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Wedding planners 6 November 2021: The Episode starts with Preeti saying my fight is with myself. Kusum smiles. Preeti says you should have thought before making friendship. She asks when are you coming back, come back soon. Kusum nods. Its morning, Preeti comes to office. Preeti prays to Krishna. KT comes and asks what are you doing here, there is a fire catching up. She asks what. He says see, the ad is doing well. They get many calls. He asks her to answer the call. KT also gets a call. He laughs.

Preeti says why not, we will handle the marriage arrangements. She thinks I wish we get a good work, I can make my identity, if Tarun sees me fulfilling challenge, he can respect me. They all attend calls. KT says lunch break, I feel hungry, we will work later, come. He asks Shyam to serve the food. Preeti gets her tiffin. KT likes the food and takes her tiffin. She asks him to pass the food. He says sorry, I love this dish, you made it so good. Sheena comes and says great news, the diamond merchant called, its his daughter’s marriage, he wants to meet you. Preeti says we will go. KT says if we leave food and go, he will feel we are dying to get the work.

She says its true, we are lucky to get work, we have to work double, we can’t make client wait. He says it will insult the food. She says just come. He asks her to eat it on the way. He says you are more stubborn. The diamond merchant Mr. Nathmal gets angry. He says Chanda has sent her assistant, like I m nobody, just go, you have zero professionalism, explain Chanda, that servant is a servant and owner is a owner. KT and Preeti come there. Nathmal smiles seeing them. Rati sees Preeti. Nathmal says I informed them and the owners have come, Chanda didn’t give me respect, the new company is taking care of little things, just leave. Rati leaves and hears them.

Preeti says we have heard a lot about you. The lady asks Rati to just leave. Rati makes a face. Preeti says we want to know all details of your daughter and family. Nathmal says we gave everything to my daughter, she is very traditional, she decided to get married in Udaipur. KT says she decided right, we are also clear, I know all marriage Sanskaar, I married the same girl thrice in my film. Nathmal says I have seen that film.They discuss. Nathmal says I have seen many wedding planning companies, all the ideas are same, I wanted something unique, so we called you. Preeti says we are new, but we know Rajasthan’s heart, we will think something special and beautiful. KT says I was going to say this. Nathmal says fine, we will meet soon. Chanda throws papers at Rati. She says your degree is waste, shame on you, Preeti got the big event in front of you.

Rati says I tried a lot. Chanda says shut up, your Saas is better in her work, listen to me carefully, if we lose Nathwal’s contract, it will be your responsibility. She goes. Rati gets angry and says I will not forget this insult, I won’t let Preeti forget it. KT says you think that painting was original, his car collection is amazing, he likes vintage cars. Preeti notes details of Nathwal’s groom-in-law’s allergy. KT says you are not listening to me. She says we will keep something special in Sangeet from groom’s uncle. He asks her to show the diary.He asks what’s this, how can you make this mistake, you have written many points. Preeti says we are getting first marriage done, you aren’t writing anything, you were making cartoon in the diary. She smiles. KT smiles seeing her. She asks for her diary. She jokes on him. He says you know me well, I always scored well, I had much charm that teachers gave me marks. She says we have to impress clients, give my diary.

KT plays Nathmal’s recording. He says when technology is there, why to trouble hands, save paper now, if trees aren’t there, when will we have Saawan and Teej swings, listen to this carefully. She hears the recording and smiles. She says there are many old customs we don’t know, its beautiful, I heard an old ritual from my Dadi. KT says this rasam was done in my marriage. She asks really, can you give the pics. He says no. She says sorry.Sheena says superstars don’t make their private pics public, am I right. KT says I have to go to gym, I will discuss later. He leaves. Preeti looks on. Rati cries and says Chanda shouted a lot on me, what shall I say, Preeti reached to get Nathwal’s deal, she was smiling and talking to impress him, you challenged her and she made it her strength, Tarun, think if she wins the challenge, then she will become a businesswoman, she will never come back. He says I won’t let her win, dad said keep mum at home always, we have to stop her. She says there is a way to weaken her. He asks what. She says Priyanka. Juhi saying the prospective groom’s family is coming to see Priyanka, Kusum isn’t at home, I have to manage everything. Preeti helps her. She asks why is Priyanka so distant from Kusum. Juhi says Priyanka was 7 years old, Kusum left her to take care of her ill Dadi, since then Priyanka is angry on Kusum.

