To die for love Update Tuesday 28 December 2021


To die for love 27 December 2021: Abhi Tara to her room. Wasundra says what happened? Abhi says she isn’t well. I am taking her to her room. Deep and Arohi are drunk and on bed. Abhi and Tara are coming there, Abhi sees Arohi on nbed. He takes her outside. Mausi comes. Abhi hides with Arohi. Deep is still on bed.
Deep wakes up. He says when you are not with me Arohi why I feel like All. , you are near.

To die for love 27 December 2021

Abhi gives Arohi water. He says do you even know what were you doing with deep. Arohi says no.. He can’t touch me. He killed my child. Someone is listening. It is mausi. She says arohi is back in this house? I have to tell Deep. Deep comes downstairs. Mausi says I want to talk. Deep says let me have coffee. Mausi says deep I want to talk right now.Abhi says I think that is Mausi. She will tell deep everything. Mausi faints. Everyone is worried. Arohi says what happened to her.Abhi tells Arohi I gave her this injection so she faints. She wont be up for next 48 hours. Arohi says deep would be dead in this time. Deep says to Wasundra I am going for a meeting for two days. Wasundra says you can’t go. It is karwa chauth. You have to with tara. Arohi says in heart you can’t go deep. You have to die from here.

Deep says I will try to come before it. Deep is leaving.Tara is cooking with wasundra. Arohi comes. Tara syas why are you here? She says to help you. Tara says we will do it. Let me know if you need anything. Arohi says I have to make kawa for deep. He is going out. Wasundra says what do you need for it. arohi says ma ji you shouldn’t stand for this long.They go out. Arohi mixes poison in the food and drink. Tara comes and says what are you doing. there is so much noise. Arohi says nothing just cooking. Tara leaves. Arohi mixes poison.
Tara takes the tray from arohi. She gives kawa to everyone. arohi is scared. Wasundra picks the kawa. Arohi takes it from her. Arohi says please don’t drink this one. Yours is different Arohi gives it to deep. He is about to drink but he gets a call.

Tara says stop deep. We can’t trust anyone in this house. You are new here. drink it first yourself. Arohi says is that how you treat guests? Tara says drink it. Guddan says don’t insult me. Wasundra says she is only doing this for deep. Take one sip please.Abhi takes the cup and says I will drink it first. Arohi says no they have asked me. She takes the cup. Arohi takes a sip. She says happy now? Arohi gives it to deep. But the glass breaks. Deep says are you crazy. Arohi says how could I fail. She is fainting. Deep leaves.


Arohi comes to her room. she coughs. Wasundra says deep don’t leave the house please. I am not having a good vibe. Deep says people are waiting for me. Abhi comes to Arohi and says nothing would happen to you Arohi. I will bring the medicine. Arohi is coughing and vomiting. Deep opens his a and sees bottle of the medicine in his bag. He says this fell in my bag. i think this is that doctor’s. Abhi is looking for the medicine. He sees Deep. Deep leaves the medicine in her room. abhi has hidden Arohi.Abhi gives Arohi the medicine. Arohi coughs.

Wasundra says Tara is this your wedding dress? Why was it in another room. Deep says in heart this is Arohi’s. Wasundra says I want you to wear this on karwa chauth. Tara says yes this is mine. My mama also gave me a dress. I couldn’t wear it. can I wear that tomorrow? Wasundra says sure wear that one. she takes Arohi’s dress from her. Tara tears that dress into small pieces.Abhi says to Arohi thank God you are fine. Arohi says I wont die until I take my revenge from deep. I wont leave this time.Tara gets ready and comes to Wasundra. Arohi looks for more information about deep. Her door knocks. It is wasundra. Wasundra says are you up? Are you married? Arohi says it all ended. I would fast anyway. wasundra says you love him still? I will give you sargi because I am like your mom.

Arohi says in heart after marrying deep this was all that I wanted. wasundra gives her a dress. Arohi says her mom can’t make me weak.Wasundra says Tara would make you eat sweets. You will break coconut for her and give her a gift. Arohi shows sweets that have bomb. She says this coconut has poisonous gas and this gift has current all over it. Deep has to die one way or other.

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