To die for love Update Wednesday 20 October 2021

To die for love 20 October 2021: Dany texts Arohi in 24 hours I will come to you. I have found a lot of information. Arohi says everything will be clear in 24 hours. Arohi blindfolds deep and says I want your time. SHe hugs him and takes him to his room. Arohi opens his blindfolds. SHe has cooked all his favorite dishes for a candle light dinner. Arohi says no one should come between us. Arohi makes him eat. They both come close.Roma says only few hours are left. Do something. They will convict her. Virat ays case is so complicated. Tara says you all are idiots. Virat says I am sorry. I will punish that deep so bad. Roma says in 24 hours deep will know what it is like to deceive us.

Arohi has decorated the whole room with their pictures. Deep looks at them. Arohi says they are beautiful right. Deep says you are crazy. SHe says if you hate me then tell me. Deep says yes we should hate each other. Arohi hugs him and says I know you are lying. I can do anything for you. Deep hugs her back.Roma comes home. Arohi says you called me mom? Roma says yes. You and deep look good together. For me my kids’ happiness and protection is everything. So I have decided something. We will tell deep everything about his past. We will handle whatever happens next. We have to take deep to the place where it all happened. Do you know that place? She says yes mom. Roma says you have to drive then. Arohi says okay.

Deep comes to room. Virat comes in with a pistol. Virat says mom doesn’t want to hide anything from you. deep says tell me what is truth. Virat says come with me. He takes deep out.Virat is in car with deep. He puts something in deep’s water. Deep drinks it. He faints after a while.Arohi is driving. Roma says tara right not left. They stop at a house. Roma says this is the place. Do you see that room? In the closet is that thing which will remind deep of everything. You can only jump there because there are no stairs. You have to jump if you want that thing..Virat brings deep in the same house from other place.Arohi jumps from there. roma comes from the hidden stairs. SHe says wow you jumped. So brave. Tara wont have jumped. She has phobia of height. She can never jump. roma slaps her. She says now you see what I do with you and deep. I have written a terrible death for youn Arohi. Arohi says where is deep? What did you do with him? Roma shows her video of Virat slapping deep.

Arohi says to roma you knew I was Arohi yet you fooled me. Tell me where is my deep. What did you do with him? She grasps Roma’s hand. Roma says leave me or I will call Virat. She shows her video and says Virat can kill deep anytime. If you wanna save him rub your nose in my foot. Arohi says I beg you please let deep go. She kicks Arohi. Roma says if you wanna save deep’s life bring Taara here. I want her here at 5. I don’t care how you do it. Arohi says whats the guarantee that you will leave deep? Roma says you don’t have another option. Arohi says okay I will bring her. I wanna see deep once.

Roma takes Arohi to a room. arohi sees him hanging. She hugs him and says deep open your eyes. I wont let anything happen to you. I am your Arohi. Virat says he is on sedatives. He will only open eyes when Tara comes here. ROma says go and bring Tara here. Arohi says I promise you deep I will get you out of here.
Roma says virat tell Tara she can take all revenges from Arohi. My daughter should be saved at any cost.Virat tells arohi I will go in jail so no one can see your face. Aorhi sneaks in as a maid. Virat says to inspector she is innocent. We can’t hang her. Let me meet her. Inspector argues you can’t go in. Arohi sneaks in. Constable takes Arohi out.

Arohi puts smoke bombs everwherre. Virat asked her to go in store room. She comes in and the bombs release. All people run. Arohi calls inspector and says there are bombs everywhere. Inspector says open the jail. There is bommb. They open the jails. Tara is being taken to the conviction place. She smirks. Arohi says to constables there is bomb.Both arohi and roma wear police sari. Inspector stops them and says wait. We will kill you both. Arohi thinks about deep. They faints her and leave.Arohi and tara re in police uniform. Arohi says in heart I have to do something ot save deep’s life. Virat is waiting outside. He says why is it taking so long? All women scream there is fire. Virat runs in. inspector says Arohi has run. Commissioner calls her and says this all drama happened so Arohi can run. Look around for her or I will fire you. Virat says in heart who did thiss? Tara or Arohi?

Inspector sits in the car. Arohi puts gun on her head. She faints inspector and her driverInspector says you think you wont be caught? Arohi said to tara for both of us to get out one has to pretend to be prisoner. She made her wear handcuff. Inspector says surrender Arohi. Arohi faints them. Tara says open my handcuffs. Arohi sits in the van and drives it.Roma’s thugs come in. VIrat calls Roma and says Arohi has taken Tara somewhere. Roma says you could kill her. Find them and bring to me. I will kill Arohi. Virat says I am lookin everywhere. ROma says she still fooled you and left with my daughter. I will kill that Arohi.Roma says to Deep that Arohi ran but we have you. She will have to come back. Te thugs start beating deep. He beats them back and pulls the chains. Roma runs from there.Arohi is on her way. Police stops them. She pretends to be an inspector. They look in her car. Arohi says I am in hurry.Deep stops Roma and throttles her. He says you want to kill me and Arohi? I will kill you.

Arohi says I am running after Virat. He did some crime and ran. They let her go.
Roma says what was left in my love? My tara loved you too. You fooled us. For that arohi you cheated us all you made a mistake. Deep says I did what was right. tell me where is arohi? Roma says don’t take her name. My daughter was about to be convicted today. Deep says I don’t care about her. Where is Arohi? Roma says Arohi is with VIrat and Prithvi. If you do anythign they wll kill her. Deep steps back.

Virat stops Arohi’s car and takes her out. He points gun at her an says you thought you could beat Roma. Tara says I am here. Prithvi gets him out. Arohi hits him with rock and he falls down. She locks Tara again. Tara says I will kill you. Arohi hand cuffs her hand. The car isn’t starting. Prithvi gets up and throttles her. arohi shoves him. Prithvi falls with the tree and a rod stabs him. He dies. Arohi is dazed.
Deep says don’t do anything to Arohi. Roma says you can’t play with me. Tara is free. Virat will kill Aroh and I will kill you. The thug gives injection to deep. He faints. aroho video calls roma. Roma says where is tara? Arohi says she is with me. She shows her tara. Arohi says I got your tara out. Now give me my deep. Roma says what would you want? Do you wanna see deep die? The injection will kill deep here. She shows her deep. ROma says tell me what to do.

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