To die for love update Tuesday 23 November 2021

To die for love 23 November 2021: Virat says who are you? She says you are asking me who am I? Mr. Raichand you wont tell people but I will. she says to Arohi you wont marry Virat because I am virat’s gf. We are together for two years how can he engage with you. Virat says I don’t even know her. She says you called me 10 times a day and now you are saying you don’t know me. Now I know why you didn’t contact me after coming out of jail because of this rich girl. For money you did this fraud with me. Virat says you are a fraud. I love you Anju I have always loved you. Get out of this house. Reports stream it live. Virat says you don’t have a proof for all these lies. She says i have a proof that will show everything i am saying is right.

She throws photos on his face. everyone sees their photos together. Virat is dazed.
She shows everyone Virat’s messages. Deep says yes this VIrat’s number. Virat says she is lying. I don’t even know her she is a fraud. Virat says why are you interfering between us. Reporter says did you cheat on Anju with Nisha? And you left her because anjali had more money. Virat says i wont marry you until i prove myself Anju. Someone is doing all this to apart us.Arohi says enough Virat dont’ do this drama. she returns his ring. Virat holds his hand. She says leave me hand. He doesn’t. Deep shoves him. Virat hits him back and says don’t come between us. Deep says you can never love anyone. You are disgusting. Virat says why are you so interested in our life? Why do you run after Anjali when you have your wife Arohi.

He says Anju please understand she is lying. Arohi says stop it virat. deep says anjali wont engage to a liar like you. Virat hits him. Tara asks the reporters to leave. She asks all the guests to leave as well. Deep and Virat hit each other. Arohi says deep virat stop it but they hit each other. Vurat says you have a dirty blood you are from street and you cheated on Tara and fooled mom too. Deep says I have interested in Anjali. I dont’ play these cheap games I would have killed you. I have a master plan. Find it if you can. The lights go off. Someone texts nisha your work is done go leave.

Someone is about to give Arohi and injection in dark. Chawani sees it and says di.. Someone puts hand on his mouth. Arohi turns on phone’s light and picks chawani. Chawani says I want to tell you something but Arohi says let me get you water. Arohi goes out of room and someone gives her injection and takes her from there.Lights turn on. Surekha says where is didi? She asks Chawani but he doesn’t know. Surekha says Deep arohi anjali and virat no one is home. Where are they?Nisha says I got way more money. someone comes her way. Its Tara. Nisha says now he wont do this with any other girl. Tara sees her bag. She says wow. When you come you had few photos and leaving with all this money. Who gave it to you and why? Who are working for? Nisha says so many questions? You want them all for free. For every answer there is a price. Tara grabs her and puts a knife on her neck. Nisha bites her hand and runs. Tara says you can’t go away.

Arohi is blindfolded and in a car. Some thugs are taking her. THey are the same who kidnapped her earlier. Arohi says leave me. She says in heart they kidnapped me as arohi or anjali?Nisha runs. Tara sees her and says you can’t run from here. Nisha hides. Tara says you don’t know who I am. Come out wherever you are or I will cut you into pieces. For a few rupees you are risking your money. I wont harm you if you tell me name of the person who sent you. Nisha is hidden.The thugs lock Arohi in a room. She says they are same people who kidnapped me as anjali earlier Arohi says who is your boss? Deep is your boss right. He asked you to kidnap me again. He says we know him as Malik. He will answer you. ARohi says who is he?

Tara finds nisha and puts a knife on her. Nisha says please let me go. Tara says quite. I told you don’t run from me and tell me everything. Now pay the price. Nisha shoves her. Tara hits her with a stone and says you can’t run from me. I wont sit down until you tell me who is behind this all.Arohi wonders who is Malik and what he wants. Arohi shoves them and tries to run. The thug says until you meet malik you can’t go from here. Someone sees their video.Mausi says to someone on call the race has started lets see who wins. Chwani hears it. He says who was she talking to?

Tra binds Nisha. Nisha says please let me go. Tara says if you are Virat’s gf he must have told you about Tara. Tara taught me how to use this knife on right time. I know how to use it. I have an idea shouldn’t I cut you into pieces. It wont hurt you much. Nisha says please don’t do this. Tara says I know Virat isn’t your boyfriend you did this drama for money but who asked you to do all this. Everything you said there was a lie. Why did you do all this? Nisha says I am not lying. I and Viat were together for two years. He asked me not to tell anyone. Because of his sister Tara. Tara says tara what? Should I cut your face first? Nisha says please don’t do this. Tara says then tell me the truth. Who asked you to stop that engagement? I want to know the truth. She says I will tell you. Malik comes to meet Arohi and says Anjali we should be face to face. its my time to complete my target and you have 24 hours to complete your target as well. As fast as you complete your traget you will get to your destination.

Arohi says what target please turn off the lights.Tara says tell me I don’t have time. Nisha says Deep asked me to do all this. He gave me that money. He gave me those photos and asked me to stop that engagement. Tara says how can deep do this. Tara says don’t lie. Nisha says I am saying truth. Deep asked me to do all this. Please let me go. Tara says deep is cheating on me again. I wont leave Deep. Cheater. Deep you are a cheater for that Anjali you fooled me again. I wont leave you.Arohi says who are you? Turn off the lights. Se says its the same place where my parents where shot. Everything is closed. Arohi sees a pistol. She says this person knows my parents. He wants me to kill someone. He might have asked anjali to do the same. The voice says no one should know.

Nisha says please let me go. I told you everything. Tara stabs in the pillar and says run before I change my decision. Nisha runs but someone stabs her from back. Its Tara. She falls down.Tara says deep fooled me again and you helped him. Deep is cheating on me. This is your turn deep.Arohi comes back home. ;She checks the diary but it doesn’t discuss Malik. Surekha comes and says thank God you are home. Everyone is missing. They all disappeared. I told you don’t marry virat. He isn’t a nice man. Arohi says do you know Malik? Surekha says who malik? I don’t know any malik. She leaves.

Tara washes her knife and says deep you cheated on me again. Why do you cheat on me every time. she takes out poison. Deep comes home. Tara says where did you go? He says to meet the new agency for security. she says rest I will get you water.
Virat comes to Arohi. He asys someone planned this. They don’t want us together. Arohi says leave me alone.Deep drinks the water and faints. Tara smiles. She says feeling better now? Tell me all the secrets you hide from me. Why did you stop the engagement. You sent nisa right? He says no and faints. Tara takes out the knife but stops. Deep says if they get married Anjali will get everything and give it to Virat and will kcik us out of this house. Tara says I knew you only love me. she hugs him. Tara says deep.. She says deep open your eyes. Tara says surekha.. She runs out. Deep wakes up and smiles. He sees the knife.
Tara gave Deep water. He switched it.

Tara says deep drink water you will feel better. Deep rushes in the washroom to puke.Malik calls arohi an says your target is in home go and complete your target. Arohi wonders who is it.Virat says to Tara where is deep? He did all this. Tara says go from here. He isn’t well. Virat says I will expose her. Malik texts Arohi I have an eye on you all the time. Virat punches Deep. Tara slaps him and says get out.Tara takes deep to bed and says rest here. I will get you water. Malik aclls Arohi and says your target is downstairs. Go and kill him. Arohi says its either tara or viratt? How can I kill Virat? I need to know a lot of secrets from him.Arohi gets text from inspector come out of the house i want to tell you something. Arohi comes out and meets the inspector. She says you gave me car’s number. A policeman let that car go and missed the file. It was virat. Malik calls Arohi and says why are you out. Go and complete your target. Arohi picks the gun and points it at Virat.

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