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Wedding planners 27 December 2021: The Episode starts with Preeti playing dumb charades with KT and expressing her feelings. He says Kusum and I are the pillars of your life. She says right, I can’t live without you and Kusum, I m incomplete without you both, else my life was shattered, I didn’t know to live, I didn’t know to dream, I want to live free and dream, Kusum and you have given me courage and taught me to fight, I pray that you and Kusum always stay in my life. KT says you know I get careless, maybe I make some mistake, I m sure about Kusum and your relation. She says we three will always be together, I have this faith, you make mistakes but you won’t break anyone’s heart, I trust you.

She says I m forgetting things like you, maybe this is true love. Kushala says KT and Preeti will be going on honeymoon tomorrow, you will get engaged and then married. Neil asks how can this happen. Kushala says you have promised me, don’t step back. He says I love Priyanka, try to understand. She says you have to make this sacrifice for the family, is Priyanka imp than the family, your and Shikha’s alliance is a business deal, don’t upset me, you know what I can do when my mood is bad. She goes.

Its morning, Sneha asks Preeti to get things for her. KT says Neil has done everything for me. Preeti asks Neil why does he look upset. She says you can tell me, I will find a solution. Kushala asks Neil to talk later. Preeti says I will talk about Priyanka and your engagement after coming back, don’t worry. Juhi comes and hugs Preeti. She says Kusum had made this woollen cap for you, she knows you feel cold. She acts like Kusum. Preeti laughs and says Kusum thinks a lot about me, she understands my heart. KT says this is called friendship. Kushala asks Preeti to come for a talk. Juhi says take care of my mum, I never saw her so happy, I want her happiness to not get less, thanks, you have given her a lot of love and respect, she never got it, you are really good. KT smiles. Kushala asks them to leave. KT leaves. Sneha answers a call.

The man asks when shall I come for engagement decorations. Preeti asks whose engagement. Neil says wrong number. KT and Preeti leave from the home. They are on the way.Preeti asks the driver to stop at the Dargah. She says I go to two places often, when I m sad, I go to the Ashram to meet the kids and feed them sweets, I go to the Dargah when I m happy, you are the reason for my happiness, will you come with me. They enter the Dargah to pray. Maula….plays… Preeti gives him a rose. She prays… thanks for sending KT in my life. Dargah Baba says true love is such that it comes in pure hearts. Preeti makes a mannat. She says its my thanks to Lord to fulfill my mannat. She asks him to tie the thread. She says I wish I get you and your love in next 7 births, I m lucky to get you. KT thinks Preeti should get someone who loves her, not me, I wish that her wish doesn’t get fulfilled. She asks what did you ask. He says I shouldn’t share it. She says every mannat gets fulfilled here. He thinks no, she should get true love, I have to do something. She says we should leave.

He says I think I forgot my watch, maybe when I was washing my hands, you be here. He goes back and removes the watch. He says forgive me, I have to open the mannat thread, I can’t see it getting fulfilled. Preeti gets his watch in the car. Dargah baba asks why are you removing the thread, will the mannat not get fulfilled if you do this. KT says I m helpless, I have lied to Preeti that I love her. Preeti looks on shocked. KT saying its my wife’s mannat, I m not able to complete it, it will be right to break the thread, my wife thinks I m a true person and love her, she prayed to get me in 7 births, truth is, I don’t love her, I want to see her happy, so I m faking this love, she is very special and imp for me, but I m scared that she will catch my lie. Preeti looks on shocked. KT says I m not suitable for her, forgive me, I will go. He sees Preeti.

Preeti comes and says KT is a big superstar, I didn’t see his movies, I have seen his life’s big drama. She cries and goes. He goes after her. She asks him to give an autograph, she is a fan of his acting. He says please.. She says I told you, please tell me the truth and don’t break my heart, my identity got shattered now, you know its tough for me, I didn’t get love in my life, I had confessed love to you, what did you do, you did pity on me, I didn’t beg you for love.She says we had friendship between us, you could have told me the truth, this lie broke my trust and also me. She cries and goes to the car. She leaves for home. She thinks of KT. She calls Kusum and says I need you, come soon. Kushala makes arrangements for Neil’s engagement. Preeti comes home and hears it. She asks Neil’s engagement, what’s happening here. KT comes. Kushala says you had a flight today. KT says we missed the flight, so we came back, what’s happening. Sneha says Neil is getting engaged to Shikha, Maheshwari family is good, Kushala has fixed it. Preeti asks how can you do this, you said you will get him married to Priyanka. Kushala says yes, I asked Neil if he loves Priyanka, he refused and said he wants to marry Shikha. She asks Neil to tell the truth.

Neil says Kushala is saying right. Preeti says you love Priyanka, right. Neil says Priyanka is mistaken, I don’t love her. Preeti says you are lying to us, why are you marrying someone else, tell me, what happened. Kushala asks KT to explain Preeti, she is close to Kusum, but Neil said it, he doesn’t love Priyanka. KT asks Neil what’s happening, I know you since childhood, you can’t hide truth from me, right, tell me,Kushala asks Neil to say if she forced him. Neil says I don’t love Priyanka. Preeti says you told me. KT says don’t force him, he doesn’t love Priyanka, trust him. Preeti says I don’t know why he is hiding his emotions, he is sacrificing his love, he loves Priyanka. She asks Neil to say. Kushala asks Preeti to stop it, respect Neil’s wish. Preeti makes Neil swear on her. KT says don’t do this drama, when there is love, there is no need to make it confess, one can’t force it. Maheshwari and family comes. Kushala says end Priyanka’s matter here, don’t play with Maheshwaris’ emotions. She goes to welcome the guests. Preeti says Neil, engagement will join two lives, you have to keep relations with honesty, how will you do it, respect the love, you are lucky to get mutual love. Kushala says Neil, KT and we all need you, don’t step back, can you stay happy by leaving them in trouble. Neil and Shikha sit for engagement. Kusum comes home. Preeti thinks how will I tell this to Kusum. Neil and Shikha get engaged. Preeti cries. Kusum asks what’s going on and asks about the engagement.

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