that he wants you to come while Meethi says that she has to go with Damini so can’t come. As Akash is about to leave Meethi gives him the blue jacket and he leaves. Maiya says to Meethi that what you are doing looks nice but you are going to suffer for doing this. Meehti says to herself that I don’t know the outcome but will not snatch someone’s happiness from them. Akash comes and they are ready to go when Rani tells Nandini to sit in the front seat as Meethi does. Nandini comes and sits in the front seat and they leave while Meethi watches.


At the hospital Rabina has named her daughter Mukta as thanks for her. Mukta is sitting worried about what Vishnu said and tells Rabina that he couldn’t come as he got busy in work. She says that I have to leave and tells them to take care. Damini and Meethi come to the hospital while Damini says that I didn’t knew that you would had to go with Rani today. Meethi says that it’s Okay as I have to come with you to know the report as you won’t tell me if anything is wrong. Then they go to the doctor as it is their turn.

Maiya comes and tells Gumpti to give her the shall back, Gumpti on the other hand says that you yourself said that you didn’t needed it. Maiya snatches the shall from her hand and tells her to leave the room. She then remembers the time when Akash brought a shall on her birthday and says that Rani is just like Akash. She then says that I must do something about Nandini.
Akash comes and meets the principle and apologizes for such a meeting. The principle informs them about the condition of the child and says that she can be admitted in class 3 but the English must be improved.

Akash says that the English will be improved as I will take care of it myself. The principle says that we also need a photo of the parents with the child. Though AKash says that I am in a hurry but the principle insists so he agrees to do it.
In the hospital Meethi and Damini meet Mukta who looks worried.Mtells Damini to go inside and she asks Mukta of what happened. Mr.Khana is making deals with Mr.Suri and has a bought a company and Mr.Suri is surprised of the prize he has been given. Khana says that I am evening the score with someone else who has insulted me. Suri asks if it’s Aksah while Khana says that he has given any name and tell Suri to leave. He then says that Akash watch out as you are about to fall in the trap.

The photo of Aksah is being taken with Rani and Nandini as a family. Meethi tells Mukta that Vishnu is a good man and whatever he is doing is for your betterment. Mukta says that I am only scared as if Vishnu might be doing something wrong.

Meethi says that I used to think the same about Akash but my idea changed when I understood properly. She tells Mukta to talk to Vishnu and to trust him, as if your love is true than you will win. Mukta thanks him and says that it was good talking to you, they go check on the doctor when Damini comes out herself. Meethi reads the sheet and says that everything is normal.

Vishnu is walking saying that Khana offered me the job but didn’t meet me and says that till I get a job I must put myself in danger to earn money. Mukta is driving her cab and thinks that though I calmed down after talking to Meethi but there is a strange fear in my heart. She prays for the protection of Vishnu and she parks her car almost in front of Vishnu. Vishnu doesn’t see her and jumps in front of a car, Mukta calls him but he is taken in the car by the man who hit him. Mukta follows Vishnu and sees him with the money and understands what he is doing.

Rani comes and tells Meethi about her admission in school and says that I have a photo and don’t know where to hang it. She comes and shows the family photo to Meethi who is shocked to see it.

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