Strange Love update Monday 22 November 2021

Strange Love 22 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok asking Anjali why is she here. Niranjan comes and they all look at him angrily. Niranjan sees Anjali and asks how come she is here, he called her many times and he was worried for her, its good she is here, why is she sad, its happy time they got their home back. They all ask her whats the matter. Anjali says don’t make them leave Shlok, they got the POA and got all the property and rights back. Niranjan says yes. Anjali says I lost my everything, it all ended. He asks what is she saying and we are here for her. He goes to wipe her tears and she stops his hand, moving back and looking with annoyance.

She says you gave me these tears, you don’t have right to wipe it, what should I do of the pain, you have not seen your past, but it always comes in future. She says someone made her meet his past, bitter truth and her trust is shattered. She asks him to know the truth and brings Kavita. Niranjan is shocked seeing her. He says Kavita. Astah says Pishi. Kavita cries. Anjali says you identified her so easily, tell me and everyone who is she.Ahilya cries and looks on. Anjali asks what happened, you don’t have words seeing your past, I m broken within, and I have strength to tell the truth, she is Kavita Niranjan Agnihotri.

They all are shocked. Shlok asks what is she saying, does she know this, why did they come in their words, they are not related to Pishi. Astha says yes, don’t trust them, we are bearing this because of them, its all done by Thakur Maa, she made Indrajeet ruin us. Ahilya says yes, I did this, I m not ashamed to do this, did you ask the reason why I did this.She asks Niranjan why is he quiet, why does he not tell everyone whats truth, did he not identify her, she can never forget his face as she is Kavita’s mum Ahilya. Astha says we don’t want to hear anything, you tried to break our family, and asks Anjali not to trust them, they took their rights. Anjali says they have more right than me on this house. Kavita folds hands and cries, asking her to forget what her mum did. She says no use to scratch old wounds, you have made home with love, why do you want to ruin it. Anjali says it was all false, my life’s biggest misunderstanding.

She asks why is Niranjan quiet and asks him to say anything, if he did sin, why is he ashamed to accept it, why does he not say that Kavita is his first wife. Shlok asks Niranjan what are they saying, tell them its all lie, pleae say something, why are you quiet. Kavita stops the man says you can take everything from this home, not this. She takes the Gita and cries. Niranjan’s pics and her mangalsutra falls. They all are shocked seeing Niranjan and Kavita’s marriage pic. Anjali shows it to Niranjan and says she can’t trust Niranjan seeing this, this is the truth, Kavita is his first wife, he was nothing when he married Kavita, he got job in my dad’s ashram, he came to know I m the only daughter and married me for the property, not telling about his first marriage.

She says he left Kavita then. She says he started a new life with me. She apologizes to Kavita that she had to bear 32 years of loneliness because of her. She says all this is yours, this house, money and even him. Everyone is shocked. Kavita says I told you before I don’t want anything, mum wanted to get my rights, but I don’t want. She says the Niranjan I knew, its not him, he is someone’s father and grandfather. She says he is your husband now.She says I can’t snatch anyone’s husband, he is always yours. Shlok asks Niranjan why is he quiet, say something. Indrajeet throws files and says he will not say anything, how will he admit, the fact is, he is a blo*dy devil. He says you regard him your Lord, he is a devil. He says Kavita has always stayed in a room, limited herself and Ahilya cried always, I have seen her becoming stone from a human, as she has witnessed her daughter’s ruining, what she did is to take revenge of her daughter’s tears, he is the reason for making her take revenge.

Niranjan says enough of everyone now, I will say now, what everyone heard was true but…He says its incomplete truth, I will say the truth, I run away from marriage day, I was devil, selfish, Indrajeet is right, and Ahilya I identify you well, how can I forgot you, I married Anjali being selfish and greedy, but I changed, you and my children changed me, Kavita’s one sided relation does not exist for me. Ahilya gets angry. Anjali says agreed, but she is alone since 32 years, give her rights back, she has the right on this mangalsutra. She says she can’t tell him to do this, she does not have any right, as his wife is Kavita. He says you are my wife, you have full right on me, don’t ask me anything which I can’t give you.

