A magical love story Update 14 October 2021


A magical love story 14 October 2021: Aman wakes up at night while Roshni is asleep and meeting Shayari and Rehaan asks where is Ilme jinn book. Shayari shows him book and says its a mirror image of real book, so he has to read it opposite. He says he will not let golden sun night come at all and will kill Tabeezi to protect Roshni. Rehaan says bhabi will never accept it. Aman says he knows Roshni will not agree, so he will not inform her. Rehaan reminds him about last incident where Roshni submitted Arman to black jinn to save Aman without inform Aman and that created differences between them then.

Aman says if he informs her, she would never agree and asks Shayari to ask ilme jinn how to kill Tabeezi. Shayari informs him that only an Ayana’s powers can kill another Ayana, so Roshni can kill Tabeezi. Aman says Roshni will not agree, so they have to plan something and get Roshni’s powers.Tabeezi gets happy thinking she will get back angel’s heart after killing Roshni on golden sun’s night. She chooses a dress for the special moment.Roshni wakes up and doesn’t find Aman around. She walks out and sees Rehaan falling down injured. Shayari tells her that someone is attacking them. A monster arrives and attacks them. Roshni attacks back. Shayari captures her powers in a glass box. Aman walks in.

Roshni asks what is happening. He says they have to capture her powers. Roshni asks if he will harm Tabeezi. Aman says he has to do that to protect Roshni even if she hates him after that. He ties Roshni and leaves with Rehaan and Shayari and reaches Tabeezi’s house. Tabeezi says she was waiting for him and seeing Shayari and Rehaan says he came with a team to fight with her, till now they were taking her help. Their fight starts.Aman with Rehan and Shayari attack Tabeezi. Tabeezi attacks back and showing Roshni’s magical comb says this is one more reason that she deserves Ayana’s angel heart. Daadi and Ammi see Roshni tied to a pillar and frees her. Roshni says they need to stop Aman as he has gone to kill Tabeezi. Tabeezi provokes Aman.

Aman signals Shayari who captures Tabeezi with rope and Aman shoots arrow at her. Arrow hits Roshni instead. Aman is shocked to see nothing happened to Tabeezi. Tabeezi says arrow hit the one whom they want to protect and reveals that she took blood promise from Roshni. She reminisces the incident where she calls Roshni and expresses her concern that she trusts Roshni, but not Aman who can go to any extent to protect Roshni and can even kill Tabeezi, so she wants blood promise from Roshni after which Roshni will be harmed instead if Aman attacks Tabeezi. She continues that Roshni will die soon and she will get back her angel’s heart from Roshni; Roshni will disintegrate slowly and Aman can save her if he can.


Roshni’s condition deteriorates and she collapses. Daadi, Ammi, Saima and Saira try to revive her. She starts disintegrating from feet. Aman with Shayari and Rehaan reach there and feels disheartened seeing Roshni’s condition. Daadi pleads him to save Roshni. Rehaan says he promised Roshni to protectg her. Shayari says she will check ilme jinn and walks away with Rehaan. They search book and find it missing. Rehaan asks if it has feet that it escaped. Shayari he is right and sees ilme jinn’s protector jinn running away with it. They run behind him and inform Aman to stop him. Aman runs and catches him. Protector jinn creates mirror and gets into it with Aman. Family gets worried. Rehaan tries to get into mirror. Shayaari stops him and says family needs him. He says he will get ilme jinn and will return soon. Shayari asks who will protect Roshni and family if he goes. He tries to get into mirror, but fails.

In mirror, Aman finds himself in a dark room and asks who is here and calls Rehaan, Daadi, Shayari. Daadi asks Rehaan and Shayari to do something as Shayari is disintegrating. Shayari says only ilme jinn has solution which Protector jinn took away. Ammi says even Tabeezi has ilme jinn. Rehaan says Tabeezi will never help them and she is responsible for all this. Tabeezi takes Armaan near Roshni and says she will get well soon. Protector jinn emerges in front of Aman. Aman pleads him to give ilme jinn to him as his wife’s life is in danger. Protector jinn says he should kill him and take it. Aman tries to kill jinn, but fail.s Protector jinn says he has to catch him to kill him, but Roshni would have gone by then. Aman pleads that he has a small baby and needs his mother, he can kill him but give ilme jinn now.Protector jinn says he lives people who love others and says only he or ilme jinn can go out. Aman thinks he has to sacrifice himself to protect Roshni and has to break his promise to be with her whole life.

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