Young Love Update Thursday 14 January 2021


Young Love 14 January 2021: Starts with Nandini thanking Dr. Amit. Dr. Amit says I will also get my degree once the enquiry ends. He asks her to be strong and never to show her weakness infront of anyone. He leaves. All the guests leave from there. Karuna starts crying. Abhayram says even though all the guest have left, but I will celebrate your birthday every year.

Triveni blames Nandini for ruining Karuna’s birthday and selecting the same day for calling rudaali sister Sudha and Dr. Amit there. Nandini says this is happening because of the bad eye which is targeted on our house. Triveni says there is nobody here with bad intentions. Nandini says everything will be alright. Devimaa will make everything fine, and says she will do jagrata alone in the night. Abhayram looks on with evil eyes.

Nandini goes to in house temple and does aarti. Krish joins her. Nandini gives aarti to Karuna. Karna takes aarti and leaves. Nandini looks at Abhayram angrily. Nandini talks to Dadisaa and says she is failing. Dadisaa appears infront of her and says you have forgotten what I said. She asks her to make tears as her weapon. She asks her to fight with Kundan. Nandini says yes you are saying right,I won’t let Kundan stay peacefully.

Shivam says I will talk to Premal, and says you shall not do this work. You should get all the happiness of the world. Sudha asks what you will tell? I am already tensed, don’t interfere in my family matters. She says this family is my destiny and nobody can change it. Shivam tries to speak. Sudha says I am Rudaali, and my family couldn’t understand me. Shivam asks her to close her eyes. Sudha closes eyes and sees him missing. Just then he comes and gives her jaipur adrak tea. He asks her not to ruin herself. He asks her to do work if she wants. Sudha says I wanted to do work which increases my respect. I will talk to Premal and will not do this work anymore.

Nandini comes out of house and sees Abhayram/Kundan having drink. He asks Nandini to come and have drink, says even weather is celebrating my win. Nandini takes the glass and throws it. Kundan shouts Nandini. Nandini asks him not to shout and says even she can shout. She says I will not leave you for doing bad with my sister and family.

Kundan says I won’t let fear get lessen in your heart. He says I have kicked Dr. Amit and your sister far from you. He says he will make others also go, and then she will be alone. Nandini stares angrily. Abhayram says whenever you see me like this, my inside devil waken up. She says I will inform your parents that your sister has become Rudaali. Nandini says you will not call them. Abhayram says I just made her Rudaali, and could have made her something else too. Nandini slaps him angrily. Krish finds something in the house. Abhayram holds Nandini’s neck angrily while she holds his collar.

Kundan asking Nandini to thank him and says he made her sister as rudaali and not something else, he asks if she understood? Nandini slaps him hard. Kundan asks her not to forget that they have a relation of pain. He says I feel peace seeing pain and helplessness in your eyes. He asks why did you wake up devil inside me. He says you are hanging between death and life now. Nandini grabs his collar angrily. Kundan asks her not to jump high and says let me think what shall I do with you. Shall I make you live or kill you like your sister’s baby. He says if I kill you, then my life’s mission will be over. I will get bored if you die, as my mission is to see you dying all life. He says it is okay, I will concentrate on other things, and says I have decided to kill you, but I will miss you. He points gun at her. Nandini snatches gun and aims at him. Kundan asks her not to worry and says he will give her death which Anandi died. Nandini tells Kundan that she will bring his truth infront of everyone today. Kundan says you will not do this, as you won’t be alive to do anything, I will kill you today itself.


Krish comes and holds his gun, stopping him. He looks at him angrily……He gives Dadisaa’s Rudraksha to Nandini. He asks how dare you touch my Nandini. He says you have betrayed my mom so big. My mom loves you so much and you have……He beats Abhayram/Kundan. He says you are the one who had ruined my Nandini’s childhood and now my Mom’s life. He says I have accepted you as my father just for my mom, but you have made hole in the plate in which you have eaten. He says I will kill you Kundan. Kundan says you didn’t know what your wife had done with me. He says Nandini is responsible for my parents’ death, and I had spent 15 years in jail. Krish says it was you and your dad’s sins. He says one thing is right, I love your mom very much. Krish asks him to shut up and says you can’t take my mom’s name with your bad tongue. He beats him and says man like you can never love you.

Kundan says I have enmity just with Nandini and not with you and your mum. He says this truth can never change, but I know that you will not believe me. Krish says your place is in jail and not this house. Kundan emotionally blackmails him and asks him to think about Karuna. He says I am telling truth that I have no enmity with you and your mum. He asks him to kill him and gives pistol.

He says I have taken care of her when you went to foreign. Karuna comes hearing the fight. Kundan says I will apologize to Nandini. Krish asks him not to touch his Nandini. Kundan syas he can’t see Karuna dying. Krish says I know that there is no truth in your words. Kundan apologizes to him and says I will leave from here. Krish says I am sparing you as you have saved my mom once. Karuna thinks what happened? Why they are fighting and fears for the worse. Kundan says he will talk to Karuna once. Krish says he will handle his mom and asks him to get out.

Kundan eyes Nandini. Karuna shouts Krish. Everyone run inside and sees her unconsciously lying on floor. Triveni comes. They take her to hospital. Kundan tells Krish that Karuna is unwell and that’s why he is worried. He asks him to think about his state of mind when his parents were killed. He says I have enmity just with Nandini and not with you and your mum. I love your mum a lot. Nandini comes and says he used to tell me that I will hurt Krish and Karuna to take revenge from me. Abhayram says I might have told this angrily and asks Krish to believe that he loves Karuna. Nandini asks Krish not to believe on him. Krish asks him to leave. Kundan says but Karuna….Krish repeats. Kundan says okay, I will go once I see her stable. Krish says if you want to prove your truth then go away from here.

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