To die for love Update Tuesday 10 August 2021

To die for love 10 August 2021: Virat says Tara do you still love Deep? Deep puts gun in his head. Arohi takes the gun from him. Virat says there was no bullet in it. Arohi says why play this then? Virat says I wanted to know if you love him. Arohi says of course I love him. Don’t come between me and Deep again.Bidnya is working. She sees a woman in while sari with knife. bindya is scared. She runs out and says to Maya there is someone in kitchen. Roma and Prithvi come as well. Maya says I told you someone is there in this house. Roma says ago and do your work.

Chawani is listening all this. He says whats happening in this house?Roma says to Prithvi that woman is here. She is trying to scare us. Prithvi says who could it be? Roma says can be an old enemy. Prithvi says you mean.. Roma says yes its her. prithvi says she was in jail. Roma says anything is possible. Chawani is overhearing everything.Arohi says I hate that devil. He took everything from me. He killed my family, he killed my dreams. Chawani calls her. Arohi is crying. Chawnai says don’t cry. Arohi says Deep killed bhabhi and niku. He shoved them off the cliff. Everything is over. I shouldn’t have saved him. He could die today. I wish he dies. Chawani says you promised you won’t kill anyone. Arohi says I will kill him. I have forgotten all my promises.

Deep says it was my personal matter with Tara. You shouldn’t have talked like that. Virat says there is nothing personal for you. We gave you everything. deep goes to edge of the cliff. Arohi comes to shove him. Deep says you want to kill me right? Kill me so everything is over. My life is for you. My breaths remind me that I need to keep you happy. But I don’t deserve you. Kill me. Arohi says isn’t there any happiness for you? You only care about saving me. Deep swipes his tears. He goes to the house. Arohi says I know your weakness. I know what to do with you.

Roma says is Kalyani in jail? Prithvi says no she ran from there. Roma says she is doing all this. she is here for papers. Chawani overhears.Arohi throws snow on Deep. She caresses his face and hugs him. They go for a walk. Arohi keeps Deep happy. She says I want to cook something for you. He says you never even made tea. Okay if you want to cook.Prithvi and Roma hide the papers. Chawani is keeping an eye on them. Prithvi says we need to keep them safe by killing her. She shouldn’t reach these papers. Kalyani comes to papa’s room. She caresses his face. She picks key from his collar and touches his feet. Kalyani is in tears. kalyani comes to close with key.Prithvi puts gun on the woman’s head. Roma says call Virat. Tell him guests are here.

Chawani calls Arohi. She says I didn’t kill deep. He is shallow inside. He is dead inside. He has no wishes, no will. he does what Virat and his family ask him to do. He doesn’t love Tara. Just keeps her burden. i will tell him what love is. I will give him love and then take everything from him.
Chawani says some Kaliyani woman was scaring everyone here. Roma has captured her. Arohi recalls Kalyani was in jail with her. Arohi says what does she have to do with all this?Arohi is on her way back. She says in heart I hope Chawani is fine. He is like Niku to me. I lost him. She says driver drive fast. Virat says stop the car driver. Tara says I want to go home. I want to meet mom. Virat says we have something important to ddo before we go home. Tara says I will come. Deep says we have to talk about business. We will come late you can go in this car. Driver takes Arohi with him.

Arohi comes home. SHe says to Bindya where is Chawani? Bindya says you look so pretty. Tara says shut up and tell me where is Chawani. She says I haven’t seen him, Maya comes and says why are you asking about that street kid? He is so disgusting. Arohi squeezes her cheek. Maya says he is a street dog. Arohi says what else are you? Don’t interfere in my things. Roma comes and says are you crazy she is your aunt. Arohi says where is Chawani? Prithvi says we don’t know. Prithvi says you didn’t want him here. Arohi says I am doing all this for you mom. We took his responsibility. We went missibg we will be responsible for it. Deep really cares about him. Roma says he went back to where he belonged. Aren’t you tired? Arohi says in heart I need to find Chawani.

Deep and Virat come home. Roma says my family has completed. Arohi says this killer is welcomed like he is a hero. Virat touches papa ji’s feet. He meets everyone else. Maya says thank GOd you are back. Roma says yes happiness is back in this house. You should thank Deep. He handled this house well in your absence. You are here because of his efforts. Virat says he start the case. If he had handled Arohi’s case well. Roma says okay let past be past. Roma says something to Deeo.
Deep comes to his room upset. He opens his laptop. Arohi says I will make you suffer. She comes and hugs DEep. She says are you sad?? He says when did you start caring about me? She says you are my husband. I care about you. She says mom doesn’t see you and Virat the same. He says mummy ji made me her son when I had nothing. She massages his shoulder and says what were you working on? He says we want to get Virat back to police force. Tara says where did Chawnai go?

deep says where is he? you didn’t want to keep him in this house. Arohi says I care about you. That kid.. he came from street. Deep says I want to talk to mummy ji. Arohi says chawani where are you? Arohi follows Deep. Chawani calls Arohi. She says are you okay? I was so worried. He says I thought Prithvi saw me. He wanted to kill Kalyani. He took her somewhere.Deep says who is this Kalyani and what has she done? Arohi says to Chawani Kalyani can help us. Prithvi says I have locked her in the banglow. Roma says kill her. Deep says okay I will. Arohi hides. Deep comes to see who is there? arohi hides. Deep says don’t worry I will do it. Arohi tells Cahwani Deep is going to kill her. Deep takes his gun and goes to kill her. Arohi says I have find her. I am coming to Alibagh.

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