Once there was a king update Tuesday 28 December 2021

Once there was a king 28 December 2021: Gayatri reads a letter that was there on the floor, it read that this letter is a beginning of bad omens, if this wedding keeps on going she will have to watch many such ones.

Kokilla shows her burnt foot to Kunwar ji and cries. She tells Kunwar that the turmeric she mixed fell on her own self. Kunwar tells her that even the plan he laid has failed and Rana ji suspects him now. Kokilla says that this time she will win, she has dug a hole and has thrown Gayatri into it even. She whispers to him that Gayatri has even read the letter.At Seth ji’s home, the ladies prepared henna leaves. Gayatri read the letter inside. Maa prayed that there is no bad omen now. Bhabis talk about the attempt of murder on Rana ji yesterday and even today.

Gayatri comes there and asks another attempt getting worried. Maa tells Gayatri nothing happened, but Bhabis talk that there were arms in the hole implanted to kill him. Maa tells Gayatri not to worry, Rana ji is fine. Gayatri reads the letter again and is worried. The letter further read that she must come to Kaali Maa’s temple to know more about it. Gayatri determines to go there.Kunwar asks Kokilla if she thinks her plan would work. Kokilla says not only on the temple but in the way there something will happen to Gayatri that she will never forget. Both spouses celebrate.

Maa asks about Gayatri from everyone, as Gayatri leaves the house. She arrives at the temple alone in dark and prays that if there is some bad eye on her Rana ji, it must be removes. Kokilla calls from behind that this wouldn’t be as easy. She looks behind to see an old lady in torn clothes.Gayatri asks who is she. Kokilla says that she is a mirror to show her the truth that if she marries Rana ji, it will be a bad symbol for Rana ji’s life. If this wedding takes place, the trumpets of this wedding will be beaten by Yamraj. Gayatri tells her to stop it, there will be no bad omen. Our fates are written by what we do in life, not by the lines in our hands.

She says she loves Rana ji utterly, when there is unbreakable belief in love. She will know soon that there is nothing better than unbreakable belief and nothing strong than love. She forwards towards Kokilla to bring her truth to the world. Kokilla pushes Gayatri back and leaves. Gayatri notices some men running to get her as Kokilla calls them. Gayatri runs in the opposite direction, the men follows her. On the dark road, Gayatri fell down and the men gets her. She pushes some of the men and runs again, but loses her breath and fell on the ground.

A cart was coming towards her from the front. The men stop at the distance while Gayatri runs towards the cart and knocks at the door calling for help. The doors of the cart opens, when Gayatri was about to faint. One of the man had brought his knife out. The dog appears from inside the door of the cart and runs towards the men, the men run away saving their lives.Feet of a lady appears from the cart, it was Bari Rani Maa. Gayatri who was about to faint hugs her, she keeps her hand on Gayatri’s head.

Bari Raani Maa says that they must take this girl to palace. Maa looks for Gayatri and is worried about her. Seth ji tells her that Gayatri is not a child. Maa says she is young and what if this news gets to Palace. Seth ji is speechless.

In the palace, Yashoda tells Raaj Mata that all the foreign gifts are ready for the bride. Bari Raani Maa calls that her mother in law is also foreigner. Everyone is shocked to see Bari Raani maa standing on the door. Raaj Mata tells everyone to leave. Bari Rani maa says that the traditions of the royal palce have changed, the daughter in laws didn’t use to meet their mother in laws like this. Raaj Mata bends to touch the feet of Bari Raani maa. Bari Raani maa asks if she has a spinal problem that she can’t touch her feet. Raaj Mata says she knows that she doesn’t like to bend.

Bari Raani maa asks Raaj Mata to bend for the tradition of the palace. Kokilla touches the feet of Bari Raani maa. Kunwar calls her maa, she corrects him to be Bari Raani Maa. Kunwar complains if she has forgotten him. Kokilla complains she even doesn’t remember her grandson Lakshraaj, she takes more care about her step son. Bari Raani Maa says she doesn’t take relations as steps but only counts them on eligibility. She complains that they took a great decision about marrying Indravadhan and didn’t ask her. Raaj mata says she was about to tell her. Bari Raani maa complains if she thought about telling her after the wedding. Raaj Mata says that she knew her answer would be no. Bari Raani Maa says that even today her answer is no, a normal girl can never be married in the royal family. Raaj Mata says she isnt a normal girl, she belongs to the richest family. They have gold equal to all the gold in Amirkot.

A guard announces that her order has been abided by. Bari Raani maa says that she found a girl on road, she was conciousless so she brought her here. The girl must not belong to a respectable family. Raaj Mata tells Bari Raani Maa to meet Gayatri once, she is a good natured girl. The servants bring Gayatri inside, Kokilla asks Raaj Mata to see who the girl actually is. Bari Raani Maa asks Kokilla to take this girl in the room, she questions Raaj Mata if this is the girl who her Indhravadhan will marry, who wanders on the streets at night. She firmly says that she is the Bari Raani Maa of Amirkot, and she says that this wedding will not take place.

