The Cost of Love Update Thursday 12 August 2021

The Cost of Love 12 August 2021: The Episode starts with Monty coming to meet Poorva and giving her shagun. Kaira likes his gesture. Richa says Aparna is torturing Kaira for Poorva’s sake. Vikram says I have to go office, we started making profit now, I can’t leave things in staff. Monty says competition is getting high for me. Vikram asks him not to worry and goes. Ahaan practices dance. His phone rings. He doesn’t see. Pankti calls again. He answers and says I m so irritated by rehearsals.

Aparna asks him to focus on work and come back soon. She asks Pankti to focus on rasams. Director asks the girl to get Rangoli. The girl says Rangoli isn’t ready. Monty meets Poorva. She asks why did you come that day, I was scared. He says I had come to meet you by hiding. She asks him to wait till marriage. Aparna pulls his ears and sends him. She asks Poorva to get ready.David comes and says this will take some time to effect, this drugs won’t leave Ahaan in his senses.

Rangoli gets glad. Kaira cries. She tries to cover up her sorrow. Manav says I know when your tears are of joy and sorrow, what will you do marrying the person who doesn’t love you, I will get a trending groom for you. She asks him not to crack such jokes. He says fine, get ready soon. She refuses. He says Ahaan isn’t here, get ready, else Pankti will feel bad. Rangoli comes for the shoot. She apologizes to Ahaan. They go for shoot. Mishka adds drugs in the brownie. A man says your friend has come to meet.

Director gets angry that Ahaan is gone. He asks them to find Ahaan.He sees Ahaan with David. Rangoli smiles. Pankti thinks of Rangoli’s words. Aparna asks Pankti and Poorva to stay happy. Mishka gets brownie for Rangoli. Rangoli asks Ahaan to try it. He says its nice, I know Pankti makes better brownies. Mishka says I have ordered it for entire crew, this is just for you and madam. Ahaan eats it. Rangoli smiles. Ahaan goes for take. Pankti smiles seeing everyone happy and dancing.

Kaira cares for Poorva. Pankti sees A in her mehendi and recalls JD’s words. She thinks none can make us away now Ahaan. Ahaan and Rangoli sing. Anita asks Aparna didn’t you call media, mehendi function is simple. Aparna says we don’t want any public, its a family matter. Ahaan sees Pankti in Rangoli and stops dancing. Director asks what’s this, we are getting late, don’t waste time. Rangoli smiles.Vikram sees Poorva. Richa sees Vikram. Pankti stays worried. Ahaan gives the shot, imagining Pankti.

Director shouts cut, Ahaan, what are you doing, you don’t have to go close to her. Ahaan says really sorry, I should have slept yesterday night, I m feeling strange. Rangoli says sorry, your time got waste because of me. Ahaan says please one more shot. Director says this is final, I m fed up. Ahaan dances again. Director says this is too much. Ahaan says sorry, I have no idea what’s happening, its strange.Richa questioning Vikram about Poorva. He tells her that there is nothing between him and Poorva. They argue.

Ahaan sees Pankti in Rangoli and asks her to come along. He says I love you Pankti. Rangoli gets him to her room. Anita says I didn’t think I will see this day, you both are getting married. Ahaan sees Pankti in Rangoli and smiles. Rangoli says I m shy for our wedding night, its our wedding day. Ahaan says finally we united. Anita says finally you and Ahaan will unite, I tried hard to write your fate, but you had to become Ahaan’s wife. Ahaan says I love you Pankti. They hug. Anita says now no one can steal Ahaan from you, no one can steal your fate. Someone calls Pankti.

Pankti steps on ghungroos and slips. She falls over the wall and gets her mehendi spoiled. Anita worries that her mehendi got ruined. Aparna asks Pankti not to worry by the bad omens, the mehendi spoiled, but the A letter in her mehendi is still same.Poorva gets necklace and asks Pankti to select one for her. Pankti says wear any necklace, no one will see it after seeing your face, we got our love finally. Poorva says we used to joke that we won’t get happiness ever. They have a talk.

Rangoli smiles and leaves from Ahaan’s room. She covers herself with a quilt. The lady asks her why is she going this way and where. Pankti calls Ahaan. She calls Rangoli too. They don’t answer. She calls Uday and asks where is Ahaan. He says I m going home. She says I m not able to contact Ahaan and Rangoli. He says maybe they are busy on shoot.Its morning, Kaira looks happy to everyone. She gets sad when Monty comes. Aparna asks Monty to get ready, Ahaan would be coming too. Manav calls Ahaan.

Ahaan wakes up. He checks his phone. He says its Rangoli’s room. He shouts Rangoli, where are you, its my marriage today. He doesn’t see her and goes to the reception to book a cab for the airport. Uday informs Pankti that shoot packed up at night, Rangoli left already and Ahaan is on the way to airport. He asks her not to worry and get ready for marriage. Aparna waits for Ahaan. Manav says Ahaan is stuck in a recording, he will come. Pankti thinks of Rangoli’s words. Ahaan comes to Pankti. They hug. She asks where were you. He says you felt I will really miss my marriage, I m not so careless. He gives her a rose.

He goes to get ready. Ahaan gets ready. He calls Rangoli and couldn’t connect. Pandit asks them to call brides and grooms. Both the couples walk down. Monty hugs Ahaan and says I m proud of you.

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