He says he made her his wife by his soul and heart, its not my mistake if Kavita regards him her husband, I did the mistake, fine. He apologizes to Kavita for his big mistake. He apologizes to everyone.
Niranjan telling Anjali that he did not know Kavita will wait for him, he thought she will move on. Kavita asks Anjali to go with Niranjan, as she just preaches him and does not want to snatch him from her. Ahilya says enough, I have seen you living a bad life, and when you got a chance to get all your rights back, you can’t move back, Anjali was good as her husband and children are with her, Niranjan had happiness with her, what about you, you tied relations with the world as this Niranjan left you. I have seen you crying every day, who will pay for this.

He asks Niranjan to say, he knows Kavita very well that she will not do anything, what will you do, or you say Anjali, you are a woman, tell me what justice will happen with my daughter. She says what will they say, they are the culprits. She scolds them and says she will not let them punish Kavita anymore. Anjali apologizes to Kavita and says Niranjan did the sin, but she will repent for it. Everyone is shocked.Varad asks her not to take any wrong decision in emotions, she did not know anything, how can she blame herself, its not her mistake, how can we blame Baba seeing just one pic. Anjali says I will repent, I will not hear anything. Niranjan says trust me I did not do anything, I know I have hurt you a lot, I will be ashamed all my life, but I have given wife’s rights to just you. Anjali says how can I think about myself seeing Kavita. She tells Kavita that she will return all her rights and her mangalsutra to her. Niranjan is stunned.

Anjali says today I sacrifice my husband. Everyone cry. Sarkar family looks on shocked. Niranjan asks Anjali what is she saying, he can’t live without her, she is his life, he did not do any sin, how can he punish him. Anjali says I m punishing myself, I can’t live and can’t die, I can’t live with you, I don’t have any place in your life now. She removes her mangalsutra. She gives him and says its your turn now, someone is waiting for this right since decades. She asks Niranjan to return the mangalsutra to Kavita. She drops her mangalsutra.She cries and runs. Shlok and Astha go after her. Niranjan cries and sees her mangalsutra. Varad and Sojal stay with him. He sits down in shock holding the mangalsutra. He says she should have trusted me and cries. Sojal says we should see Aai. Ahilya looks on. Kavita cries feeling bad for Anjali. Anjali walks on the road recalling Niranjan and Kavita’s truth. Shlok and Astha look for her. Astha says she is there and they rush to Anjali asking her to stop, they are with her.

Shlok moves her and asks what was she going to do. Anjali says she does not want to live now, everything ended, why did this happen with me. Shlok and Astha pacify her with their support. Anjali says I know Astha is brave and she will take care of everyone. Shlok asks why is she saying this. Astha says she will be with them. Anjali says she has seen and bear a lot, not anymore, I m tired, I don’t want to live. Shlok says wait, come with me. They stand in the middle of the road. A truck comes and hits them. Shlok bleeds and sees Anjali lying injured far. People gather there.Six months passes and Shlok is seen in the hospital. Shlok opens his eyes and says Aai. The nurse rushes to call doctor. He says Astha… The doctor checks him, and asks him to rest. Varad and Sojal come and say Shlok is fine, he got conscious. Kavya says see Chachu got up, I m very happy today, he got conscious after six months. The doctor says make her quiet, patient can’t bear stress. Sojal asks Kavya to be with Shlok when he comes home. Varad asks can I talk.

Varad says he is very happy seeing Shlok conscious. Shlok asks about Aai. Varad gets silent. Shlok says where is Astha. Varad says they are out, they will come. The doctor says they will be outside, you need rest, please cooperate. The doctor asks Varad to call them. Shlok says call Aai. The doctor says call his Aai, he is still critical, do as he says. Shlok sleeps again. Kavya asks what happened. Sojal says he is resting. Varad asks doctor is he fine, will anything… The doctor says don’t worry, I gave him injection, he needs rest, he is perfect alright, I want to do some tests to make sure he is fine, we can discharge him tomorrow is reports are fine, he can recover soon being at home with family. Varad says how can I tell him truth about Anjali and Astha. The doctor says don’t tell him now as he can get a shock, when he gets fine he will get strength to accept it. Varad thanks him. Varad sits with Shlok and looks at him.

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