To die for love Update Tuesday 9 November 2021

To die for love 9 November 2021: Virat says why are you so shocked? I came here but the door was locked. I was so worried for you. She says let me get water. He says don’t you wanna spend time with me? He says come I want to talk to you. Lets have a drink. Arohi says coming. She is shocked. She turns off the fuse.Tara decorates the cake and says happy birthday to you husband. She hugs deep and says I waited whole year for this moments. Lets start the celebration. He says we both will celebrate together. Lets cut the cake. You love to use the knife. He makes her picks the knife and squeezes it. She screams.

Virat says Anju why is it taking so long? He sees her and says why were you going out? She says I was checking the fuse box. He says it was inside. He says sit and lets talk. I missed you so much.Deep says you cut your mom’s finger why? She says you kept her here to keep an eye on me. Dont’ you think chawani wouldn’t doubt you? Deep says I kept her here for your safety. What if she tells everyone. Tara says she will knw what I am once she opens her mouth. Deep says you know wat will happen when police comes here. Chawani sees all this. Deep says she was acting as your mom. We can’t get another once. Don’t dare doing a mistake like this next time. Chawani comes to his room. He says this was Tara. Where is Arohi didi ten?

Deep comes to the woman and says I sorry for what happened. She says she is crazy. I am really scared. Deep says nothing will happen don’t worry.Tara says chawani open the door. He is scared. Deep opens the door. He says why were you not opening the door? Chawani says I couldn’t sleep. Deep says lets go to hospital. I was taking Arohi’s mom there. Tara sees the rope in his room. He says so this means chawani knows everything.Arohi faints. Virat takes her to the hospital. Doctor says you are pregnant. Did you tell your husband? She says no don’t tell him. He would want to go for abortion.
Arohi sees Deep and chawani in the hospital. Deep says stay with her I will get the injection. Arohi hides from deep. Chawani says this is the time to run from here.Arohi comes out to run. Deep stops chawani. He says where are you going? Deep says I wasn’t feelin well in the hospital. So I was going out. Arohi sees them. Tara calls deep and says chawani knows our reality. He is trying to run from the hospital. Deep says okay don’t worry I will fix everything.Deep says to chawani. I know you are bored. We will play a game. Chawani says that aunty.. Deep says don’t worry about her. We will play this game. Chawani says I don’t wanna play any game. Deep makes him sit in the car. Tara says I know deep you will play the right game with chawani.

Deep and Chawani are in the car. Arohi follows them. She says where is deep taking chawani. He takes Chawani out. Chawani says I don’t wanna play any game. I wont tell anyone. Deep says what do you know? He says no I know nothing. He blind folds Chawani and says lets play.
Deep says lets play. Chawani says I don’t wanna play. Deep says you have to. Chawani goes towards the edge. He is about to fall. Deep holds him and says you couldn’t catch me but I caught you. The plan where I will send you no one can find you. Deep picks him up and throws him in the water. Arohi sees all this. she is dazed.Deep leaves. Arohi goes running and screams chawani.. She screams and cries. Arohi says deep you ruined everything. You will pay for your sins.Arohi comes home and hugs tara. He says Chawani is one. Tara says I knew you would keep everyone away from me that I hate. I would have killed him long ago. He says shut up.Arohi says how will I take my revenge from deep. He killed Deep as well. I have to save my child from him. I wont tell deep about my baby. Chawani is in a net. He tries to come out. Arohi pulls him. she hugs Chawani and cries. Arohi says chawani.. My brother. I am Arohi. Chawani says I know you are my didi. Forgive me. I didn’t recognize you.

Aroi says I know it was not easy. Thank God you are fine. She hugs him. Arohi gets a text. Its Virat he says Anjali where are you? Pick the phone. Virat calls her. He says where are you? She says I am at my friend’s place. Pick from her house in the morning.Arohi buys chawani food. He says why did deep do this? He loved you so much. Arohi says I could never see his real face.Arohi sees Virat leaving. He leaves. Arohi comes in and looks everywhere in the house. She sees some papers and says I am coming deep.Deep comes home. Tara has decorated everything. Tara says did you like the surprise? Deep says I don’t like all this. She says you used to celebrate with Arohi. She says what do you want? She says we will take a lot of pictures. Deep throws them away and says stop it. He leaves. Tara says I did all this for you. Aroi’s fake mom says you need to ahve more reasons to live than just deep. Arohi coms to bank and says I want to withdraw my money. He says you have to wait for a week. Our bank is closing. Its 80 crore. Arohi says I will donate 10 crore to your trust. He says okay I will get you the payment. Arohi says see what I do now deep.Deep looks at Arohi’s picture and says you will do what I want. You can’t even breathe without my permission. Some thugs come and kidnap Arohi. Deep smirks.

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