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Jodha Akbar 22 October 2021: Mehtab says to Jodha that Jalal should go back, Jodha says i dont understand that why he is staying here, i will talk to him, Mehtab leaves, Jodha lies on bed to sleep, she finds silhouette outside her tent and ask who is there, she finds non there, suddenly Jalal comes and scares her, Jodha ask why you are staying here?

why did you drama in court? what you are doing here at night? Jalal says i am your husband, i can come in your tent any time, Jodh ask why you are staying here? Jalal says when Salim get angry, we try to pacify him, same way my people are my son so when they are angry, i will try to tell them that i think for their good, i will serve people here, Agra will be handled by Salim,

Jalal says two most important things are here, one is you and other is my nation so i will stay with them, Jodha ask can you stay here as commoner? Jalal says why not, if you can then why cant i, i will serve people and will try to restore their trust in me, maybe not like king but as commoner, will you allow me to become your servant? and work for you? Jodha get in tears and hugs Jalal, she says ok i order you to leave my tent now, Jalal says i understand but i just came to meet you, i will leave, he kisses her forehead, ask her to take care and leaves.

Scene 2
Salim reads the letter of Jalal, minister says that till Jalal dont return you have to handle things her, Salim says i cant take this responsibility, never, Birbal says its your duty to handle government in absence of king, and it is order of Jalal too, Salim says i cant help people sitting in this palace, minister says that like helping people is important, protecting borders is important too, we have to take some important decisions, Salim says you an take that decisions, Minister says no, only you can give orders,

Hamida says to him that maybe you are given this chance so that you can learn something, till now you were helping people and now you will protect them, remember you promised me that you will marry me and will protect your nation, you broke 1st promise but dont break 2nd promise, Salim says ok i will protect my nation but will go out and help them too, Hamida says great.

Jalal comes in village to work, head of village ask him to work with Jodha, she ask Ruks to come with her and work, Ruks thinks that why i brought Jalal here, now i will have to work under a common lady, Jalal says to head that Ruks is my wife, she cant do work, i will do her work, Ruks says if you can work then i can too, Jalal says you cant work, Ruks says i will learn, Jodha says Ruks no need for work, head says why you are saying no to her, we need helpers, Jalal ask what work for me? Jodha ask Jalal that people are making food there, go and help them, Jalal smiles at her and leaves, head ask Zakira to tell Ruks the work, Zakira gets afraid of her and tells her the work, Ruks thinks that i will never forget what i hae to go through because of Jodha.

Salim gets the letter from Mann, she writes that i miss you alot, i am worried about situation of Agra, i hope everything will be fine, i have sent a gift for you and for Anarkali too, send it to her, Salim finds gold necklace for Anarkali, he ask soldier to send it to anarkali.

dasi gives necklace to Anarkali and says Salim has sent this for you, Anarkali is stunned, she finds heavy necklace and says people are dying because of hunger and heir Salim is gifting me, he is a hypocrite. Salim says to himself that i hate myself fo hurting you. Anarkali says he do things that my hatred for him increases, what kind of human is he. Salim says i did things with you, i cant forgive myself. Anarkali says i can never forgive him for sending this necklace, she cries.

Jalal is making food, Mehtab gives him water and ask if he will be able to do work, Jalal says no i will do it. Jalal says to Mehtab that i am proud of you.

one lady gives her child to Ruks and ask her to handle him, Ruks thinks where i am stuck, Jodha laughs, child does pee on ruks, Ruks says oh God, she puts kid down, lady ask her to keep child in lap, any insect can bite him, Ruks says but he has done pee on me, Lady says so what, Ruks thinks if this lady was in Agra, i would have punished her severely.

Jodha is in her room, she is writing down the work that is left, she sleeps. Jalal comes to Ruks’s room and finds her asleep, he looks at her hands and wipes them, he then wipes dust from Ruks’s face, he says thanks Ruks, you came here to help me, your this act has increased my respect for you, thanks.

he comes out, some men ask Jalal to sit with them, Jalal says i am sleepy, he is about to go, Man ask where are you going? your tent is on otherside, Jalal says i am going for a walk before sleep, Man ask him to be careful there are some wild animals, Jalal nod.

Jodha is sleeping and see a dream in which Jalal is saying that why she was punished for my deeds, why? it was me who was at fault not her, he bangs his head on wall, Jodha wakes up with a jerk and says one more bad dream, Jalal comes there, he gives her water and ask what happened? Jodha says i saw a dream in which you were saying that dont give punishment to her for my deeds and then you banged your head to wall,

Jalal says dont worry, i am with you, you are tired thats why seeing these dreams, i will make you sleep, Jodha lies her head in his lap, some lady comes there, Jalal hides, lady says i need some medicine, Jodha gives it to her, lady leaves, Jalal comes out, Jodha ask him to leave, Jalal says dont think about dream, take rest, he leaves.

