To die for love Update Wednesday 11 August 2021


To die  for love 11 August 2021: Arohi says to Deep where are you going? He says going out for mummy’s work. She says I am not feeling well. Please stay here with me don’t go anywhere. He says stop acting like a kid, Mummy ji has given me some work. He goes and sits in his car. Arohi takes air out of his tire. He says what re you doing. Its important I have to go. Arohi says fine you don’t care about me. She takes the other car and comes outside banglow where Kalyani is Chawani comes with her. Arohi says thank God you are fine. Arohi comes outside the house. Chawani says she is here. Arohi says stay here I will go and talk to her.

Arohi tries to break the lock. Deep comes to that house. Chawani says deep is coming. Lets go. Arohi says no i have to talk to her. Chawani takes her to a side. Deep goes in. He has a gun. Arohi says I haave to save her. Deep is about to shoot that woman. His hands shiver. Arohi throws sand in his eyes. He can’t see anything. Arohi takes Kalyani with to a side. She hits deep’s head. Deep faints.
Arohi asks Chawani where did she go? Chawani says she ran. Arohi says we have to find out how she is related to all this.

Deep comes to Roma and tells her everything. Virat says I told you he is a loser. Deep says I will kill her. I won’t leave it incomplete. Virat says do things on time. Roma says she is enemy of this house. Please kill her. Deep says don’t worry I will. He goes out. Virat says at least tell me who she is. Roma says don’t worry about her. Deep will kill her.Deep is drinking. Arohi stops him. She says I thought I shouldn’t have behaved that way. I am sorry. I wanna stay with you all the time. He says should I stop doing mummy’s work. A girl came and failed my mission. Leave me alone.

Arohi sees deep going somewhere. She follows him. Arohi sees him with a boxer. He says says hit me as much as you can. I paid you for it. The boxer beats him badly. He says I can’t hit more you will die. Arohi wonders what is he doing. Deep faints. Arohi says I am not inhumane like you.Arohi makes Deep sleep on his bed. She says now whats the secret behind all this? how many secrets are there inside you? He says water.. Arohi makes him drink water. She says there are so many bruises. I have to do something. She cleans his wound and applies med. Deep holds her hand. He says please sit here. She says what was all this? Why were you letting them hit you? He says you saw everything. He says bruises on body don’t mean anything when there is pain in your soul. Arohi says nothing can unburden soul. Deep says you never said anything like that before.

She applies med on his bruise. Deep recalls his moments with Arohi. He says I feel like you.. Aro.. He faints.Deep says to Arohi I still remember our first valentine’s day. She says these are very childish things. He says what are you saying you loved it. Roma says this all is mine I wont let you take it all Kalyani. Kalyani comes in. Roma says what are you doing here? Kalyani has a knife. Roma calls Deep. DEep hears. Kalyani says I will kill you Roma. Your sins are too much. Arohi says whats happening? Who is Kalyani. Deep says we have to go home. Roma says please put the knife down. Roma says you don’t deserve to live. Kalyani says you ruined my life first and then Arohi’s life. Roma says what do you want? Money? Kalyani says this all is mine already. Roma screams help.. Deep comes in and Kalyani runs. She says someone please catch her. Arohi says I have to save Kalyani. She turns the main fuse off. Deep can’t see Kalyani.

Arohi holds her hand and says Mausi its me. Run out. Kalyani runs. Deep turns on lights. He sees Arohi and says what are you doing here? She says was looking for that woman. I saw a shadow here. I saw her going there. Lets check mom. deep runs upstairs. Roma’s hand is bleeding.Arohi smiles. She says mom are you okay. Arohi does her first aid. Deep and Roma are dazed because Tara is scared of blood. DEep says blood scares you? Arohi says my fear is not important than my mom. Call the doctor. Roma says no don’t. We can’t answer question. She wants to kill us and take it all. DEep says I will kill her. Roma says how power went off? Deep someone else did it. Some girl is helping her. She saved Kalyani that day as well.Virat says to Deep wow you were here and mom got attacked. You are so useless. Shame on you. It was papa’s mistake you picked you from street and mom gave you her daughter. You are a drama. Deep says I am not doing any drama. I will find her from here. Virat says what will do?

She fled from your own house. Deep says I thought you were here I wont’ have left her alone otherwise. Virat slaps him. Virat says don’t blame me. Roma says stop it. I have taught you both to help and respect each other and look at you both. Deep is no adopted. Deep is my son. I do this all for him because I love him. Do what you want but don’t fight in this house. Virat says you are right. Virat says I will handle everything my way.

Deep comes to room and breaks the mirror. He says I am responsible for all this. Arohi says why did Virat had to insult you. You did so much for this house. Deep says I don’t mind. I know he does this because.. Arohi says but you are my husband. Deep says i love that you show concern for me now. He leaves.Everyone comes to hall. Virat says why have you called us all here? Deep says I have found Kalyani. Arohi is dazed. Virat says where? Deep says she has given up. She will go the colony behind railway. She will go there. We will catch her there. Virat says I will come with you. Deep says lets go. Arohi says I have to do something.

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