True Love Update Wednesday 13 January 2021


True Love 13 January 2021: Akash drinks the coffee and finds ginger and cardamom in it and is surprised. Nandini says that we used to drink it a lot when I made it for you before. Akash returns the coffee saying that I can’t drink it and Nandini leaves the room while Meethi stares at her. Akash then asks Meethi of a word and she answers without thinking. Not knowing anything Akash writes it down while Meethi says that I saw hatred in Nandini’s eyes today and for me.

Nani calls Mukta and tells her about Rani and her current situation. She asks Mukta to talk to Meethi about keeping Nandini. Mukta says that I cursed Nandini and now because of me Meethi is in danger. Khana is going with a man and wants to buy a company, the man says that this company can’t be bought while Khana is determined to buy and says to him to find all about the owner and buy it using whatever way necessary. Mukta gives Manav to Kalpana and calls Meethi. She asks Meethi of why Chameli is living with and says that she knows all of it. Meethi says that there is no need to fear as we are happy.

Mukta apologizes for cursing her while Meethi says that there is no need for it as our family is complete. Mukta says that what of Chameli why she is staying with you. Meethi says that she is Rani’s mother and is only Akash’s past. Mukta says that sometimes I get angry at your innocence while Meethi confirms her that there is nothing to worry about.

Nandini is angry at Meethi and is about to go out when Naina enter the place. They talk and Nandini is angry at Meethi and tells Naina that sometimes I wish I could come back. Naina says that control Akash and he is your lover and it will be easy for you. Nandini also says that I am Akash’s love and the mother of his child and have every right on him. She says that I will win Akash over as I if I came to doing something than no one can stop me.

Akash is making the deal on the phone about merging the company when Meethi comes and helps him in dressing up. Meethi runs around the bed handing Akash his stuff while he finishes the call. Meethi says to him that there were no deals between anyone as you told me. Akash says that this is person is a huge person and the name is Miss Meethi and I have decided to lock all my deals with her.

Meethi tells him to go to the office. Meethi asks money from Akash for Nandini as she thought that giving money to Nanidni will be a lot better than her asking them. Akash says that he will find a way to help her.
Jogi comes and meets Mukta and she complains to him about Meethi making a mistake by keeping Chameli there. She asks of why he is quite as if he thinks that she is wrong. Jogi says that you are not wrong but Meethi always selects the harder path but always succeeds in proving that she is right and so will she do it again. Jogi checks the pack given to him by Mukta and though the bag is wrong Jogi finds a shirt stained in blood.

He remembers and says that it was Vishnu in the accident he also reminds Mukta when he called her and her also remembers when she came late.

A bell rings and Maiya goes to check it she gets angry on hearing Nanidni’s name but the man gives a courier to her name. Maiya says that this is your doing as you made a problem with Khana and if anything happens again I will throw you out. Nandini says that only one of her friend knows that she is here and she checks it. Akash comes and says that this I your card and Rani read and says that this is a credit card. Akash says that you can buy things and it will be paid through my account. Nandini says that this only means one things and that is that you still love me.

Akash tells Nandini of the courier and says that this is your card. Nandini says that I always saw this in others hand thanks him. Akash says that there is no need of this and Nandini leaves with Rani. Maiya is pissed at Akash for doing this and says that you will drown like this and one day she will push Maiya out of your life. Akash says that don’t worry that much as Nandini knows about Meethi and her status while Maiya says that you are a fool.


Mukta is driving her cab when she is about to hit a car. She comes out and meets Rani and Nandini who are in the car. They meet and Nandini says that I live in Akash’s house and all of this is because of you. Mukta says that we still have your money while Nandin says that I don’t need them as Akash is taking care of me and shows the card. Mukta asks Rani if she said thanks to them while she says that not right now and they soon leave heading home. Mukta says that Nandini is singing Aksah’s name and why do I think that she is never going to leave Akash’s life.

Rani and Nandini come and show the things they have bought from the card. Meethi appreciates it and Rani also gives her a gift while Nandini says that it’s a frame for you. Rani shows that gift she has brought for Maiya and Meethi tells her to go and get it. In her heart Meethi is glad for what Akash has done by giving Nandini the card and says that by doing shopping for all of them might win Maiya’s heart. Meethi leaves while Nandini says that you are very foolish and I will give Akash a gift I brought for him.

Rani comes and gives the gift to Maiya which is a shall. Gumpti asks if she would wear it while Maiya says that Meethi would have brought it. Rani says that we brought it by the card Aksah gave to us. Maiiya throws the shall and leaves saying that I don’t want it. Nandini standing nearby says that the day is not far when you will accept my gifts.Akash is working in his room when Nandini comes and says that though the card or money was yours but what I brought is from the heart. She gives him the box and AKash says that he will see it later, Nandini insists and AKash opens the box. It contains a blue coat though he puts it aside but wears when Nandini says to him to wear it. He remembers what he used to say and puts the coat aside and tells her that in his life there is only Meethi and only her. He says that he doesn’t wear this color and neither will he wear this coat. Nandini is still determined on controlling Akash and snatching him from Meethi.
Vishnu brings a locket for Mukta while she says that I believe you but you are hiding a lot of things from me. She tells him about the accident he hid and shows the shirt to him. She says that you must remember to what happened to you while Vishnu says that it was a slight injury and apologizes to him. Mukta says that you must promise me that you won’t hide anything for me. Vishnu says that if you don’t trust me than I will make the promise. Mukta hugs him and says that I trust you while Vishnu wonders what he is going to do.

Akash is getting ready when Meethi tries to give him the plate and the jacket gets covered in ketchup. She brings the blue jacket which Nandini brought for him, Akash wears it and leaves for work. Mukta is working when she talks to a customer. She says that I am surprised to see a woman as a cabie. The woman introudes herself as Rabina and they head to the destination. Akash is leaving for work and Rani comes and meets him. Rani says that Chameli brought this jacket for you and it looks nice on you. Nandini standing near says that you said that still love me and soon you will be mine.

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