To die for love Update Wednesday 13 October 2021

To die 13 October 2021: Prithvi gets a call. Its Tara. She says on Tara’s birthday see what is going to happen. Deep says we have to be careful. She will do something on the birthday. VIrat says we should rather attack her before she attacks her. Dany says she is so dangerous. We have to make a plan. Deep says you have nothing to do with all that. Get out of this house. Dany says I am trying to help you. Deep says I don’t need your help. Get out. Arohi says leave him deep. He is very scared. He saved me so many times let us save him. deep goes to his room.

Arohi comes to deep. He says I am going to find out what she is upto. Arohi says I will come with you. Deep says care about yourself. Aorhi says I want to be with you before you get confuse. Arohi gives him tattoo makes and says make whatever you want on me so you can recognize me. Deep says it will hurt. Arohi says hurt you or me? Deep tattoos his name on her back. Arohi says you are only mine. Arohi caresses his face. Deep sees a small car and goes out.

Deep breaks that car. Roma says it was my car. You broke it. You are very bad papa. Deep says who gave you this car? Roma says no I wont tell you. Deep says please its very important. I will gift you a bigger car. Please tell me who gave you this. Roma points at dany andd says he gave it to me. Deep says to dany you gave mummy ji a car? he says I never went out. I don’t even have my wallet. You gave money to inspector. Roma says no not him this uncle.. Virat says when did I gift? She says that uncle. Prithvi says are you crazy. Roma says you confused me. You are all bad people. I need new car. She faints. Virat takes her to room.

Deep sees a letter in Danay’s pocket. He says these are our fav dishes. How do you know them? dany says I ordered them. You don’t help your wife so I did. Deep says don’t cross your limit. GEt out. VIrat says he wont go anywhere. We should all thank dany. Because of him my suspension order terminated. I have regained my position. I am inspector Lakshya Virat again. Thanks dany. you will only live here. Dany says thanks a lot.

Tara presses a button and a blast occurs outside the house. Arohi screams deep. He faints. arohi says deep are you okay. Everyone comes. Arohi gives him first aid. Virat says what the hell is happening. Prithvi says we have to answer this one. Virat says I will find her at any cost. She had to die. He leaves. Deep goes too. arohi says please don’t go. SHe can do anything. Deep says I will go at any cost. He shoves her and leaves. Arohi falls on dany. DAny says he shouldn’t have behaved this way. aRohi says this is our personal matter. He says I just wanted to know what is going on between you too. arohi says deep is worried for his real family but we can’t find anything. I found one ID card but I lost that too. Dany says stay here I am coming.

He comes back with ID card and says is it that one? I found it where the thugs attacked you. Arohi says thank God. We need to go to this address. He says I can help you. For deep we have to go there. Arohi shakes hand with him.Deep sees Arohi going somewhere. He follows her.Deep comes to Dany. He thinks its Arohi. He says lets go its a long journey. Deep says its me. He puts gun on his head and says where is my wife? Where did you take her? Dany says we were going to find about you. She never came here I dont know. Deep says she said she will be here in 15 mins. Tara calls deep. She says how are you deep? I have the one with me that you have given my place, I haven’t killed her yet. I wont kill her until she comes here. Its not fun to kill in a moment. I will torture her to death.

Deep says let her go. I will come wherever you want. Tara says don’t worry I wont kill him. I will see you in trouble now. Now see how you pay for betraying me. I give you one more chance. Let’s play an interesting game. You have to find her. Let’s see what you do for your love. Deep says shut up. Dany says what happened? Deep says I know where could she be. That crying voice.. Chawani. dany says who is that?
Tara slaps Chawani. Chawani says where is my didi? What did you do to her? She says you did it to your didi. Arohi came to meet Chawani. She hugged him. Chawani said didi you look happy. It was Tara. She slapped Chawani and put knife on him. Chawani said please don’t kill me. She said do what I ask you. She asked to call Arohi. Arohi said I am coming Chawani. Arohi came and tara hit her. she fainted.

Tara says you called her. Chawani says please don’t do anything to her. She says let me show you. She shows him Arohi locked in a trunk and screaming. Chawani says please let her go. Tara says she will stay locked here.Deep comes there at night with Deep. He hugs Chawani. Chawnai says please save didi. She will kill her. please save her. Deep says nothing will happen to her. Dany says how will we find her? Chaniwa shows her the phone and Arohi’s video on it.Tara says on call she can’t even breathe. She will die here and you will see. Dany says there is a way we can find her. Deep calls Virat and tells her the whole situation. Virat says send em the number I will trace the location.Arohi is screaming. Deep is worried for Arohi.

Tara says are you worried how will you find her? deep sees a painting in the video. He says I know where it is.Deep comes home the painting is not there. Dany says she stole the painting and left. Roma says no one stole the painting it was in my hand. Deep wonders if she is with Tara.Virat comes to the location and sees the phone there. Deep says where is that painting? Roma says your Mrs. came and asked to give it to her so I did. Deep rushes out. Roma has become maid. She says I have clean all this. Deep says what are you doing. she says don’t take my money. I can’t let you cut my pay. She says I found this phone under the sofa. Deep opens the toy phone. It says first love’s first sign. Deep says she is constantly fooling us.

Deep sees arohi in the video. She screams for help. Dany sees a paper in the place. He says that tells us about three locations. deep says we have to go to all three of them.Arohi faints. deep and dany come to a garage but no one is there. Dany says let me look on the back side. Deep sees a trunk. He opens it. Arohi is fainted inside. Deep says nothing can happen to you. He sees her back it has the tattoo. Deep is worried. He takes Aorhi out. Deep gives her water. Deep says I wont let anything happen to you. Dany comes. Deep says nothing can happen to her. He hugs her. arohi breathes. Deep heaves a sigh of relief and hugs her in tears. Tara sees them. Arohi says deep.. He says yes I am here with you. Your deep. Tara is angry. She says wow deep for Arohi you are crying. You were dying to save her. I wish you loved me that much. Deep picks Arohi and is going out. Tara is behind the trunks. She picks a huge hammer. Deep is going out. Tara throws the hammer on them. Dany sees her and throws it away. it hurts his hand. tara says you cheater. You have to die deep. 11th june you will die. She leaves. Deep says are you okay dany? He says I am fine. Deep says I am taking her to hospital. Dany says I shouldn’t have made the Rajhistan plan with her. I am sorry I will leave. Deep says thanks for saving our lives. Stay with us. He leaves. Dany says this way I won his trust.

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