Jodha is serving food to people, lady finds Ruks and ask her to work, Ruks sit to eat food, lady ask her to serve people instead of eating, she gives roties to Ruks and ask her to give to all, Ruks nods and start giving roties to everyone, she sit again to eat but lady doesnt let her eat, one lady comes to Jodha and says you are called in open court, there is one case and you have to decide for it, Jodha leaves, Ruks goes behind her.

Jodha comes to court, she ask what happened, Jalal comes there, one lady says that Jalal is being alleged that in night, he left his tent and was roaming around tents of women, Jodha get tensed.

lady says to Jodha that Jalal is alleged for roaming around tent of ladies, Jodha thinks how to tell he came to my tent, one man says that we are working here day and night and this man is flirting with girls, one man says that we were sitting outside when we saw him coming out a tent of a lady, they ask Jalal what he was doing near ladies tent.. Jalal is silent, Jodha says he came to my tent, all are shocked, Jodha says he came to tell that his wife s having pain, he wanted to take medicine from me so he came my tent and took medicine from me, man sys okay we forgive him this time but dont do this kind of mistake again, Jalal says yes this will not happen again, he leaves, man says that he is lying something.

Shama is finding Haidar, she stops Birbal and introduces herself, Birbal says i am Birbal. she says you are Bharmal? father of Jodha? he says oh she have problem, he thinks to leave fast else he will get mad with her questions, he leaves, shama tries to find Haidar.

Jalal is working, Jodha comes to him and ask him to work fast, she stealthily says that see you were about to get caught, Jalal says so shoul i stop meeting my wife? se how you saved me, you are clever, Jodha says now be careful, dont come to meet openly, you will not come to me like this again, Jalal says i promise that if nwo i come t meet, nobody would be able to see me, Jodha leaves, Jalal smiles.

Scene 2
Sharif says to his man that i will go to Agra myself, Maan’s men are everywhere, u dont want any mistake to be done, i will become ill person so that they allow me to enter Agra.

Jalal wakes up in his tent and says why i am feeling hot suddenly, he comes out of his tent, he looks in sky, a strong light comes on earth from sky, Jalal is shocked, sky starts lightening, Jalal ask what is this, what miracle is this, he tries to touch the light but gets hurt, he says what is this thing, he finds other people not able to the light, Jalal ask what kind of storm is this?

spiritual soul says storm is in your heart, when that storm is finished, this storm of sky will go too, you were given duty to help people, you were send to people as angel but what you did? you demeaned angels, Jalal ask who are you? suddenly light from sky goes off, Jalal ask what was that? was i seeing a dream, he ask a man that storm came here now, Man says what storm? no storm came here, you have to work, go, Jalal says i dont do work. Man says are you thinking yourself as king? we are common people not king, we have to do hard work to get food. come with me, Jalal goes with him.

Scene 3
Jalal is making food, he thinks that God took everything from me so i can see how people love, he made me learn how to work, how to earn food, now i will work hard, Jodha comes there and finds him working, other people are praising Jalal for his hard work, Jodha says to Jalal that leave the work, Jalal says i am common person, i will have to work hard to earn something and i have you with me to take care of me, Jodha smiles, head comes there and ask Jalal to make food fast, do you wife make food this much slow too?

Jalal says my wife make such a good food in palace, head says palace? Jalal says everyone is king in his house and every house is palace for family, head says ok i will call your wife(ruks), she will make food, she leaves, Jodha says what was the need to say that your wife make good food, now ruks is in problem, Jalal smiles.

One person Jagdev comes to village, he starts distributing grains in poor, he meets Jodha and says that you are doing great for people, Jodha introduces Jalal to him, the head of village(lady) says to Jagdev that the grains you have brought is very much less for people here, Jagdev says our king doesnt care for us, i went to his manager and asked them to give us some more grains but he denied, i brought these grains from my house, Jalal thinks who it can be? he says to Jodha that i had send grains for this village then why it didnt reach here, he thinks who is the one doing this? who doesnt want to help people. one man ask Jagdev that you seem to like JOdha thats why you come here, Jagdev says are you in your senses to demean a lady like Jodha.

Scene 4
Soul Talk- Jalal’s soul says that we were trying to help people, we were busy in restoring people and otherside there was Mira Hakim who was ready to attack Agra.
Ministers are discussing about Mirza’s attack, Minister says that Mirza knows about all the ways to palace, he is dangerous, Birbal says its time for war, he ask Murad and Daniyal to lead the war, Haidar says they dont have experience of war, Salim says i will go to war, i will lead it as i have learning and experience too, one minister Fazal says that you cant leave palace, you are needed here, Salim says i am heir so i will decide it, he ask Birbal to prepare for his journey, Haidar smirks.

one man comes to Jalal and informs him silently that Birbal will come to meet him.
some minister(face is not shown) comes to godown, all the grains are stored there, he ask many cartons of grains are stored here? Man says 310, he says okay.

