To die for love update Monday 22 November 2021

To die for love 22 November 2021: Deep calls in media and says I want to invite you all in engagement of Anjali and Virat tomorrow. You anjali will have mehndi of virat in your hands tomorrow. Arohi says how can you decide for my life? Deep says Virat she is your fiance she should be happy why is she so angry. Deep says in heart now I will know if it is arohi or anjali. Virat says Anju aren’t you happy? Anju says I am happy. Deep says congratulations to both of you.

Surekha says to Anjali how can you marry Virat? Anjali says why not? She says you don’t know truth. Wait I will show you something.Chawani says why did you agree to marry Virat? You are married for Deep. Arohi says our relationship was a lie. Nothing is left. I am marrying Virat because I want my answers. I will stay have and take all my revenge. I don’t have another option. But you take care of yourself. arohi wonders why did Surekha not return? She hears Surekha screaming. Arohi rushes there. Surekha says my hands. She says my hands got locked in this drawer. Virat says Surekha why are you so careless. Surekha is scared. Virt says Anju take care of her.

Arohi does Surekha’s dressing. Arohi says you were showing me something? She says I can’t find it. I will show you later. My hand really hurts. Arohi says okay lay here and rest.At night, Arohi enters the house. Its all dark. Deep holds her and says if you are not happy with this engagement why are you doing it. Tara comes. Deep says Anjali you.. I thought it was Arohi. Sorry darling. Tara says can’t you say no Anjali. Deep says its okay happens. Deep says it was dark.

Arohi gets ready. Deep helps her tying the blouse. She says I dont’ need your help. He says the time is running out. Tara sees them together. Arohi comes downstairs. Tara and Arohi both fall from stairs. Deep holds them both. Virat takes Arohi’s hand and takes her downstairs. Deep says Anjali is so happy. We all want to be part of her happiness with music and dance.
Deep and Tara dance on dhoom dhoom. Virat dances with Arohi. Mausi calls someone and says time to start the work. Chawani wonders where did deep go?
Arohi and virat pick the rungs. Deep is upstairs holding a gun toward them. Virat is about to make Arohi wear the run. Deep points the gun at them.

Virat says what happened? Arohi recalls when she married deep. She says nothing. Virat is about to make her wear the ring. Mausi says you two are forgetting one thing. Virat and Anjali should do pooja first. Tara says we can do that on wedding day. Virat says mausi is right. We should do pooja first. Virat and Arohi do the pooja. Arohi says in heart I have to do something. I have to find out where my parents are. Please help me God. Virat says lets go Anju.Arohi says to Virat I am not feeling well. she runs upstairs. Mausi says I will see her. surekha says I will don’t worry. Tara says to virat will you even do this engagement today or not? She doesn’t look happy.Arohi is crying in her room. She says I am sorry. I had to do this. she sits down and cries. Arohi says you are responsible for all this Deep. I hate you. I will ruin your life. Arohi is crying. Surekha comes in and says I know you are not happy with this engagement. This had to happen.

Arohi says missing my parents. Surekha says why are you doing all this. Virat is not the right man for you. Arohi says you know about him but not me. You didn’t tell me that day either. Please tell me what you know.Reporter says where is anjali? This wedding doesn’t seem to be happening. Deep says where is anjali? That is Arohi not anjali.Virat says let me go and see her. Tara says I will see her. she goes upstairs. Anjali says sorry I took something lets go. Arohi recalls Surekha said that she knows nothing.

Arohi comes downstairs. Deep is dazed. Virat says are you okay? She says fine now. Virat is about to make her wear the ring. He says where is your ring? She says I think it slipped from my hand. Let me look around. Reporter says whats happening in this house? Everyone looks for the ring. Mausi calls someone and says right to execute the plan. Tara says she must have left it in the room. I will find it. everyone looks for the ring. A woman says time is about to end. Tara comes with ring and says here it is. We shouldn’t delay it anymore. Virat says thank God. We will get married on time. thank you Arohi.Arohi sees laser on Virat. She says this is of gun? deep? He wants me not to know anything. He will kill virat? Viratsays lets start. He is about to make Arohi wear the ring. Deep points gun at Virat. A girl comes in and says stop. This engagement can’t happen. Everyone is dazed.

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