Kokilla follows Gayatri being carried by maids to room. She is curt that Gayatri always gets saved. She says that this injury will get better but the next injury will not get healed. She asks the guard to open the door, the guard says that this is the order of Rana ji not to open this door. Kokilla tells him to open the door as this is the new princess to be, and if he doesn’t open the door for her then he will lose his life. He opens the door, Kokilla sends the guard away. The maids lay Gayatri on the bed, Kokilla enters the room. She smiles and thinks that when she has come into this closed room, she will get all the truth by herself. She dances in elation, and says that she is crazy in love of Rani ji, she will now knows she isnt Radha but Meera who can be Rana ji’s but Rana ji can’t be hers.

Rana ji always loved Surakshna, she says that Gayatri will have to say no to this marriage. She will leave a few marks that will tell her how much Rana ji loves Surakshna. She looks into the drawers to find something, then gets a paper and is awed to read the love letter. It said that he will not marry anyone other than Surakshna, Kokilla keeps the letter on the table and leaves the room, singing.
Bari Raani maa says to Raaj Mata that she is different from her in all the matters. She hasn’t forgotten her traditions and Raaj Mata follows the British. She says they are doing the same mistake, she also was wrong in choosing a daughter in law. Raaj Mata says that it is also about luck that is different, she herself wasn’t lucky in getting a mother in law but her daughter in law will be.

Bari Raani maa says luck is determined by the decisions, a girl who wanders around at night she can’t be given a big responsibility of the palace. Raaj Mata says that she will get sensible with responsibility, engagement has been done and it will not break. Bari Raani Maa says she is determined not to let this wedding take place.

Gayatri wakes up in Rana ji’s room and is shocked to see all the photos of Rana ji and Surakshna on the wall. She says this must be Rana ji’s first wife, she was so beautiful. She thinks she must leave, and while heading out she watches a painting of Surakshna. She fears if Rana ji is coming and what if watches her this way.

Rana ji opens the door, Gayatri hides herself behind the painting. Rana ji says to the painting that tomorrow is his third wedding, and she knows that this marriage is only… Gayatri moves at once and Rana ji peeks behind the painting. Gayatri was trying to look at the front, Rana ji drags her back angrily. She turns and the curtain falls on them. Gayatri smiles while Rana ji asks what she is doing here. Gayatri stammers, Raaj Mata comes there with Kunwar and

Bari Rani Maa. Rana ji watches Bari Raani Maa and takes her blessings. Raaj Mata introduces Gayatri to Bari Raani Maa. Gayatri covers her head and touches her feet. Rana ji asks Raaj Mata what she is doing here. Raaj Mata says that Gayatri is new to palace, she didn’t know he doesn’t like anyone come here. She tells Rana ji that she was at Kaali Maa’s temple when she was being followed by some goons, so Bari Raani Maa brought her here. Bari Raani maa says that it is a long story, and the night is short.

She asks Rana ji to drop Gayatri home. Rana ji objects but Bari Raani Maa sends him anyway. Bari Rani maa says to Raaj mata that she sent Rana ji only because Gayatri is his fiancé, but soon it will break. Raaj Mata says says that even Rana ji’s decision was involved in this proposal. Bari Raani Maa says she will decide it after talking to Rana ji, and if it is against his will she will break the string of this relation. She leaves, Raaj Mata also leaves the room. Kunwar and Kokilla cheer at this.

In the car, Gayatri sits in the car as Rana ji drives silently. She thinks about all her encounters with Rana ji. Both look at each other, Rana ji thinks he will tell this girl about the reality today that she must not hope from this relation as it is just a trade. Gayatri speaks that it was just like the moon, she was very beautiful; she has just listened about her and has seen her today. Rana ji says he doesn’t want her to speak about his wife. Gayatri is shocked at once to see the home, she says thanks to Rana ji and says she will now leave. She stops in nervousness before going inside, then turns to look at Rana ji.Rana ji stops her, drapes her in a shawl and goes inside with her. Gayatri smiles happily and goes inside.

Seth ji was worried inside about Gayatri when Rana ji and Gayatri steps in. Everyone is shocked to see them together, Seth ji asks Gayatri where she had gone, they were all so worried. Rana ji looks at Gayatri, then says it isnt her mistake but his. He wanted to meet her and gift her something, and when he met her they kept on talking, he couldn’t realize how much time had been spent. Gayatri thinks that his lie contains a truth, she could really not keep track of time. Rana ji heads to leave, Maa says he is their son in law and must have to come inside. Rana ji says he is sorry but he has to leave. Maa asks him to come inside for one minute. Gayatri steps besides Rana ji into the room.

Maa brings sweet to Rana ji and asks him to eat it as Shagun. He tastes it and says this is really good. Maa says Gayatri made it. Gayatri thinks he liked it. Rana ji takes a leave, looks at Gayatri and leaves. Gayatri thinks there will be no bad omen now, because she now knows that Rana ji is also happy with the marriage. He saved her today and she didn’t even thank him.

Rana ji asks Bari Raani Maa what she will do by knowing. Bari Raani Maa says if this wedding is against his will she will stop it at once. Raaj mata hears this. Bari Raani maa says that she knows him and also knows that he can’t love such a girl. Rana ji says relations aren’t only made due to love. Bari Raani Maa says that relations without love are compromise, and she won’t let him compromise because it is his life. Rana ji remembers the words of Raaj mata that the lives of people of Amirkot will be ruined. Rana ji says that a princes life can be compromised for the lives of his subjects, he has made a promise and it won’t change.

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