Jalal is lying in his tent when Jodha comes there, he says you should have not come hree, anybody can see you, Jodha puts cream on his wound on his hand, she says i am telling you to leave from here, people here hate king Jalal and if they get to know that you Jalal then they will be dangerous for you and also i cant see you in pain, Jalal says i came to meet you but now i feel good to work here, also i wanna know that who is the person who is not letting grains come here from palace, Jodha says in tought times people changes their opinion but you are firm to help people,

Jalal says soon good time of people will come, but i wanna know when i sent grains to this village then why it didnt reach here, Jodha says it seems like someone is behind all this, Jalal says i will soon find out who is behidn this conspiracy.

Ruks is working, she thinks that why i brought Jalal here, in palace i used to enjoy Hukkah and here i am working like servants, her hand gets burned, Jodha comes there and says that your husband praised your food so i want to taste the food you are making, Jodha tastes it and says what kind of food is this? you have put so much spice in it, why you are making food when you dont know how to make it, just deny making food, head says to Jalal that you said your wife make good food, Jalal says husbands like food cooked by wives, head says i will make food from now on, Ruks angrily leaves from there, Jalal says now i will have to pacify her.

Ruks is crying in her room, Jalal comes to her, Ruks says Jodha didnt do good, i am royal wife, nobody talks to me in loud tone, how can she shout on me, i will not tolerate this, Jalal says Jodha cant disrespect you, Ruks says i was helping her only, Jodha comes there and says yes i disrespected you and for purpose, she should know why i did this, i did this so that you can get free from all this work, i am sorry for misbehaving with you, if i didnt do it then you would have to work here, Ruks says i thought you wrong, you were helping me only, thanks, Jodha leaves, Ruks says to Jalal that i was wrong about Jodha.

Scene 2
Salim is preparing for war, he says soldiers are only 4000, it is very much less, Birbal says i have one idea, we should use defense policy, let them attack first then we will do our attack, Salim says send letter to Amer’s king and send letters to other kings that we want their soldiers, i want to win this war at any cost.

Shama comes to haidar, Haidar says this mad girl is behind me, Shama is little deaf and doesnt understand him, Haidar ask him to go, i wanna sleep, Shama says why you wanna cry? Haidar says its my mistake that i got you, he runs away from there.
Birbal comes to meet Jalal, birbal says we got to know that Mirza is going to attack Agra, Jalal says it was my mistake, i was lenient with him, Birbal says dont worry, Salim is going on war, he will be leading, Jalal says i am proud of him, send message to Salim that i will join him in war, he ask Birbal why government didnt send grains and medicine here? Birbal says we had send things for this village, Jalal says but it didnt reach here, find out if other villages are not getting it too, Birbal says ok and leaves, two persons are spying on Jalal, they say this man is weird, his acts not good, what he is upto, we have to spy on him.

Scene 3
Jalal is working when he finds stamp of Mughal saltanat on grains carton, he says Jagdev said mughal Saltanat didnt help this village, what is matter, i have to find ut.
Ruks is washing utensils, Moti comes there and scolds her to work fast and she has to wash clothes too, it turns out to be ruks dream, Ruks says what time has come that i see Moti ruling over me too.

Jalal tells about Stamp to Jodha, Jodha says i will find about it. Jagdev comes there and says to Jodha that i prayed for this village and has brought Parsad, he ask Jodha to eat as he has specially brought it for her, Jodha says i eat it or people is same, she ask worker to distribute in people, Jagdev says they are lucky that you are with them, they cant even celebrate holi this time, Jodah says we should celebrate it, Jodha says can i ask one thing?

he says yes, she says i found mughal stamp on grains carton, you said Mughal saltanat is not helping us so how did stamp come on it, Jagdev says i bought it from market, maybe government i selling it in market, i didnt see it, he leaves, Jodha says i dont think he is involved in it, Jalal says someone is doing corruption , i will find out.

Scene 4
Salim is getting ready for war, Arama comes there and says i am angry with Hamida, i asked her to let me go on war with you but she denied, Jodha had also gone to war so why cant i? Salim says ok i will take you on war but you need sword, he gives her one sowrd but she cant lift it as it is heavy, Salim says i will take you on war when you become strong, i promise, he says you have to take care of people here, Aram says yes, i have to handle everything here.

soldier’s wives does their aarti, one dasi says to soldier that we will wait for your return and if you dont comeback from war then we will drink poison, Salim comes there and says it will not be needed, he says throw poison bottles, i will not let you use this poison, you lower our confidence by showing this poison, we are not going to lose this war, we will rturn soon.

Jalal finds one injured person in jungle, he ask man how did you get injured, man says i want to send one message to Jalal, i am worker of Maan, tell Jalal that Maan is not betrayer, he ran away from Jail as he got to know about attack of Mirza, he wanted to stop Mirza, tell Jalal that Mirza is not alone, Sharif is involved with him, Sharif attacked me, there is one more person in palace who is with Mirza, Jalal ask to tell name but Man dies, Jalal says i will not let Mirza run away this time.

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