To die for love Update Tuesday 12 October 2021


To die for love 12 October 2021: Deep grabs Daniel’s collar and says who are you? killer or saver? Deniel looks on and says what are you doing sir? this is police station, anyone can see you, leave my collar. Deep says stop rubbish and tell me who are you? are you a lawyer or just doing drama? Arohi comes there and thinks why Deep is grabbing Daniel? She asks Deep what he is doing? Deep asks her to sit in car, Deep asks Deniel to tell the truth. Daniel asks Deep to leave him otherwise he will do what Deep cant even think of, they both glare each other. Deep says what can you do? Daniel jumps and hugs Deep, he says I told you I will do what you cant even think of. Deep says who are you? Daniel says you keep asking questions, its lawyer’s job, maybe coincidence happened with you, you got your wife’s lookalike Arohi, what I say happens, it was coincidence too.

Arohi says whats the matter? Daniel says you started asking questions too? please save me from your husband. Deep says I dont want to talk to this man, Deep sees marks on Daniel’s hands and drags Arohi from there. Daniel caresses his hand marks.Deep and Arohi comes home. Arohi says that person saved my life, why did you hit him? Roma is acting like a politician. Virat asks her to get down from table. Roma says I am a big politician, she starts her speech and says give your votes to Roma. Virat asks her to stop her drama. Roma says this person should be out of my rally. She says my vote sign is toothbrush, I will clean all dirt from this country. Arohi thinks that she hit her head and is acting like this. Roma faints. Deep tries to help but Virat take her from there.

Virat puts Roma in bed. He says this Dilip is on wheelchair and she is in bed now. Prithvi says I cant believe Roma is like this, dont know if she is acting. Virat says I just want to know who is living with us.Tara is shopping from market, she thinks now I look like Tara Raichand. She sees her missing photos on walls, she hides her face, she buys some knives for her safety and leaves. Some man sees her and calls someone.

Virat comes to Arohi and says I was looking at our childhood photos, I remembered our memories, we should relive them. Arohi says we shouldnt leave mom here. Virat says all will take care of her, you wear sports wear and come out, he leaves. Arohi says he is going to take my test again?Tara is in market, inspector comes to her and puts her under arrest, he says Arohi you are arrested. She says you people are fools, I am Tara. He says do you have ID proof? Tara says Arohi stole my ID. Officer finds a knife in her bag and says she is serial killer Arohi. Daniel comes there with knife and says arrest me too, I am serial killer too, people buy knives to cut veggies too, she is Tara. Inspector leaves Tara, Daniel says I will take you home.

Daniel brings Tara to her house. They come in Deep’s house. She says Deep I am home.Virat bring Arohi to basketball court, he says remember we used to play so much. Virat’s friends come there to play the game. Virat thinks now I will find out if she is Tara or Arohi.Deep comes to Daniel and Tara, he asks Daniel why he is here again? Daniel says your wife brought me here. Tara smirks at him.Virat says to Arohi that these are your childhood friends. They throw a ball at her but Arohi cant catch it, Virat says what happened Tara? you used to play it so nicely.Daniel, Tara and Deep are having breakfast. Daniel says I saved your wife again. Deep sees Tara catching apple, he thinks she caught like Tara.

Arohi is trying to play basketball but cant play it.Tara says to Deep that we didnt have enough knives so I brought some knives. Daniel asks Deep to eat something. Deep says darling take driving license with you from next time.Arohi is playing basketball with her friends. Virat gives her a spin signal, he thinks if she understands my signal then I will know she is my sister. Arohi thinks what is this signal now.Tara is pointing knife at Deep. Deep thinks why she is acting weirdly? Did this Daniel bring Tara here thinking she is Arohi? Tara thinks soon Deep’s heartbeat will stop.In court, Virat thinks one more step and I will know if she is Tara or Arohi.

Arohi plays basketball to prove that she is Tara. Real tara is with deep. she comes near himm with knife. he says what are you doing. She says making you eat. She gives him bread. Deep says what is in it? Dany says blood. Tara laughs and says this is strawberry jam. Tara says I am trying to be what you love. He says the one I love doesn’t do all this. Dany says you both make perfect couple. Deep goes out.
Virat says you played so well Tara. Let’s go home and tell Deep. Deep stumbles with Tara. He sees Dany eating on sofa. Deep says very hungry? He says deep you are always in anger. Thanks for breakfast. I am leaving. Arohi and Virat come in. Deep says in heart if Arohi is here who is that.. Dany says I have to fix my mistake. He runs after Tara but she runs. Virat says what is happening? Deep says this Daany brought in Arohi here. Arohi says there is bruise on your head. Deep says he doesn’t need out help. He asks Dany to leave.

Deep says to Arohi why did you have to stop him. Arohi says he saved me twice. His head was bleeding. Deep says open your eyes and go from here. Your life is in trouble. He pours water in glass on her. arohi brings bucket and says I am not going anywhere. She pours all on it on him and laughs. Deep runs after her. They both fall on bed. She wakes up.

Roma comes in as a child. She says I will hide and you will look for me. Deep says mummy ji I am coming. Roma says I want to play. She says this doll hide it too. Arohi sees something in the doll. Police comes in and says someone came in from the backdoor. Deep says arohi? Inspector says no it was a man. Dany comes in and says it was me. I need your help. Inspector was after me. I broke signal and he came after me. Deep gives them money. Deep says why did you have to break the signal? He says because of that arohi.

She attacked me again. I ran from her and came here running. She would have killed me. Deep says why would you come here without invitation?> Hee says your wife asked me to stay. That arohi can attack me anytime. So i will have to live here. Roma says will he play with me? She hugs him. Virat says mummy ji lets go from. deep says you can’t do this drama here. Go from here. Arohi sees a box on the gate. She picks it it has a knife. arohi screams. She sees photo of deep and arohi dying in it. Deep reads on 11th June its Tara’s birthday. Something will happen that you will remember for ever. Tara says you can’t imagine what is going to happen with you all on 11 June.

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