To die for love Update Thursday 21 October 2021


To die for love 21 October 2021: Arohi says deep please open your eyes. Roma says he can’t hear you. What a love story I want to give it one chance. This is deep that you love. Should I shoot him? Aorhi says please don’t do that. Roma says bring tara here. Release her right now. She says bring her to me. Arohi releases Tara.Virat is tracing Arohi’s location. He sees Prithvi on the way and is dazed. Virat says this can’t happen.. Prithvi he screams no… This can’t happen. Arohi I will kill you. He caresses Prithvi’s face and recalls his moments with him. He says I am coming Arohi.

Inspector gets up and calls the other police van.Roma says to virat where is tara and arohi? He says they weren’t at the place of location. Virat says I want to show you something. He shows her Prithvi’s dead body. roma is shocked. Roma cries. She says this can’t happen. Virat says she will pay for this sin. Roma says Arohi released her she will come with tara.Tara throttles Arohi. She says now you see what I do with you. I will cut you into pieces. I will kill your deep too. I loved him so much but he was a cheater. I amc oming Deep. She hits Arohi. Tara calls Roma and says its me tara. Don’t kill him. I will come and kill him myself. I will kill Arohi first.

Tara comes to Roma. She says welcome back my daughter. How did you kill arohi?? She says only few breaths are left of Tara. Roma says of Tara? Arohi says yes because I am Arohi and came here to take deep. Virat puts gun on her. Arohi says don’t do this or you will lose tara. I have left her at a place with no oxygen. She hit her on head with a rod when Tara was calling roma and locked her in a dark room.
Tara can’t breathe. she tries to go to the oxygen cylinder.

Arohi comes to deep and hugs him. She says deep open your eyes. see who is here. I wont let anything happen to you. I will have to save you. She kisses his head. Arohi says open deep and there is an auto waiting for him outside. Leave him in it. Then will handle the rest. Roma says can you imagine what will we do with you after that? She says I don’t care about myself. Chawani takes deep in the auto. She says I will take you to Tara when Chawani reaches police station.

Virat leaves in his car to look for Tara. Police sees him. Inspector says stop your car or we will shoot. We knoww you were involved in all that happened.Arohi says why didn’t chawani call. Virat comes back. He says police was chasing me. Arohi says I wont tell you about tara until chawnai and deep reach police station. Chawani calls Arohi. He says we couldn’t reach police station. He wanted water. So I went out to look for water. When I came back deep wasn’t in auto.

Arohi says there was tracker in his phone. Arohi says this means either deep ran himself or VVirat took him.Arohi says to Virat where is deep? Roma says don’t waste time. Arohi says tell me where is deep or you can never meet Tara. Virat gets a call and says I have got a clue about Tara. I will go there.Roma puts gun on Arohi. She says virat knows where is Tara so we don’t need you anymore. Deep breaks the door and comes in. He say sstop Arohi.Deep puts gun on Roma SHe says if you kill me your secret will die as well. He says you can’t do this drama anymore. Leave Arohi or i will shoot. Virat comes and puts gun on Deep. He says if you shoot I will shoot you too. Both of you will die. What do you suggest Arohi? She has to die.

Tara tries to breathe in the room. Chawani looks from outside. He says you can’t breathe. Tara says please let me out. As a human. Chawwai says you killed so many people. I will change if you get me out. Chawani says you can’t fool me. He says are you scared of death? You kill people.
Virat says put gun down Arohi. Arohi hits roma and snatches her gun. she says I will shoot her put your gun down. Deep snatches gun from Virat. Deep and Arohi have guns. Deep says go where I say.

Tara can’t breathe. Chawani gives her some oxygen from mask. He says you really hurt me now I will hurt you. She says stop.Arohi says you will see whose game is this. Tell us about deep’s path or I will shooot. Deep says only truth can save you. Tell me my reality or I will shoot. After counting till 5 i will shoot Virat. He counts 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Someone comes and says stop. Its Dilip. Deep is dazed. He is walking on his feet. deep says you can walk? He says I can do a lot more. He comes close to deep and slaps Roma. He says you are responsible for all that happened. Virat will be killed because of you. You made them like you. Instead of getting tara treated you tried saving her. You made Virat like yourselves. You only loved yourself. You tried to make me like this for life. I fooled you. You didn’t even let deep know about his past. I will tell him everything. Roma says no. Deep says you didn’t tell me? I thought you were my father. He says I will take you to a place where you will know your past. I request you dont’ kill virat. We will lock them here and let police do their work. Arohi says we aren’t killers.

Arohi deep and dilip are on their way. roma and virat are roped.Deep comes to an underground place. Dilip says every secret is here. Deep says arohi you stay out I will go in and check. Dilip says the door is very heavy. I can’t hold it. Deep opens a closet. He sees many files. Dilip says we ccan’t talk to him. Arphi says whats going on inside.Deep says what are these papers? Arohi says why isn’t he out. Dilip says what if he hurts himself. Deep sees photos. He says there is nothing useful here. Maybe roma removed everything and papa ji didn’t know. Dilip says you go in and check.
Arohi comes in and says deep where are you? What happened?? Deep says there is nothing useful here. Roma removed it. I saw all these files. Dilip says deep arohi come fast the door is closing. I can’t hold it anymore. They come to the door. Roma is standing there. They are dazed. She shuts the door and laughs. Deep says papa ji open the door.

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