Preeti says its tough for a child to stay away from Kusum, maybe she felt the partiality, she will understand it when she becomes a mum, its tough for a mum also to stay away from child, Kusum made a sacrifice for her Saas, but got to face her daughter’s anger, don’t worry, Kusum’s heart is really good, Priyanka will also realize this. Juhi says yes, I also want everything to get fine between them. She gets Kusum’s call. Kusum asks are the arrangements done. Juhi says yes, everything is done. Preeti says don’t worry, I m here, we will manage everything. Kusum says I m not there, its a special day for Priyanka. She gets sad. She says we don’t have a normal relation already.

Preeti says leave it, Priyanka is looking like a doll today, Juhi send her pic. Kusum says no, send me the video, not pic, I want to see her smiling face. Juhi says fine, I will send it now. Rati says you have to trap Priyanka in your words, our business rival is there, if you have a casual friendship with her, we will get to know Preeti’s plans, if I give info to Chanda, then I will get a promotion. Tarun says right, but you got late, I insulted Priyanka, how will I befriend her. She says you are handsome and charming, use your good looks, she will come running to you, she still has a soft corner for you. Priyanka talks to the guy. Rati says we will have two profits, Preeti’s business will get shut, we will be number one. Preeti prays seeing the folder. Rati says when Kusum knows this, Kusum and Preeti’s friendship will end, Preeti has to come back here and clean the house, focus on Priyanka. Tarun says right. Preeti shows Priyanka to Kusum on video call. She says we will have sweets soon. Kusum gets happy. She talks like KT. Preeti says my qualities fell low in front of my dark complexion, many people came to see me, my parents used to stay worried for me, I used to feel bad, I used to pray that my marriage gets fixed, be it anyone. Kusum jokes. He says every girl has dreams, you didn’t see dreams.

Preeti says I didn’t feel that right to see a dream, when many people rejected me, I felt that I have some flaw, its good that someone takes the faulty thing, I didn’t think more than that. She cries. She says leave it, you tell me, how many guys came to see you. Kusum says no guy came to see me, I chose the guy myself. She says don’t tell this to anyone, you are my friend, Priyanka’s dad and I eloped and got married. Preeti asks what. She laughs. Kusum says we were in love, we didn’t do any theft, it wasn’t easy in those times.Preeti says you are right. Kusum says who gave me courage to understand love, KT. Preeti asks what, you met him that time. Kusum says I met him in dreams, I saw his film, he saved his heroine bravely and eloped with her, his dialogue was great. She tells the film dialogues. He says KT taught me lesson of love and I learnt it.

Kusum says you would have made such love moments with your husband, tell me, you would have little moments of joy. Preeti says yes, it was good fun, he used to do a lot. Kusum sees her. Preeti says Priyanka and Amit have come out. She shows them to Kusum. Kusum asks Amit, tell me. Amit says our thoughts match, its a tea from my side. Everyone hugs Priyanka. Kusum says get sweets for him. Preeti sends Juhi to get sweets. Preeti feeds the sweets to Amit and Priyanka. Kusum says fine, I will talk to your parents and then we will have roka. Juhi sees Priyanka. Sumedh says Juhi, Priyanka agreed on her own, stop thinking, if she is happy, then everything is fine. Juhi agrees. Everyone dances on Nachne de saare….

Tarun reads the apology message sent to Priyanka. Rati smiles. Priyanka gets a message from Tarun. She gets back and goes away. Amit dances with everyone. Priyanka reads the message. She gets worried. Preeti sees the calendar. She says I can’t go without telling Kusum, if I tell her, she won’t listen, what to do. Priyanka thinks to reply Tarun. Preeti and Priyanka are restless. They come out of their rooms. Priyanka drinks water. She gets Tarun’s call. She worries and runs. She collides with Preeti. Preeti picks her phone. Priyanka takes her phone and goes. Preeti looks on.

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  1. It seems to me that this episode is particularly interesting and it arouses special impressions. To tell the truth, I was engaged in reading to a huge extent and every second wanted to know what would happen next. Without any doubts, all these heroes have their own unique features and they are all truly interesting personalities with their own characters and manner of communication. It is so sad that Priyanka was only 7 years old, Kusum left her to take care of her ill Dadi. Of course, her emotions can be understood because it’s truly difficult to make peace with this situation and let it go, but I hope that Priyanka can do it afterwards.


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