To die for love Update Thursday 12 August 2021

To die for love 12 August 2021: Chawani calls Arohi and says don’t help so much her that you get in trouble. Arohi says she helped in run from jail. I will help her too. Deep says to Virat that girl is very clever, she is helping Kalyani. SHe knew Kalyani was in Alibagh, Only family knew it. She is keeping an eye on us. She knows what are we doing. she will go where we are going before us and we will catch her there. Arohi comes out and sees Virat and going somewhere. She says Virat bhaiyan stop. She says you two are going to catch kalyani? i will come with you as well. Virat says why? Do you want to murder? She says of course. She attacked my mom. Deep says you can’t come. We can’t get you in trouble. She is our enemy. We have to be clever. You stay home and rest. They leave. Arohi says what will I do now.

Tara screams and says release me, i will kill you all. Chawani’s friend says shut up. She says I am hungry get me food. His friend says we have food from Taj mehel hote. Chwanai gives her food. She says this is so unhygenic. Even my dogs don’t eat it. I want pizza. Chawani put salan on roti and says here we made pizza. They laugh at her.Tara says I will kill you all. Deep and Prithvi will come here and kill you all. Chawani says we are scared sorry. they laugh. Chawani says they aren’t coming here because our sister is living in that house. Our Arohi didi is living here. Eat or you will die. He opens her hand. Tara eats the food and spits. There are so many spices in it. They laugh. She says I will kill you all. Arohi calls Chawani. She tells him something. Chawani tells his friends something. They leave. Tara shouts give me water. I will kill you all.

Arohi comes outside a house. She says thank God this driver knew short cut and I came here before them. She goes inside the house. Deep and Virat come there as well. Deep says she will come here for sure. She must be inside now. Arohi comes in the house and says Kalyani mausi. Deep and Virat come there. DEep says your death is here. Its all dark. Virat says you thought you can fool us? Turn back and show us your face. She is Kesari. Virat points gun at her. Deep says Kesari.. Virat says who is she? That maid? Virat says your game is over. Tell us where Kalyani is? Or we will kill you? Kesari says who is she? Why is he pointing gun at me? Deep points gun at her and says you work for Kalyani. You were spying for her in our house. Tell us or I will kill you. Kesari says why would I spy in your house? I was working there. Do I look like a spy? You all will have my curse. Virat says shut up. I will kill you. Arohi says you will hear blasts first. Fire crackers start cracking around Deep and Virat. They get scared and look behind.

Arohi laughs and runs. She locks them both there. Deep says what the hell. Arohi says it was me who was spying in your house. Now i am going and you two will stay here. She leaves. Virat says where did she go? Deep says she fled.Deep and Virat come home and tell Roma everything. Roma says Kesari was behind all this? Deep says yes she is helping Kalyani. Arohi comes and says I told you all Kesari is playing a game. She was our enemy but no one listened to me. Roma says yes you said it. Arohi says by now I would have killed her. Deep says its all my mistake I should have been careful. I made a mistake mummy ji. you can punish me for it. Roma says what are you saying? Because of you we know Kesari. We fled but no we know that is our enemy. Smart girl. She says I am bringing water.

Deep says no I wont drink until I succeed. Roma says you succeeded already. She gives water to tara. Arohi says deep please for us drink water. Arohi says in heart Deep I will keep confusing you.Arohi comes home and celebrates with kids. She treats them. Arohi says you all saved me. That trap was made for me. You all alerted me on right time. Arohi recalls reaching there and hearing Deep’s conversation. Kids came there and put the fire crackers there. Kids left firecrackers there when they pointed gun at Arohi. Arohi laughs. Chawani says we planned so well.

Deep says lets go to the place where Kesari came from. Lets ask the bai. Deep says she must not left a clue there. We need to think of a new plan. Arohi says they will keep looking for Kesari and Kesari will live there as Tara. Kesari’s role should end now. Deep says we should act like police. When they want police. They get their posters. We will get Kesari’s poster made. Arohi burns Kesari’s clothes. Chawani says don’t do this. Deep says Keasri has to die. Chawani says you are right. Deep hires an artist. He explains what Kesari looks like. Arohi comes home as well. He has his face turned. Maya looks at the sketch and says Arohii.. Deep says what are you saying? Why would i get Arohi’s sketch made? She says turn back and see what he made. He looks back the sketch is of Arohi. deep is dazed.

Deep says what are you trying to say? This sketch is of Kesari. You are drunk. She says I am not blind. Deep turns back and sees the sketch. He is dazed to look at it. Deep says thats Kesari not Arohi. Arohi says enough no one will take her name in this house. Maya says she looks like Arohi. Deep says please. We don’t have time for all this. He says give this to virat. Arohi says don’t dare taking her name again or I will kick you out. Maya says sometimes I feel like.. Arohi leaves.Deep comes to his room. He says why was I thinking of Arohi? She doesn’t mean anything to me. She is dead. Tara is my wife. Arohi comes in and says yes Arohi is dead. I wish she was alive I would have killed her. DEep says she doesn’t mean anything. Arohi says don’t give clarifications. Do you still love her? He says I just fooled her. I never loved her. she says you changed when you met her. I am trying to change and be a good person. He hugs her. Deep says I am coming. He goes out.

Maya says to Prithvi what is wrong with Tara? She behaves so bad to me. She wasn’t like this before. maya says she gets so mad. Arohi comes to her room. She says mausi.. can I come in? Maya says I am really tired. Arohi says okay. She sees Prithvi and drinks in her room. Arohi says okay see you tomorrow. Arohi peeks in. She records it. They are being romantic. Next morning, Arohi notices Maya and Prithvi on breakfast table. Roma asks Prithvi to go to office. Arohi says where is Virat? Roma says he went out to find about Kesari.

Virat says I went to her place. I went to Sweta as well. Someone shoved her. She doesn’t know about her. There is no record of her name. She doesn’t exist. Roma says interesting. Virat says she was impersonating. bindya says i told you about her color. Deep says we checked her color. Virat says what could she look like without that dark color and make up? Maya points at Arohi and says she looks like this with fair color. She is Kesari.

She is living with us as an impersonator. Deep says what are you saying. Virat says what are you trying to say? Maya says she is Kesari. Roma says what do you mean? Maya says what do you think Prithvi. He says I doubt Tara madam too. Arohi slaps him.Arohi says how dare you doubt me Prithvi and Maya? Virat says Prithvi what is wrong with you Prithvi. Maya is drunk but what about you? Arohi says you think I am Kesari? Then who hit her? You saw me there when you checked her color. Am I a magician? Maya says you are Arohi not Tara. You came here earlier as Kesari. You are living here as Tara. Roma says this can happen. Roma says Tara.. Arohi? Kesari? Who are you? Arohi is in shock.

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