To die for love Update Monday 8 November 2021

To die for love 8 November 2021: Arohi sees a woman with covered face leaving the house. arohi says I will find my answer here.Virat comes to his house. Tara see him and is dazed. Virat says I want to say something Arohi. I know you wont forgive me after what I have done. I just want to talk to you. Deep says what are you doing here? How dare you talk to my wife. Virat says I know I have done so many things wron but please let me talk to her. deep shoves him and says stay away from my wife. How did you come out of jail? Virat says I am bailed. If I wanted I would have gone somewhere but I came here because I repent. please listen what I want to say.
Tara says to deep let him speak. He doesn’t know I am Tara but he is my brother.

Deep says you are Arohi for him as well. Arohi hates Virat. Tara says I will handle everything but i want to know what virat wants to tell that arohi? Deep gets a call and says what.. He rushes out.Arohi enters the house. She sees deep’s photo. Arohi says every time I see your face I recall what you did. You don’t love me. I hate you. She drinks water and looks around. Deep enters the house. He puts hand on Arohi’s house. she shoves him and runs. Deep runs after her and pulls her leg but Arohi runs. she hides in a room. Deep looks around for her. She is in closet. Arohi runs downstairs.Virat says to Tara I did all that for my sister tara. And she sent me to jail. Tara ruined everyone’s life. Tara is angry. Virat says my mom and dad died because of her. She is at large and she shouldn’t be. she is a devil. I did so wrong with you. I want to help you. Please forgive me. Tara says in heart wow virat. You are betraying your trust.

Deep says to watchman someone entered the house and you are doing nothing here. He shows Arohi’s picture. Watchman says yes it was her. Deep says I have to catch her before she finds things she shouldn’t. It would be dangerous for all of us.
Arohi runs on the roads. She stole the phone from there. The phone is locked. The phone unlocks with her face sensor. arohi is dazed. She says how did it recognize my face? She goes through the contacts. everything is code words. Arohi says whats happening.Sudha comes to Arohi and says I was scared for me. I was at my brother’s place but I was worried for you. Come with me home.

Arohi comes to sudha’s house. She says this is my brother’s house. You can rest here. Arohi sits down. Sudha says let me get you something to drink. She says there is no milk I will go out and get something for you.Arohi prays. she says please help me out. Please show me a way. Arohi sees a letter on the window. Its for her. It says I know you are Arohi. I can tell what happened with you is because of what. Come to the empty compound I will tell you everything.Arohi comes were the letter asked her to come. She waits. a woman with covered face comes. Someone with a rod comes and hits Arohi on head. she falls down and faints. The other girl runs.People there call police. Arohi is dazed. She says in heart she was running from that man and then truck hit her. She picks Anjali’s phone. Arohi says why deep gave me her face?

Deep sees something in phone and calls someone. He says find her. we have to do it any cost after this news. He breaks stuff in anger. Deep picks is gun and leaves.Tara sees video of Deep’s room. He says who is deep lookin for? The same girl. She recalls she left a camera in deep’s room. Arohi says if Tara sees me I will be in trouble.Arohi’s mom texts deep something. Tara picks her phone and says dont’ use your fingers they can break too. I know you worry for me. That’s why you keep an eye on me. The woman says no no I shouldn’t leave you alone. I was in your room to give you medicine. Tara says you were texting deep. I hate people who spy. Chawani looks at all this he is dazed. tara takes out knife and says if you wann stay here know that you have you mind your own business. I can cut your fingers. She cuts er hand. The woman screams. Chawani runs from there.

Arohi says who was she? I will have to go to her place. She takes Anjali’s car. Arohi sees sudha. She sits in auto. Arohi follows her. Sudha meets deep. Deep says did you catch her? She says I tried. Deep says I am tired of this word. Arohi steps in. She stumbles over something. Its sudha’s body. Arohi screams. She sees Deep leaving. Arohi says deep killed her.Tara says on call keep an eye on deep. Chawani sees her and starts running. tara says chawani why are you running? He is scared.Arohi says sudha only helped me and Deep killed her. Why did deep do this? I can’t believe deep can do all this. He is just like tara. Why did he give me this face? She looks at her ID.

Arohi comes to Anjali’s house. She sees her photos and says you wanted to meet and help me but you got killed. She opens closet and sees men clothes. arohi says she had a brother or husband? Arohi takes her clothes and says sorry but I need them. Virat comes in. Arohi is dazed. Virat hugs her. He says I missed you so much Anjali. I live you. He kisses her forehead. Arohi is shocked.

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